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Image: steveroom.jpg   290x526 26128 bytes 2002.03.28

Its Steve. In his room. Being depressed. Um...yeah.\r\nDrawn after a scene where Steve met the killer whos been sent after him and was once again reminded of what he'd once told a dear friend:\r\n"We're creatures of the underworld....we can't afford to love".\r\n\r\nNotes: this is actually cut from the picture....the rest of the picture looked really crappy. And the thing in the background is meant to be the shadow of Necro - my art sux\r\n\r\nSteve Claire Walters\r\nArt Claire Walters 2002

Image: kiyonipic2.jpg   295x532 17170 bytes 2002.03.26

just a better picture of Kiyoni.\r\n\r\nKiyoni Claire Walters\r\nArt Claire Walters 2002

Image: naokohasabighead.jpg   608x545 40816 bytes 2002.03.24

sorry for the size, comp being bitchy tonight.\r\nJust a random Naoko head.\r\n\r\nNaoko Claire Walters\r\nArt Claire Walters 2002

Image: whatisheexactly.jpg   714x588 69369 bytes 2002.03.22

sorry for size, but its the only way you can see the text\r\n\r\nFinally...I have a description of Steve's species!\r\nafter a convo with a friend we agreed that he was a Daebunylcoraut. Wanna know more? read the text.\r\n\r\n*bounces cuz da WelshFurs meet is TOMORROW!!*\r\nOh...and I'm open for trades.\r\n\r\nSteven Harris Claire Walters\r\nArt Claire Walters 2002\r\nDaebunylcoraut's Claire Walters & Scott McNair 2002

Image: windowtodepression.jpg   516x643 36250 bytes 2002.03.21

one of my friends (you know how you are) is threatening to kill themselves. They won't tell me why or ANYTHING about what's wrong...but they refuse to let me help anyway. They just don't care. I'm sat here worried sick & they just don't care. This is a message to everyone whos ever wanted to just shut out their lights: its not worth it. Trust me on that, the hell it gives your loved ones (even if you believe there aren't any...believe me, everyone has people who care) is beyond description. But please....if you see this in time, just know that I love you, and that I care. I honestly're one of my best friends & I don't want to loose you....\r\n\r\nClaire/Shik Claire Walters\r\nArt Claire Walters 2002

Image: stevecozmaybe.gif   519x674 14083 bytes 2002.03.21

ack! didn't mean for it to be this big!!\r\n\r\na friend of mine is contemplating making a cousin for the White Wolf RPG I pondered what an anthro one would look like. Design will most probably change when the "real" char is finished.\r\n\r\nCurrently un-named dude Claire Walters\r\nArt Claire Walters 2002\r\n\r\n\r\nOPEN FOR ART TRADES

Image: kiyoni.jpg   482x413 28542 bytes 2002.03.18

more Sailor Nights stuff!\r\nThis is Kiyoni Miyoni, an old character of mine that I don't know wether to keep or not. She was an assassin in Crystal Tokyo (in the future) who was hired to kill a Lupe scientist, Washika Kilonez who was on the verge of fully discovering dimensional travel. Needless to say: Washika screwed up...ending up teleporting both her & Kiyoni to our time. Washika..being a goody-goody-two-shoes allied with the Senshi, Kiyoni going to the Negaverse.\r\nAnyway, if anyone's interested to play in this insane game (humie chars as well as furries btw) or if you just wanna chat...feel free to mail me at or message me at: \r\nAIM: SilverMoonKittyX \r\nMSN: \r\nICQ: 53713779 \r\n\r\nKiyoni Claire Walters \r\nArt Claire Walters 2002

Image: umbrastandingononeleg.jpg   359x537 17874 bytes 2002.03.17

my mum bought me watercolour pencils! yaaaay!\r\nI just drew this to play with them NIGHTS IS BACK!!! *ahem* Sailor Nights is a fan RPG of ailor Moon that I made a while back, we resurrected it today. Its the game Umbra & Reon are from...cuz the evil Negaverse guys decide to mess about with nature. Anyway, if anyone's interested to play in this insane game (humie chars as well as furries btw) or if you just wanna chat...feel free to mail me at or message me at:\r\nAIM: SilverMoonKittyX\r\nMSN:\r\nICQ: 53713779\r\n\r\nUmbra Claire Walters \r\nArt Claire Walters 2002

Image: pissedofflilnaoko.jpg   556x413 22218 bytes 2002.03.16

ok. Here's the deal. People have been mailing me saying Naoko's a rip-off of various peoples chars. I was wondering if all you other purple cat furs get the same crap...I mean, Naoko was made up in the back seat of a mini-bus on the way home from how could I rip her off?\r\n\r\nNaoko Claire Walters 2002\r\nArt Claire Walters 2002

Image: heylookitstheguineagirl.jpg   321x526 26669 bytes 2002.03.16

*majorly hates this pic*\r\n\r\nvery quick Paint job. I rushed it cuz I felt like drawing.\r\n*Note* some people will see this fursona named as "Shik" instead of Claire. Shik is a lil pet name a few peeps have for me, so -is- the same character.\r\n\r\n\r\nClaire/Shik Claire Walters 2002\r\nArt Claire Walters 2002

Image: allhailthemightilycutestevieboi.jpg   556x413 25061 bytes 2002.03.16

um..I was bored. Yeah. Thats it..\r\n\r\nSteven Claire Walters 2002\r\nArt Claire Walters 2002

Image: ghostiehasfunkypants.jpg   220x537 14358 bytes 2002.03.10

I haven't drawn Ghost in a while - so here she is!\r\nThis is the second hand-drawn picture of her I've ever done...and its waaaaay better than the first. I want her pants.\r\n\r\nGhost Claire Walters \r\nArt Claire Walters 2002 \r\n\r\n------------------------------ \r\nopen for trades \r\n------------------------------

Image: ihavecrappyanatomy.jpg   573x542 24078 bytes 2002.03.10

This started out as a pair of legs. Then I decided to draw the rest. I'm used to starting with Naoko's bangs when I draw her - hence the crappyness.\r\n\r\nNaoko Claire Walters \r\nArt Claire Walters 2002 \r\n\r\n------------------------------ \r\nopen for trades \r\n------------------------------

Image: youshouldhaveboughtasquirrel.jpg   379x589 24607 bytes 2002.03.09

I was going to do a whole "God's & Goddess'" thing (cuz I had "It's Tough To Be A God" stuck in my head for 2 weeks). \r\nSteve was going to be the God of Mirth...represented by those many grey blobs I like to call squirrels. \r\n\r\nYou \r\nShould \r\nHave \r\nBought \r\nA \r\nSquirrel \r\n\r\nSteven Claire Walters \r\nArt Claire Walters 2002 \r\n

Image: fredtheevilfish.gif   465x540 10237 bytes 2002.03.06

this is Fred.....he's an evil fish..thing. Inspired by boredom.\r\n\r\n"Fred" Claire Walters \r\nArt Claire Walters 2002 \r\n\r\n------------------------------ \r\nopen for trades \r\n------------------------------

Image: scaryweirdnaokopiccy.gif   465x540 8150 bytes 2002.03.06

This started off as a few lines - which turned into a tail. Then it ended up growing legs, a torso and a head. Ending up as Naoko. yaay!\r\n\r\nNaoko Claire Walters \r\nArt Claire Walters 2002 \r\n\r\n------------------------------ \r\nopen for trades \r\n------------------------------

Image: coolreonpaintpiccy.jpg   508x470 26432 bytes 2002.03.06

It's Reon! drawn due to total boredom as per usual. \r\nFun with Paint!\r\nI messed up his hair. \r\n\r\nReon Claire Walters \r\nArt Claire Walters 2002 \r\n\r\n------------------------------ \r\nopen for trades \r\n------------------------------

Image: overlycartoonynaoko.gif   410x470 11644 bytes 2002.03.03

um...its Naoko. Overly-cartoony like. Yeah.\r\nI got stuff to scan but I can't be bothered right now. Meh.

Image: naoanthem.gif   598x482 25674 bytes 2002.03.01

Ok, had to do a new description to this since the old one was unacceptable.\r\n\r\nBasically, I'm Welsh. And I'm proud of it. So here's Naoko in badly drawn Welsh-dress with our Nation Anthem. Enjoy...and to all you Welshies out there, Happy St Davids Day!

Image: fluffysheep.jpg   589x481 43885 bytes 2002.02.26

My insanity has no boundries....\r\n\r\n"Oh Fluffy Sheep!\r\nOh Fluffy Sheep!\r\nOh Fluffy Sheep Are Won-Der-Ful!\r\nThey are so White, Welsh and Woolly!!!\r\nOh Fluffy Sheep Are Won-der-ful!"

Image: small.jpg   660x570 51892 bytes 2002.02.24

this pic is dedicated for all the struggling artists such as myself who have wanted to say this. \r\nNo hard feeling to the better artists here....I was really upset when I did this due to some arsehole artist who shall remain nameless. \r\n

Image: stevewebsitepiccy.jpg   274x538 14931 bytes 2002.02.23

wheee! time for off-topicness!\r\n\r\nThis is in Steve. Steve, in reality is a Malkavian Antitribu in the White Wolf "Necropolis" HTML game. So...I give you Steven Harris: the man whos mission in life is to get laid before his 5 year old best friend does (believe me: its harder than it sounds). Armed with a pin-on tail and a put-on German accent, the world is his oyster: or rather, he wishes it were.\r\nHe's pathetic, unpopular and overly childish: he's Steven Harris (or Ste-Ven as he likes to put it), known by the masses as "Nightcrawler", "Nightie"....and for the ones who tagged onto his X-Men obsessed life - "Elf"\r\n\r\n\r\nSteven Harris Claire Walters\r\nArt Claire Walters 2002\r\n\r\n------------------------------\r\nopen for trades\r\n------------------------------

Image: justanotherlilnaokopiccydonefornogoodreason.jpg   577x478 29127 bytes 2002.02.22

I was bored so I decided to try and remember how to draw Naoko: I think I did pretty well.\r\n\r\nNaoko Claire Walters\r\nArt Claire Walters 2002

Image: steveportrait.jpg   408x579 36839 bytes 2002.02.22

Steve looks all depressed and stuff. Ah well, I like it anyway.\r\n\r\nSteve Claire Walters \r\nArt Claire Walters 2002

Image: spoon.jpg   388x638 18418 bytes 2002.02.22

Many people who have met me can sympathise with poor ol' Steve.\r\n\r\nWhat exactly is the purpose of this ever elusive spoon? I'll let you all ponder over it.\r\n\r\nSteve Claire Walters \r\nArt Claire Walters 2002\r\n\r\n\r\n---------------\r\nopen for trades\r\n---------------

Image: kittyswimsuit.jpg   162x415 10106 bytes 2002.02.22

Me-ow!\r\n\r\nMale kitty in a swimsuit - crappy anatomy etc due to lack of visual aids and just my imagination to guide me.\r\n\r\nArt Claire alters 2002

Image: perryrip_notext.jpg   422x467 26886 bytes 2002.02.19

the same pic as before, minus the text

Image: perryrip.jpg   449x603 32599 bytes 2002.02.19

Just 30 minutes ago, our beloved Bondage Bunny (known by the sane as "Perry") passed away.\r\n\r\nI stayed with him for an hour, watching him have seizure after seizure...struggling to stand only to collapse time after time, blood pouring from his nose. I tried to help him, but I knew I couldn't do anything. All I could do was watch & help him to feel comfortable - but it didn't feel like enough. I ended up talking to him as he writhed in agony...telling him how sorry I was and how I wished he didn't have to go like this. I could see the pain in his eyes, then when he started kicking out - I knew he would leave me. He died 20 seconds before my mother walked through the door - I'd phoned her to drive me to the vet, but it was too late.\r\n\r\nWe'll miss you Perry.......

Image: cutielilnaokokitty.jpg   387x395 19165 bytes 2002.02.16


Image: umbraandreonnonanthro_paint.jpg   556x381 26782 bytes 2002.02.14

I got soooooooo bored!\r\n\r\nUmbra & Reon Darkstar, non-anthro.\r\n\r\nUmbra Darkstar Claire Walters\r\nReon Darkstar Claire Walters\r\nArt Claire Walters 2002\r\n\r\n-------------------\r\nopen for art trades\r\n-------------------

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