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Image: naoko.jpg   434x765 33582 bytes 2001.10.13

oooh! its another piccy of Naoko (a much much much cuter one than the others!!!). I decided on a new style...the fact that I was soaking wet after giving the guinea pigs a bath might have helped. Done in markers...hence the crappy coloring.\r\n\r\nPS: a HUGE thank you to my neighbour who in my time of desperate need let me use her computer and scanner!!!!

Image: naoko3.jpg   399x746 26202 bytes 2001.10.21

hehe\r\nits Naoko..kinda in a weird side-ways view. Done listen to Alanis Morissette. I never realised how well the song "Ironic" suits poor lil Naoko. Shes had a tough life...

Image: naoko4.jpg   484x1023 45176 bytes 2001.10.24

yaaay! another Naoko doodle in paint *dances* I SHOULD have the scanner up & running tomorrow. I got a new one yesterday and its PURPLE! *gasps of joy* so I can finally upload the many many items I have on my desk *nod nod*

Image: naoko5.JPG   449x584 28798 bytes 2001.10.26

yesterday we formatted our comp (hence why I never uploaded); I doodled this cuz we didn't want a crappy Windows background on our desktop.

Image: naoko6.JPG   376x626 35217 bytes 2001.10.26

ta-da!!! its a really really crappy piccy of Naoko! um...just done to test out my new colored pencils

Image: naoko__paint.gif   462x512 3594 bytes 2002.01.11

same pic as before..only it looks rather..well...moody

Image: naoko__paint.jpg   462x512 23533 bytes 2002.01.11

Naoko, not looking too fussed about anything.\r\nMaybe shes seen my elusive platypus...hmmmmm

Image: naoko_pic1.jpg   355x611 29980 bytes 2001.12.19

...and the artist regained her trust in watercolors. And there was much rejoicing *half-hearted "yaaay" in background*\r\n\r\n\r\npiccy looks like, a million times better IRL. My scanner ate it with a side of Ciante.\r\nOK...I'll quit with the movie quotes, but remember this: childishness leaves us with age but immaturity lasts forever

Image: naokoandchase1.jpg   368x536 34594 bytes 2001.11.07

ok..a lil explaination. I play in a Marvel based game galled Virtual X...brilliant game. well; we all know & love Naoko *nods* the fuzzy dude of the group. The girl with her is my friends character, Chase. Her & Naoko are kinda an item...I decided to draw them together for the hell of it. Screwed it up majorly..meh. Anyway 'Chase' © Minus

Image: naokocomicstyle_.jpg   300x499 44653 bytes 2002.10.27

Naoko drawn in my comic style - getting more practise at drawing chars besides Steve. I kinda like this....\r\n\r\nNaoko © Claire Walters \r\nArt © Claire Walters 2002

Image: naokodoodle.jpg   272x415 14877 bytes 2001.10.18

wow....can we say bored? I had no lesons I doodled this & scanned it on a scanner in school

Image: naokodress2.jpg   288x806 37704 bytes 2001.11.10

well...its a PURTY picture of Naoko! at last! I drew something half decent! \r\nI luuuurve this picture; dresses suit her a LOT more I the goldish color looks nice on her. Anyways; its Naoko in a MUCH much purtier dress than before!

Image: naokofurrendsportrait.jpg   272x549 13555 bytes 2002.05.03

most probably my fave of the "Furrends!" portraits.\r\nTis Naoko - she likes pink *nodnod*\r\nThis pic came out amazingly well \r\n\r\nNaoko © Claire Walters\r\nFurrends! © Claire Walters\r\nArt © Claire Walters 2002

Image: naokohasabighead.jpg   608x545 40816 bytes 2002.03.24

sorry for the size, comp being bitchy tonight.\r\nJust a random Naoko head.\r\n\r\nNaoko © Claire Walters\r\nArt © Claire Walters 2002

Image: naokoinadress1.jpg   539x572 32791 bytes 2001.11.04

I was REALLY REALLY bored..nobody was online so I ended up doing this. I screwed up the coloring though: used the wrong purple marker. I was going to do a background and all...I dunno. \r\nThis pic kinda remind me of part of the chorus from "The Call" by the Backstreet Boys - "Listen baby I'm sorry, just wanna tell you don't worry...I will be late don't stay up and wait for me". I dunno why though *shrugs* anyway...its Naoko, in a dress - and I like it

Image: naokoinuniform.jpg   354x662 22533 bytes 2002.06.24

"And this masterpiece is a little thing we call "Fun With Gradients""\r\n\r\nI haven't drawn Naoko in her uniform in I drew I need a pic for her for the new X Men Evolution game I'm in. I think I'll try drawing a piccy of all her forms together next\r\n\r\nNaoko © Claire Walters\r\nX Men™ © Marvel\r\nArt © Claire Walters 2002\r\n

Image: naokoinyetanotherdress.jpg   409x616 42962 bytes 2002.01.31

crappy piccy of Naoko in a dress. Meh...\r\n\r\nNaoko © Claire Walters \r\nArt © Claire Walters 2002

Image: naokokitty.jpg   222x350 8339 bytes 2002.01.15

not sure if this is classed as furry.\r\nI found this picture of a cat & edited it like hell to do Naoko's cat form *points to pic*\r\nI'm not sure who did the original photo though, so the original picture is © whoever took it.\r\nArt is © Claire Walters 2002\r\nNaoko is © Claire Walters\r\nPhoto is © Anon\r\n

Image: naokonight.jpg   449x480 14140 bytes 2001.10.20

I was bored...this is the worst of my boredom piccys. Its Naoko...just hanging out under a full moon & weird white blobs again...

Image: naokopaintdoodle.JPG   443x557 38193 bytes 2001.10.08

urgh..I was bored. Boredom is a nasty thing, especially if you happen to have Paint open. Just to clear confusion...this is the ORIGINAL Naoko from Sailor Nights; not the X-Men one I've got so many pictures of here.

Image: naokopiccy2.JPG   169x423 14324 bytes 2001.12.05

another depression pic - the coloring job shows

Image: naokoplushie.jpg   295x363 13060 bytes 2001.10.24

awwwwwww!!! I was bored, so I thought "hey...I wonder what Naoko would be like as a toy..". So here she is!! It looks pretty groovy....hmmmmmm I might start off a series

Image: naokoposing1.jpg   274x627 29271 bytes 2001.11.13

its Naoko....posing. Need I say more?\r\n\r\noh!!! I'm still all up for art trades!!! Just letting you all know!!

Image: naokorevised.jpg   628x800 93979 bytes 2005.03.16

Yup, its Naoko's new version. The purple was pissing me off.\r\n\r\nAnd no, shes still not my fursona.\r\n\r\nNaoko © Claire Walters\r\nArt © Claire Walters 2005

Image: naokoshead.jpg   414x315 39027 bytes 2002.12.04

god good....I drew Naoko.\r\nWell, her head at least. I like drawing heads today...hmmmmm.\r\nScanner still not up, so heres tablety goodness still.\r\nI quite like this..\r\n\r\nNaoko © Claire Walters\r\nArt © Claire Walters 2002

Image: naokostars.jpg   482x619 24762 bytes 2001.10.14

awwww..its Naoko..and shes crying at weird white blobs that are meant to be stars! Maybe they hurt her feelings...or she was depressed in the first place (I would be if my chin had been drawn like that). Anyway..I was bored. Again.

Image: naokostars2.jpg   482x619 25006 bytes 2001.10.14

hey! its Naoko looking at white blobs again! hehe I fixed her chin

Image: naokosteve1.jpg   529x772 60440 bytes 2001.12.03

its Naoko...and Steve!!\r\n\r\nI'm quite happy with this one, don't like Steve's pants but thats about it. It's very rare for me to do a duo-character I'm kinda happy with this, plus the fact that I used markers AGAIN! \r\nThe problem with doing a pic of these chars together is: markers suit Steve, but pencils suit Naoko. I just said "sod it" and did them both in markers...and Naoko actually turned out ok. Yaaaay!\r\n\r\n

Image: naokotabletdooodle.jpg   420x420 22104 bytes 2002.06.01

I was bored. Majorly crappy Naoko drawing done on my tablet\r\n\r\nNaoko © Claire Walters\r\nArt © Claire Walters 2002

Image: naokotheposerkitty.jpg   260x515 35944 bytes 2003.02.01

Yes. I know its Naoko.\r\nI hate drawing Naoko. She's my least favourite character...\r\nI like how the top half of her body came out. That's the only reason I uploaded this.\r\n\r\nI hate her.\r\n\r\nNaoko © Claire Walters\r\nArt © Claire Walters 2003

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