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Image: chinchilla4.JPG   517x624 55569 bytes 2004.07.08

Yup, I made another STH character.\r\nFEAR ME.\r\n\r\nI always wanted a chinchilla character - cuddling with the one in work made me get up offa my ass and make one.\r\n\r\nCamilla Claire Walters \r\nArt Claire Walters 2004

Image: sonicstyleaisaki3.JPG   409x499 52857 bytes 2004.06.27

Wow, I haven't drawn Aisaki since November.. and she's so fun to draw *blinkblink*\r\n\r\nAisaki Claire Walters \r\nArt Claire Walters 2004

Image: kunzinew.JPG   413x642 72369 bytes 2004.05.26

This is Kunzi. She's a yellow moongoose/crested porcupine/cape vulture.\r\n\r\nThis drawing was mainly done for the benefit of the FAX2 community on livejournal as I submitted Kunzi this month and only had one REALLY REALLY bad image of her.\r\n\r\nThis picture isn't fantastic, but I still like it. It was nice to draw Kunzi again and she's so much easier to do now that I've gotten some wing drawing practice \r\n\r\nKunzi Claire Walters\r\nArt Claire Walters 2004

Image: bakurecloud.JPG   448x450 51651 bytes 2004.05.16

Bakure!!!\r\n\r\nHe used to have eye-tattoos like Marik from Yu-Gi-Oh! but I changed it because back when I first started drawing him nobody knew who Marik was.. and now everybody does and I KNOW the flak you can get for drawing characters similar to canon anime ones (like the whole Duke fiasco :-P).\r\n\r\nThe first proper picture I ever drew of him he was sat on a cloud... and since it's been a while I decided to draw him on a cloud again. Wow I've improved... Here it is for comparison -\r\n\r\nBakure Claire Walters\r\nArt Claire Walters 2004

Image: shikwithgun2.JPG   481x479 58539 bytes 2004.05.06

I felt like drawing Original Shikaark again. she's fun to draw ^^ I couldn't remember her coloration so I remade it - I think it looks quite nice.\r\n\r\nFear my badly drawn gun! I haven't drawn a gun in years, but it still looks better than the last one I did (sure I got that pic here somewhere).\r\n\r\nI like how her eye came out - yay for glowing robotic eyes! Her hair looks nifty too.\r\n\r\nI inked this in biro for the first time in forever... and without my usual big, chunky lines.\r\n\r\nShikaark Claire Walters\r\nArt Claire Walters 2004

Image: magma2.JPG   474x670 64776 bytes 2004.04.09

This is Magma. Magma is one of the few magi in my Final Destiny rpg... and he's miiine!!! all mine *clings to him*. He's also a red panda - because red pandas rock.\r\n\r\nThis picture is mainly to show how magi change as they grow up - notice the tail when he's grown up. God damn I love the colour of his tail then. \r\n\r\nIt's also because I'm still not sure which "age" of him to play - in the original comic Magma appeared as a child.. he was more like the comic relief back then though. The only other magi in the game is currently a teenager so I think he'll either stay as a kid or I'll age him to early teens-early twenties. \r\n\r\nMagma Claire Walters\r\nFinal Destiny Claire Walters\r\nArt Claire Walters 2004

Image: fiona.jpg   552x635 61724 bytes 2004.03.30

Fiona's been kicking around for around a year now - first time I've actually drawn her though.\r\n\r\nYes, she's based off a Yu-Gi-Oh Card (Fusionist to be exact - gotta love that card) so instead of a cat she's technically an anthro Fusionist (except I couldn't get the colours shes black instead of blue-black)\r\n\r\nI think I might make her related to my Bakure character..\r\n\r\nAnd yeah, you can hurt me for using the same clothes and background as an earlier pic - I just really wanted to have her in those clothes.\r\n\r\nFiona Claire Walters\r\nArt Claire Walters\r\nFusionist design the creators of Yu-Gi-Oh

Image: stevesnowv1.jpg   390x680 47198 bytes 2004.03.24

I felt like drawing Steve.\r\nThe background sucks..\r\n\r\nmore versions at\r\n\r\nSteve Claire Walters\r\nArt Claire Walters 2004

Image: duke_poses.jpg   433x690 51507 bytes 2004.03.02

I found some dying inking pens earlier so I finished inking Duke ^^. I'm quite pleased with how he's turned out, I forgot his headband but I still like it ^^. I had the kick ass idea of leaving the paper texture on and messing with the levels...hence the funkilicious texture on him.\r\n\r\nI forgot to highlight some things *sigh* can't be bothered messing around with it though.\r\n\r\nDuke Claire Walters\r\nArt Claire Walters 2003\r\n

Image: mmmmm_muffins.jpg   481x650 86519 bytes 2004.02.13

Jenni eats a muffin, that's all that really has to be said about this ^^\r\n\r\nIt looks better in photoshop on my computer though...and a lot of the shading is messed up. Blah.\r\n\r\nJenni Claire Walters\r\nArt Claire Walters 2004

Image: christmas2003.jpg   458x646 67498 bytes 2003.12.21

yes!\r\nI've done a Christmas picture! Hazzah!!!\r\n\r\n\r\nI really like this picture ^_^\r\nShik looks like shes meant to for once and it's got a full background! Yay!\r\n\r\nShik Claire Walters\r\nArt Claire Walters 2003

Image: aisaki.jpg   500x446 49849 bytes 2003.11.04

Painter Classic doodle of my new character Aisaki the Chinese Crested Dog.\r\n\r\nFull body pic soon\r\n\r\nAisaki Claire Walters\r\nArt Claire Walters 2003\r\n

Image: duke_is_back_again_hazzah.jpg   471x550 36709 bytes 2003.10.19

very dark piccy *hits Photoshop*\r\n\r\'s Duke!\r\nI haven't drawn our dice-loving guy in such a long I felt like bringing him back ^^\r\n\r\nDuke Claire Walters\r\nArt Claire Walters 2003

Image: shik-juststandingthereasperusual.jpg   327x580 27431 bytes 2003.10.16

I just had an almighty urge to use my tablet.\r\n\r\nLooks much better in Photoshop..\r\n\r\nShik Claire Walters \r\nArt Claire Walters 2003

Image: roxanne.jpg   406x650 42890 bytes 2003.10.14

Marvel as I upload off-topic work!!\r\n\r\nThis is Roxanne. She's actually human, the wings are fake.\r\nNot going to delve into her history etc until I actually RP her.\r\n\r\nRoxanne Claire Walters\r\nArt Claire Walters 2003

Image: milenko-magictime.jpg   463x650 49131 bytes 2003.10.12

Hazzah! My original style is back!!\r\n\r\nI felt like drawing Milenko a few nights back - only managed to colour him just now though (stupid college work).\r\n\r\nMilenko looks like a pimp in his magician gear..and i've realised it's virtaully impossible to give him hair highlights because of his streaks. He looks happy though.\r\n\r\nMilenko Claire Walters\r\nArt Claire Walters 2003

Image: yasmin.jpg   500x461 53795 bytes 2003.10.07

believe it or not...this is the first time Yasmin has graced my gallery - even though I've had her for nearly 10 yaers.\r\n\r\nI hate the shading on her shirt. It looked fine before...but I had to screw around with the levels a lot for it to look right when I uploaded it. Blah.\r\n\r\nYasmin Claire Walters\r\nArt Claire Walters 2003

Image: Alex.jpg   480x561 55817 bytes 2003.10.04

*gasp!* another new character!\r\n\r\nThis is Alex...not gonna put much up about him yet though, you'll learn more about him later on. \r\n\r\nAlex Morrison Claire Walters\r\nArt Claire Walters 2003 \r\n\r\nNo idea why it saved so dark though...

Image: zenia-draguinea.jpg   620x558 54149 bytes 2003.09.01

Because I've missed drawing Draguineas soooo much!\r\n\r\nNew character:\r\nZenia.\r\n\r\nShe looks a lot like my guinea pig char Zinny...that's because they're both based off the same guinea pig irl.\r\n\r\nAnyway, Zenia isn't a lil fuzzball like the rest of the non-anthro draguineas that I've drawn because she's a lil older than them. I usually draw I thought it was time to show you an adolescent.\r\n\r\nZenia Claire Walters\r\nDraguineas Claire Walters\r\nArt Claire Walters 2003

Image: jenni.jpg   550x509 51004 bytes 2003.08.28

Presenting...Jenni! The youngest member of the Jazken family. You already know her brothers, Jake & I thought it was time I introduced you to this cutie. \r\n\r\nJenni Claire Walters \r\nArt Claire Walters 2003

Image: jakejack.jpg   800x600 91338 bytes 2003.08.13

I was sat up at 3am...bored out of my mind, and these guys popped into my head - Jake(left) and Jack(right). They're twins. I was lazy with this picture, I just drew one pic, copied it & flipped it. But it's come out rather nicely. I love these guys ^^ They need a Surname though....\r\n \r\n\r\nJake Claire Walters \r\nJack Claire Walters \r\nArt Claire Walters 2003

Image: purdybakure-greyscale.jpg   335x614 34015 bytes 2003.07.29

Same picture as before, only in greyscale\r\n\r\nI love him to bits ^^\r\n\r\n\r\nBakure Claire Walters\r\nArt Claire Walters 2003

Image: purdybakure.jpg   335x614 47494 bytes 2003.07.29

This is officially the BEST Bakure picture I've EVER done!!\r\n\r\nI love him to bits ^^\r\n\r\n\r\nBakure Claire Walters\r\nArt Claire Walters 2003

Image: Bakure-goes-to-the-beach_pencil.jpg   539x507 44494 bytes 2003.06.16

Boring pencil version of the last pic.\r\n\r\nBakure Claire Walters\r\nArt Claire Walters 2003

Image: Bakure-goes-to-the-beach.jpg   653x614 69352 bytes 2003.06.16

I was looking through some old beach photos today and I remembered how proud I used to be of the shoddy little sandcastles I made. \r\nSo here's cub Bakure, happily building a shoddy lil castle of his own. \r\n\r\nBakure Claire Walters \r\nArt Claire Walters 2003 \r\n

Image: shikkywithhairclips.jpg   575x657 72444 bytes 2003.05.31

Coloured version of the last image. \r\nI bought those clips yesterday & everyone thinks they really suit Shik thought she'd try them \r\n\r\nYou can probably see that Shik's ears are now dark grey instead of brown. They look more guinea piggish now too.\r\n\r\nShikky Claire Walters \r\nArt Claire Walters 2003 \r\n

Image: shikkyinpencils.jpg   575x657 75726 bytes 2003.05.31

Shikky with her hair extension clips.\r\n\r\nShikky Claire Walters\r\nArt Claire Walters 2003

Image: _magician_.jpg   487x539 58630 bytes 2003.05.18

"The Magician"\r\n\r\n2/3 for the art compo, I need to do the last piece VERY soon.\r\n\r\nNot as pleased with this one.\r\n\r\nArt Claire Walters 2003\r\n\r\nNOTE: the background is SUPPOSED to be like that :)

Image: magiciansassistant.jpg   540x661 72222 bytes 2003.05.13

Let it be known that I ADORE this picture!!\r\n\r\nShe's for an art contest in Camarthen library, I'm entering 3 pieces ^^\r\n\r\nI can sell my pieces as well, if she doesn't sell I'm putting her up on Furbid. Maybe. Possibly.\r\n\r\nMuch butter quality IRL :)\r\n\r\nThe Magician's Assistant Claire Walters\r\nArt Claire Walters 2003

Image: ohmygodicolouredsomethinginphotoshop.jpg   383x641 32141 bytes 2003.05.02

I...used...Photoshop o.o\r\n\r\nI know its not that good, I just LOVE the head & the gets worse as you move down her body.\r\n\r\nAnyway, tis Deb...cuz I've neglected to upload a piccy of her.\r\nUsually she wears all black and a trenchcoats..oh! and purple shades, but I decided to make her look cute. \r\nShe's a self-appointed paranormal investigator & wants to become a cryptozoologist when she's older ^^\r\n\r\nDeb Claire Walters\r\nArt v Claire walters 2003

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