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Image: bunny_gal_swr.jpg   450x737 48704 bytes 2002.08.10

A sketch i sold on furbid (hence the watermark ^^;)\r\n\r\ncute bunny gal :3

Image: dreamweaver_pre_swr.jpg   300x406 31670 bytes 2002.08.10

his name is dreamweaver\r\n\r\nİS.Rhudy

Image: khabalah_pre.jpg   425x507 35282 bytes 2002.03.19

obviously a WIP ^^; Shes one of my characters. Shes an albino pantheress. -have you met her? If you have, you'd know ;3

Image: micah_trade.jpg   450x619 50246 bytes 2002.04.02

I very rarely do pic trades, mostly because of lack of time, but i was approached by a very capeable very sweet kitsune25 and we did a pic trade :3 She drew my khabalah and I drew her Micah :) .:snuggles micah:. totemo kawaii desu ne? ^___________________^\r\n\r\nmicah is most definately İKitsune25 and the art is İme :3

Image: mpepea_khabalah_pre.jpg   450x624 47668 bytes 2002.03.19

.:purrs:. Very unfinished, and I have alot of details to get done. (hes a cheetah, so naturally we have the spots to add ^^;) Mpepea rocks. point blank.

Image: rabbit_angel_swr.jpg   225x475 22704 bytes 2002.10.22

2 min sketch... i dont usually do sketches like this, or use anything but the magical miracle bic clicky pencil, BUT, i figured id give it a stab... and here is the result...bunnnnnyyyy butt ^_^\r\n\r\nİSydney Rhudy 2002

Image: shii_fly_weee.jpg   316x400 61422 bytes 2003.01.21

a sketch of my fursona, shii (shidonii) \r\n\r\nart/charaİSydney Rhudy 03

Image: tatsuko.jpg   450x647 58724 bytes 2002.03.19

This is a character of mine who has been around for a while and just did get "reincarnated" so to speak. I have very old drawings of her, but I figured she needed a makeover after a few years of collecting dust. Shes a red striped dragon. Color pic to come soon :3 oh and pardon the uber crappy scan

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