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Image: measapony.jpg   359x610 19271 bytes 2002.05.28

for once I actually drew myself TOO fat...I'm loosing weight so fast...its great!\r\n\r\nanyway, I was talking to Pakash in the VCL chat last night & he thought I'd look cute as a here I am, as a pony. ^_^\r\n\r\nMe As a Pony Claire Walters \r\nArt Claire Walters 2002

Image: kiyonikiddy2.jpg   480x480 27352 bytes 2002.05.26

Another cub piccy of Kiyoni\r\n\r\nKiyoni Claire Walters\r\nArt Claire Walters 2002

Image: kiyonikiddy.jpg   480x480 25175 bytes 2002.05.26

Even furs were young once - piccy of Kiyoni as a cub\r\n\r\nKiyoni Claire Walters\r\nArt Claire Walters 2002

Image: daebunlygirly3.jpg   600x600 81173 bytes 2002.05.24

quick tablet squiggle\r\nTis my Daebunlycoraut (bets she spelt that wrong) char....and she has a name!\r\nso Jenni!\r\n\r\nJenni Claire Walters \r\nArt Claire Walters 2002

Image: iscaremyself.jpg   600x600 54815 bytes 2002.05.23

I feel really messed up right now.....I just kinda let my hand take control.\r\nI scare myself\r\n\r\nArt Claire Walters 2002

Image: goodluck.jpg   500x500 44304 bytes 2002.05.23

done for a friend\r\n\r\nArt Claire Walters

Image: nomoreexams.jpg   480x480 30206 bytes 2002.05.23

Currently how I'm feeling.\r\n3 hours of solid exams tomorrow - please kill me\r\n\r\nNaoko Claire Walters\r\nArt Claire Walters 2002

Image: madampig.jpg   639x419 33696 bytes 2002.05.23

I got bored - tis my RL guinea pig, Madam. She was in my lap while I did she was kinda my reference - even though she crawled up my sleeve.\r\n\r\nArt Claire Walters 2002

Image: animeishnaokodoodle.jpg   411x560 41626 bytes 2002.05.22

I felt like drawing Naoko after watching Medabots with my brother - I was inspired by Samantha's hair. Drawn whilst watching Digimon...god I need a life.\r\n\r\nNaoko Claire Walters \r\nArt Claire Walters 2002

Image: cupidbunny.jpg   325x614 25826 bytes 2002.05.22

I'm currently reading "Laptop of The Gods" by Peter Chippendale....and I feel sooooo sorry for Cupid in it! hes just so cute! \r\nSo...anyway, last night armed with caffeine and a bowl of chocolate cornflakes & drew this extremely bad piccy. \r\n\r\nCupid Bunny Claire Walters \r\nArt Claire Walters 2002

Image: newkiyonitabletdoodle.jpg   450x450 34494 bytes 2002.05.20

was bored again - tis Kiyoni..again.\r\n\r\nKiyoni Claire Walters \r\nArt Claire Walters 2002

Image: kiyonisill.jpg   500x500 16507 bytes 2002.05.19

more Painter goodness!\r\nTis Kiyoni...or rather, her silhouette. She aint a happy vixie\r\n\r\nKiyoni Claire Walters \r\nArt Claire Walters 2002

Image: daebunlygirly2.jpg   500x500 59950 bytes 2002.05.19

grr....uploader crashed, sorry if this uploads twice,\r\n\r\nIts that random Daebunylcoraut girl again! I drew her on my tablet for the crack of it. I intend to use her in an RPG....but she needs a name. Any suggestions?\r\n\r\nUn-named Daebunylcoraut girl Claire Walters \r\nDaebunylcoraut's Claire Walters & Scott McNair 2002 \r\nArt Claire Walters 2002

Image: kiyonitabletdoodle.jpg   500x500 49367 bytes 2002.05.19

I was bored & started doodling in Painter Classic - it actually looks ok for once\r\n\r\nKiyoni Claire Walters \r\nArt Claire Walters 2002

Image: doberman.jpg   500x500 58110 bytes 2002.05.18

not my best tablet work.\r\nTis a Dobie with a crappy background - less said the better\r\n\r\nDoberman Claire Walters\r\nArt Claire Walters 202

Image: cartoonyshik1.jpg   399x544 21216 bytes 2002.05.17

I felt like drawing something here's everyones favourite guinea-pig!\r\n\r\nShik Claire Walters \r\nArt Claire Walters 2002

Image: kiyonibeingkiyoniish.jpg   272x673 22295 bytes 2002.05.13

was bored - bored inspires Kiyoni pic. Yayness.\r\n\r\nKiyoni Claire Walters \r\nArt Claire Walters 2002

Image: deadpuppies.jpg   600x600 58956 bytes 2002.05.12

In the words of the almighty Steven Lynch - "Dead Puppies aren't much fun"\r\n\r\nmarvel at my crappy hand-writing....and the overly-red blood.\r\n\r\nArt Claire Walters 2002 \r\nLyrics Steven Lynch

Image: lilpuppydawg.jpg   600x600 94503 bytes 2002.05.12

me practising on my tablet again. Just a dawg of some kind - nothing special.\r\n\r\nArt Claire Walters 2002

Image: weirdrodentishgirl.jpg   276x467 14266 bytes 2002.05.10

this is one of those drawings of mine that starts out as something else. It started out as a person, then I rubbed out the head when I drew the dress - started drawing a fox head & ended up doing a rodentish thing. I think she's cute.\r\n\r\nArt Claire Walters 2002

Image: modernartrabbit.jpg   600x600 63623 bytes 2002.05.08

more fun with my tablet. Tis a weird modern art rabbit thing\r\n\r\nArt Claire Walters 2002\r\n

Image: thisusedtobeafox.jpg   600x600 84963 bytes 2002.05.08

believe it or not - this used to be a picture of a fox.\r\n\r\nI got a tablet on Monday (whee!) but I've only just been allowed to use it cuz we got a new comp.\r\nSo um....this is an ex foxie. Enjoy\r\n\r\nArt Claire Walters 2002

Image: coollilkiyonipic.jpg   411x559 41964 bytes 2002.05.03

wheee..finally a decent pic of Kiyoni!\r\n\r\nKiyoni Claire Walters\r\nArt Claire Walters 2002

Image: stevefurrendsportrait.jpg   242x533 16475 bytes 2002.05.03

The last Furrends! portrait today - tis Steve looking all Steve-ish.\r\n\r\nSteve Claire Walters\r\nFurrends! Claire Walters\r\nArt Claire Walters 2002

Image: shikfurrendsportrait.jpg   216x525 11290 bytes 2002.05.03

Another portrait for "Furrends!" - tis Shik this time, looking miserable as sin as per usual\r\n\r\nShik Claire Walters\r\nFurrends! Claire Walters\r\nArt Claire Walters 2002

Image: reonfurrendsportrait.jpg   280x603 16392 bytes 2002.05.03

my leasy favourite of the "Furrends!" profiles.\r\n\r\nTis Reon - and hes a bugger to draw\r\n\r\nReon Claire Walters\r\nFurrends! Claire Walters\r\nArt Claire Walters 2002

Image: naokofurrendsportrait.jpg   272x549 13555 bytes 2002.05.03

most probably my fave of the "Furrends!" portraits.\r\nTis Naoko - she likes pink *nodnod*\r\nThis pic came out amazingly well \r\n\r\nNaoko Claire Walters\r\nFurrends! Claire Walters\r\nArt Claire Walters 2002

Image: ghostfurrendsportrait.jpg   239x515 20440 bytes 2002.05.03

I've started the comic at last!\r\nThis is Ghost - I've changed her a bit for "Furrends!"\r\nMarvel at my crappy computer coloring job!\r\n\r\nGhost Claire Walters\r\nFurrends! Claire Walters\r\nArt Claire Walters 2002

Image: unicorn.jpg   686x346 27119 bytes 2002.05.03

Two years ago I started the GCSE Art course. For one of my three units I did Myths & Legends. This was a quick piece I did using water colours to go towards the unit. \r\nI got a D overall over the two year period - mainly cuz I used to be bullied in my lessons.\r\n\r\nUnicorn Claire Walters\r\nArt Claire Walters 2000

Image: furrends-cgattempt.jpg   893x608 70949 bytes 2002.04.30

*apologises for size*\r\nits the only way you can really see the [proper details *begs for forgiveness*\r\n\r\nCG version of the previous lineart. Enjoy.\r\n\r\nSteve Claire Walters\r\nGhost Claire Walters\r\nNaoko Claire Walters\r\nShik Claire Walters\r\nReon Claire Walters\r\nArt Claire Walters 2002

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