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Image: bewareplaty.gif   587x600 11443 bytes 2002.01.12

Can you remember my previous platypus reference?\r\nwell...this was brought about by a series of FREAKY dreams I've been having: and this platypus shows up in like, all of them. Its really really weird...I mean, this platypus can turn into this REALLY hot guy but hes completely thick and has no knowlege of the world around him. \r\nI'd just woken up from one of these dreams when I checked the recent uploads to find a platypus picture staring me in the face. Coincidence? I think not....\r\nBEWARE THE PLATYPUS!!!

Image: blade-blastpast.jpg   222x485 13170 bytes 2002.04.23

Another blast from the past!\r\nThis is Blade, from the age of 11 till I was 14 she was my mascot - drew her on all my school projects, diaries, was all Blade Blade Blade!\r\nThen I kinda forgot about her - till I re-drew her today.\r\n\r\nBlade © Claire Walters\r\nArt © Claire Walters 2002

Image: bloodyscanner.JPG   707x322 45844 bytes 2001.10.13 if you can't tell - I'm annoyed., I'm MORE than annoyed....I'm so pissed off I might kill something. Or perhaps not. For THREE hours I've been trying to get this piece of shit I call a scanner to work. Goddamned thing broke down on me...this is the best image I could get from it. If you squint really REALLY hard you might see a picture of Naoko there. Or perhaps not.... *sigh* I got soooooo much stuff to upload and I can't. *kix her scanner* piece of shit...

Image: Bobbypaint.gif   574x512 12539 bytes 2001.12.02

I haven't drawn Bobby in a I did it for the hell of it. Oh look...hes grinning about something. Nice to know I can draw happy people when I'm feeling like total shit. Today is one of the many days where I tell myself how sad an excuse I am of an artist - thus my ever-cycling pool of depression begins once more

Image: boreddepressedandlonely1.jpg   255x506 21445 bytes 2001.11.04

filename speaks for itself....

Image: boredompiccy1.jpg   315x670 40468 bytes 2001.11.25

um...I was sat down in the kitchen & I just HAD to draw....urgh, and this is the result. My purple crayon is screwed I might have to stop doing Naoko in pencils & start using watercolors & markers more

Image: brothers1.jpg   435x593 34990 bytes 2001.12.29

Its Steve & his brother\r\nrecognise anything common between them?\r\nthey both have all their limbs - thats about it.\r\nAnd people wonder why Steve feels like such an outcast...

Image: cabinet.jpg   635x587 33898 bytes 2001.10.28

ok..I was BORED. lol. Plus we were playing X-Men and I was getting flashbacks from X-Men Evolution. Its Naoko....shoved in a filing cabinet. I need

Image: candyheartsandprozacdreams.jpg   638x472 68619 bytes 2002.08.24

"Your current upload allowance is: 14 nipples" *snikkers*\r\n\r\nok...MAJORLY off topic.\r\nI was depressed as hell.....and my theme song came back to me.\r\nLast year I wrote a song called "Candy Hearts And Prozac" appears to be about a man killing his lover then commiting suicide. But its actually about the hell people dragged me through, bullying, heartache and my suiucidal tendancies. I got better from all this, but a few days ago, CH&P came back to me when I was really upset. But I'm ok now ^^\r\n\r\nArt © Claire Walters 2002\r\nCandy Hearts & Prozac © Claire Walters 2001\r\n\r\n for full lyrics

Image: candyproziac.JPG   282x583 29247 bytes 2001.12.23

ok. \r\nA lil explaination here.\r\nThis. Is me. Not ME...but my subconcious. \r\nOn one side we have a sweet & innocent lil thing....on the other side a complete psychotic.\r\nA while back I wrote a song called "Candy Hearts and Prozac", and this picture is inspired by one phrase:\r\n"Her heart is torn\r\nher spirit bleeds\r\nWith Candy Hearts\r\nAnd Prozac Dreams"\r\n\r\n"Candy Proziac" is going to be yet another of my new characters, expect to see her soon.\r\n\r\nIf you would like to see my whole song, visit

Image: cartoonyshik1.jpg   399x544 21216 bytes 2002.05.17

I felt like drawing something here's everyones favourite guinea-pig!\r\n\r\nShik © Claire Walters \r\nArt © Claire Walters 2002

Image: chibidemonthingy.jpg   514x499 51143 bytes 2002.10.13

I love this lil dude :)\r\n\r\nArt © Claire Walters 2002

Image: chihuahua.jpg   724x621 38895 bytes 2001.10.14

oooh..aint it cute!! yup...another boredom piccy. Its (meant to be) a chihuahua peeping through the fence..

Image: chinchilla4.JPG   517x624 55569 bytes 2004.07.08

Yup, I made another STH character.\r\nFEAR ME.\r\n\r\nI always wanted a chinchilla character - cuddling with the one in work made me get up offa my ass and make one.\r\n\r\nCamilla © Claire Walters \r\nArt © Claire Walters 2004

Image: christmas2003.jpg   458x646 67498 bytes 2003.12.21

yes!\r\nI've done a Christmas picture! Hazzah!!!\r\n\r\n\r\nI really like this picture ^_^\r\nShik looks like shes meant to for once and it's got a full background! Yay!\r\n\r\nShik © Claire Walters\r\nArt © Claire Walters 2003

Image: clara.jpg   453x580 54261 bytes 2002.06.12

Drawn in MSPaint....fiddled with in PainterClassic\r\n\r\ Clara. a character from my Digimon Tamers fanfic I'm writing.\r\nWell....this is her original design anyway, I've altered her to have the same style as Impmon...since the two are connected (but I won't say how...that'll be telling)\r\n\r\nI can't draw hoomans\r\n\r\nClara © Claire Walters\r\nArt © Claire Walters 2002\r\nDigimon © the people who make it

Image: clara2.jpg   463x660 28629 bytes 2002.06.13

I'm getting the hang of drawing hoomans -yay!\r\nClara again\r\n\r\nClara © Claire Walters 2002\r\nArt © Claire Walters

Image: clerenaemon2.jpg   370x581 38257 bytes 2002.06.14

"Impmon bio-merge Digivolve to..."/"Clara bio-merge digivolve to..."\r\n"CLERENAEMON!"\r\n\r\n\r\nUm...Clerenaemon..why tamers & Digimon should never combine\r\n\r\nClara © Claire Walters \r\nArt © Claire Walters 2002 \r\nImpmon™ © Toi Animation \r\nDigimon™ © Toi Animation

Image: clerenaemon3.jpg   486x486 39170 bytes 2002.06.16

oops! I forgot this window was open!\r\n\r\nClerenaemon. Just cuz\r\n\r\nClerenaemon © Claire Walters\r\nArt © Claire Walters 2002

Image: clerenaemon4.jpg   314x787 40716 bytes 2002.07.07

shes starting to look decent now, yay!\r\n\r\nClerenaemon © Claire Walters\r\nArt © Claire Walters 2002

Image: clerenaemonsketch.jpg   600x600 58494 bytes 2002.08.03

sorry its so...big >.< urgh\r\n\r\nAnyway...old ass piccy of Clerenaemon. Its crappy. Laugh at it....go on, point and laugh.\r\n\r\nClerenaemon © Claire Walters\r\nArt © Claire Walters 2002\r\n\r\nNow...I shall eat my toast

Image: clerenaemonultimate.jpg   346x677 39835 bytes 2002.07.29 is this chick?\r\nTo be honest...nobody knows.\r\nThree days ago I decided that Clerenaemon was gonna digivolve in my fanfic....but to WHAT? I downloaded a Matrix Digivolution video slip off the net & watched it over and over and over again trying to get a visual picture of what she would look like. \r\nI ended up with this girl.......and, unfortunately I was too busy thinking up an appearance to think up a name. Doh!\r\n\r\nAny suggestions?\r\n\r\nCurrently nameless Digimon © Claire Walters\r\nArt © Claire Walters 2002

Image: confuzzled.jpg   528x428 25297 bytes 2002.06.21

he looks confused\r\n\r\nRandom Puppy © Claire Walters\r\nArt © Claire Walters 2002

Image: coollilkiyonipic.jpg   411x559 41964 bytes 2002.05.03

wheee..finally a decent pic of Kiyoni!\r\n\r\nKiyoni © Claire Walters\r\nArt © Claire Walters 2002

Image: coolreonpaintpiccy.jpg   508x470 26432 bytes 2002.03.06

It's Reon! drawn due to total boredom as per usual. \r\nFun with Paint!\r\nI messed up his hair. \r\n\r\nReon © Claire Walters \r\nArt © Claire Walters 2002 \r\n\r\n------------------------------ \r\nopen for trades \r\n------------------------------

Image: coolweidassschoolsteveishdude.jpg   291x197 8586 bytes 2003.03.03

Drawn In school.\r\n\r\nWhat can I say? I was bored\r\n\r\nArt (c) Claire Walters

Image: crappynaokopic1.jpg   318x622 29721 bytes 2001.11.17

I was sat down listening to Wheatus....just a lil doodle

Image: crappyreonpiccy.jpg   322x654 24468 bytes 2002.01.31

yaaay!! mah scanner works! and I got Photoshop today! double yaaay!!\r\n\r\ncrappy pic of Reon I drew at work experience today\r\n\r\nReon © Claire Walters\r\nArt © Claire Walters 2002

Image: crucifix1.jpg   405x609 31769 bytes 2002.01.05

ok. So I (badly) drew a crucifixion, doesn't mean I was depressed.\r\nThe original got torn up by my horrified mother....most likely because the victim had their guts wrenched out and half their skin torn off. But I was in a BRILLIANT mood when I drew it. Meh.'s a nice happy fluffy version of it (if you can get happy fluffy crucifixion pictures). \r\n\r\nThe background's meant to be that color btw, just to clear that up.

Image: cupidbunny.jpg   325x614 25826 bytes 2002.05.22

I'm currently reading "Laptop of The Gods" by Peter Chippendale....and I feel sooooo sorry for Cupid in it! hes just so cute! \r\nSo...anyway, last night armed with caffeine and a bowl of chocolate cornflakes & drew this extremely bad piccy. \r\n\r\nCupid Bunny © Claire Walters \r\nArt © Claire Walters 2002

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