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Image: 676.png   500x500 33521 bytes 2005.06.20

This was a quick doodle over at the agnph oekaki..I'd signed up ages ago and never drew anything there until now. Boredom'll do that to ya XD

Image: Althalus.jpg   664x490 67246 bytes 2005.09.18

For the Furotic Exchange on LJ. Althalus waves to his mate and invites her to join him in a yet to be filled with water Jacuzzi Tub :)\r\n\r\nHe's (c) himself!

Image: Arthur.jpg   682x711 105210 bytes 2007.07.04

24 year old Arthur

First time I drew this guy outside of his armor and it's like this *shakes head*\r\n\r\nAnyway...this is my Lord Knight character, Arthur, 29 years younger. Here you can see the pink scar that nearly encircles his entire body..caused by a training accident a few years prior. That didn't affect him much..he remained as cocky and egotistical as least for a few more years..he even admits it later in my comic - "I was once as nasty and ego-filled as you...thankfully my eyes opened..who knows how I'd be now if they hadn't!" I rather like this one...the arm closest to the viewer looks good for once..\r\n\r\nArt & Character (c) RLW 2007

Tags: arthur echidna  
Image: Arvann.jpg   445x662 37140 bytes 2005.06.05

Much to my amusement I drew this out of nowhere while watching Bambi of all things. It's my character Arvann, the Dragon-like anthro (normally a Shoyru), sitting around doing uh..something or another..with his headshot still on..\r\n\r\nArt & Character (c) RLW 2005\r\nOriginal Shoyru Species (c) NP Team

Image: Beach.jpg   852x653 66142 bytes 2004.06.12

Rainbow & Mandarin at a beach...I rather like this one too...\r\n\r\nR. Kruzmanowski ( i hope i spelled that right), now has the original to this..

Image: Bell.JPG   502x501 27472 bytes 2008.03.31

FXXX - Bell

For this months round of furoticxchange on LJ :)

Tags: art exchange livejournal  
Image: BlackJack-Inked.jpg   826x1081 91566 bytes 2005.01.23

Inked version of the previous, in case anyone wanted to attempt coloring it :)\r\n\r\nSharky is blue and white, and Rainbow is pink with rainbow hair.

Image: Blackjack.jpg   831x1075 125409 bytes 2005.01.23

An example for my contest over at DA...Rainbow and Sharky play Blackjack, and Sharky is losing. \r\n\r\nContest Details:\r\n\r\nThe reason they are without clothes is I posted a commission on furbid, and this is what was asked for so..I drew it.\r\n\r\nRainbow & Sharky (c) RLW 2005\r\nArt (c) RLW 2005

Image: Chi6-MatureVersion.jpg   616x724 94374 bytes 2005.06.12

*squints to even read what Chi is saying*\r\n\r\nThis is the colored version I finally decided to do of an older sketch...everything was done with photoshop..including adding in Splash' know. Only bad part is the type is almost impossible to see XD\r\n\r\nCharacters & Art (c) RLW 2002-2005

Image: ChiSplash-Sketch.jpg   610x816 63254 bytes 2005.03.12

Splash has finally surprised Chi ^^\r\n\r\nCharacters & Art RLW 2005

Image: DracoPosing.jpg   604x796 80510 bytes 2010.06.23

Draco "Posing"

I know his one leg isn't perfect....but I do like this overall. Colored with a mix of Copic and Prismacolor markers. \r\n\r\nOnly Prisma marker I used was for the grey bits...the rest is all copic :)\r\n\r\nCharacter & Art (c) RLW 2010

Tags: my character Draco  
Image: ElijahDildoFun.jpg   606x921 79787 bytes 2016.10.24

Elijah's Fun

Lord where did my brain go? I don't know..but I'm still happy with this haha!\r\n\r\nElijah & Art (c) RLW 2016

Tags: dildo cum original character fun  
Image: EmerDance.jpg   459x769 55471 bytes 2005.11.27

For this months furoticxchange...I still can't draw a female x_x\r\n\r\nEmer (c) her creator\r\nHack & Art (c) RLW 2005

Image: ForGilligan.jpg   551x612 44572 bytes 2006.03.25

For the EAX March Round. Gilligan's character with Rainbow, who likes his multi-colored tail ^^\r\n\r\nBlack Lemur Guy (c) Gilligan\r\nRainbow's mine :)

Image: ForGothicMeezer.jpg   949x447 61829 bytes 2005.10.22

For the October Round of furoticxchange on LJ...\r\n\r\nCharacters (c) Gothic Meezer\r\nArt (c) RLW 2005

Image: FreightrainFunColor.jpg   330x721 51676 bytes 2011.03.04

Freightrain's Fun

Can't believe I did something this extreme...well..for me it's extreme...because I tried (and failed) to include a certain body fluid...\r\n\r\nThat brown stuff is chocolate flavored/scented "lube". Yes, it is finished...and won't be shaded, because I found it looks better this way overall. \r\n\r\nWell..I tried. I had to try something new.\r\n\r\nCharacter & Art (c) RLW 2011\r\nLuim Species (that's what this character is) is (c) to Corrie (TLKFAA)

Tags: for myself  
Image: FXXXNovember.JPG   774x849 69961 bytes 2007.11.22

FXXX - November

For this months round of furoticxchange.\r\n\r\nMy new scanner kept scanning it stupidly blurry..and this is the best I could get it ><

Tags: adult art  
Image: FXXXWolfmare.jpg   737x524 56967 bytes 2007.05.27

FXXX - Wolfmare

For this months furoticxchange on LJ. It was a new one for me to try this theme out. Turned out rather well I think. And there's a's a miracle (I hardly do them). PLus the character is female..another rarity for me.\r\n\r\nThis character is resting on a huge red and gold pillow :)

Tags: adult exchange pic  
Image: GalaxyNude-Sketch.jpg   518x696 30959 bytes 2005.03.12

Ugh..I hate drawing hooves...I might change his feet to look like normal feet instead when I finished this... x_x\r\n\r\nArt & Character RLW 2005

Image: HackandSpike.jpg   672x517 51899 bytes 2005.06.27

Finished the sketch I uploaded yesterday ^.^\r\n\r\nEverything always seems to look better in color..even this o.o;;;\r\n\r\nCharacters & Art (c) RLW 2005

Image: Joey.jpg   634x768 87575 bytes 2008.04.13

Joey's Showing Off

Ever have one of those ideas that hits you and you have to draw it or it will bug you? That's what this was XD\r\n\r\nCrystal's cousin Joey showing off...complete with a close-up..whoo! XD I actually like how his fingers look in the close-up...just about right!\r\n\r\nGot my scanner to NOT make it all blurry and icky too..finally.\r\n\r\nArt & Characters (c) RLW 2008

Tags: my character Joey  
Image: Killroy4.jpg   944x467 45984 bytes 2006.12.14

KIllroy Reclining

Yeah..I really need to quit watching disney moves..I always draw something mature rated while watching/listening to one x_x\r\n\r\nThis time it was Killroy..reclining..naked..and showing all for once. One of three ways he can be drawn adult. The other is cat-like, or with shark claspers. This is the way I usually draw him though...\r\n\r\nKillroy & Art (c) RLW 2006

Tags: relaxed reclining shark  
Image: Killroy7.jpg   545x571 38342 bytes 2010.10.03

Killroy Kneeling

I need to quit watching certain movies while drawing...I ALWAYS seem to draw something adult while watching them...\r\n\r\nThis time it's Killroy again...something's got his attention...\r\n\r\nCharacter & Art (c) RLW 2010

Tags: my character Killroy  
Image: KillroyPosing2.jpg   858x669 98530 bytes 2011.04.29

Killroy's Ready

Complete with his signature bloody grin...Killroy the shark hybrid is ready for anyone who can handle him..\r\n\r\nNot even 20 and he's a sex crazed addict! (he's 18+ I promise)\r\n\r\nHe's a fan of the fetish involving blood...I forget what it's called though x.x\r\n\r\nI almost killed one of my light blue copics doing this XD\r\n\r\nKillroy & Art (c) RLW 2011

Tags: my character Killroy  
Image: KurtisKillroy.jpg   551x760 100585 bytes 2008.05.01

FXXX April

Day late..but at least I did it. This was a new one for in a male and a female together XD\r\n\r\nKurtis is (c) her creator

Tags: adult art Killroy  
Image: MandrakeRainbow.JPG   956x692 68227 bytes 2007.12.31

Mandrake and Rainbow

For this months furoticxchange on LJ. Got the same person again, but a character I could handle drawing XD\r\n\r\nI thought it was high time to draw Rainbow I included him since they said their character was gay and all that. I've never drawn a know what :P so sorry if it's a little wrong! Kinda did it from memory of examples of art I'd seen here XD

Tags: furoticxchange Rainbow  
Image: MmLollipopFlavor.jpg   689x760 66039 bytes 2005.03.10

This is based an a couple of earlier pictures with these two and the one with Mandarin licking the sticky stuff off Rainbow's he's dumped edible body-paint over Rainbow..and Rainbow comments on it. Mandarin responds, liking the idea ;)\r\n\r\nMandairn, Rainbow & Art RLW 2005

Image: Nadia.jpg   512x564 32083 bytes 2005.06.23

For the furotixchange LJ community :)\r\n\r\nNadia belongs to spikethegoddess ^^

Image: Nakie-Pegasus.jpg   681x1015 140291 bytes 2004.07.02

I have no idea why I added sweatdrops...he wasn't even doing anything x_X\r\n\r\nNothing showing in this one...\r\n

Image: Oekaki___Uncensored_Vance.png   400x400 11743 bytes 2004.06.15

Uh yeah =>_>=\r\n\r\nOldish Oekaki..Vance is just getting out of the shower..and something surprises him...I like how his burn scar turned out best...ironically..

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