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Image: chihuahua.jpg   724x621 38895 bytes 2001.10.14

oooh..aint it cute!! yup...another boredom piccy. Its (meant to be) a chihuahua peeping through the fence..

Image: abstract.jpg   434x534 39612 bytes 2001.10.14

oooh! I was bored yet again! so I ended up doing this....I need a hobby. Seriously.

Image: doodlefox.jpg   390x630 24010 bytes 2001.10.13

its a doodle. And a fox. Do the math. Oh...and he aint deformed, just got his back to you. And yes..I was bored. Again.

Image: naoko.jpg   434x765 33582 bytes 2001.10.13

oooh! its another piccy of Naoko (a much much much cuter one than the others!!!). I decided on a new style...the fact that I was soaking wet after giving the guinea pigs a bath might have helped. Done in markers...hence the crappy coloring.\r\n\r\nPS: a HUGE thank you to my neighbour who in my time of desperate need let me use her computer and scanner!!!!

Image: bloodyscanner.JPG   707x322 45844 bytes 2001.10.13 if you can't tell - I'm annoyed., I'm MORE than annoyed....I'm so pissed off I might kill something. Or perhaps not. For THREE hours I've been trying to get this piece of shit I call a scanner to work. Goddamned thing broke down on me...this is the best image I could get from it. If you squint really REALLY hard you might see a picture of Naoko there. Or perhaps not.... *sigh* I got soooooo much stuff to upload and I can't. *kix her scanner* piece of shit...

Image: lion.jpg   482x619 30328 bytes 2001.10.10

ooh...its a lion!! yup...I was bored AGAIN...that seems to happen a LOT recently. Ah's a lion, enjoy.

Image: xmennaokopaint.jpg   482x619 29442 bytes 2001.10.09

ooh..its ANOTHER X-Men Naoko one! Basically..I was bored as HELL so I thought I'd just doodle in Paint.

Image: naokopaintdoodle.JPG   443x557 38193 bytes 2001.10.08

urgh..I was bored. Boredom is a nasty thing, especially if you happen to have Paint open. Just to clear confusion...this is the ORIGINAL Naoko from Sailor Nights; not the X-Men one I've got so many pictures of here.

Image: xmennaoko3.JPG   268x614 18986 bytes 2001.10.08

ooh! its -another- X-Men Naoko...urgh...done in markers, hence the ultra-crappyness...only took me 5 minutes though, so its not too bad...

Image: xmennaoko2.JPG   401x635 40267 bytes 2001.10.07

woo hoo! tis Naoko again. I got rid of the wings...cuz they were CRAP. Much much much happier with this one. Oh yes indeedee doo...

Image: xmennaoko.JPG   375x607 35149 bytes 2001.10.07

hehe its my lil Kitty-char, only I've changed her a LOT. Shes my X-Men personality now...yeah; I'm sad. Based heavily on Quicksilver and Nightcrawler (the Evolution ones). So she is. I'm not too happy with this, mucked it up on the the wings look crappy

Image: umbra2.jpg   310x439 12255 bytes 2001.10.03

its Umbra a stuffy uniform. Boo...we all hate work don't we? \r\n

Image: tsunamite.jpg   235x407 14202 bytes 2001.10.03

I got bored one I banged this together. Dunno what shes meant to be...a weird fox/narwhale thingy? \r\n

Image: tetrabyme.jpg   344x492 17139 bytes 2001.10.03

its that black wolfie again..her name's Tetra...and I can't paint using black \r\n

Image: seleneanthro.jpg   196x499 14975 bytes 2001.10.03

hehe its the kitty from the "selene.jpg" ANTHRO! \r\n

Image: selene.jpg   511x426 20718 bytes 2001.10.03

oooh...its a kitty!!! shes NOT a Sailor Moon cat, shes a sailor Nights character my friend Kae \r\n

Image: sylviamontrose.JPG   325x502 22935 bytes 2001.10.02

well, she was -meant- to be a pine marten..but alas, I was lacking a it looks rather crappy

Image: rhonwen.JPG   381x577 33923 bytes 2001.10.02

ooh..its a random bunny person..called, um..well..Rhonwen!

Image: umbra1.JPG   310x439 18099 bytes 2001.10.02

ooh...its my Sailor Nights character Umbra..aint she purty? well...for a pic done at 3am at least....

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