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Image: leap5.jpg   502x648 66855 bytes 2002.10.11

Yes, I got lazy. actually, my sharpie whent dry, and filling this up by computer would have been long, this piccy is full of broken lines.\r\nShiro's world is crumbling at the announcment.\r\nShiro is (c) me.\r\n5 of 5.

Image: leap4.jpg   502x671 99021 bytes 2002.10.10

She gets mad, I'm devastated, I tell the bad news.\r\nboth are (c) me.\r\n4 of 5

Image: leap3.jpg   743x502 60304 bytes 2002.10.10

Not much to say. she saved me and we washed up on the beach below.\r\nShiro and Joey (c) me.\r\n3 of 5

Image: leap2.jpg   502x666 78490 bytes 2002.10.10

I'm in love with the first panel of this page. it looks just right. to me, it is.\r\nJohan and Shiro are (c) me.\r\n2 of 5

Image: leap1.jpg   502x664 49572 bytes 2002.10.10

Ayne is dead....I can't take it.\r\nInk.\r\nJohan Lee and Shironu are both (c) me.\r\n1 of 5

Image: phantomWorried.jpg   502x600 62169 bytes 2002.10.10

See? Phantom do have ears. She was tending Ayne's garden when something bad happened...\r\nInk.\r\nPhantom is (c) me. Ayne's garden is (c) Matthew Adair.

Image: blindJohan.jpg   502x657 76547 bytes 2002.10.10

I woke up blind. I woke up blind and discovered I had killed. What a sick, horrible feeling.\r\nInk.\r\nJohan Lee is (c) me.

Image: hiJohan.jpg   502x667 89229 bytes 2002.10.06

Hi Johan layed dormant for 12 years until evil Komian pushed him too far.\r\nJohan never suspected he had such power inside him.\r\nInk.\r\nJohan Lee is (c) me, Evil Komian is (c) Komian's player (duh)

Image: nailPolish.jpg   502x233 28205 bytes 2002.09.14

I discovered my gold nail polish was vanilla scented. I don't like vanilla, but ayne does. wierd cat.\r\n\r\nAyne is (c) Matthew Adair. Joey is (c) me.

Image: bDay_B&W.jpg   502x556 122052 bytes 2002.09.14

Psyroid, Ayne, Largoth, Komian, Avatar71 and the old loser who face faulted in the cake is me. I WILL color this pic on september 26th, my birthday. I'm gonna be 20, oi...\r\n\r\nAll characters are (c) their players. Joey is (c) me.

Image: KomianX2.jpg   502x613 66472 bytes 2002.09.14

Don't you just want to bring him home with you? He's mine, mine all mine! The dick may be a touch too veiny to my tastes... comments? \r\nKomian is (c) his player

Image: Johan2.jpg   502x680 108638 bytes 2002.09.14

The beautiful xGemini Diamondx braided my hair one day. I look like such a little high school tramp....too darn cute. xGemini Diamondx 's name is (c) her player.

Image: JohanXAyne.jpg   502x749 130596 bytes 2002.09.14

My first love...well, In Character. Out of Character he's my actual boyfriend. Glee. Okay....Ink, practicing stripes. Ayne is supposed to have fluffy fur. He's not bulky. just fluffy. Ayne Ti Akaineko is (c) Matthew Adair.

Image: Johan1.jpg   502x664 82048 bytes 2002.09.14

A pissed off Joey. with no ribbon. with badly drawn teeth. I am such a glamour-goth. black lips and gold nails. hah.\r\n\r\nJoey is (c) me.

Image: furrySpikeBG.jpg   502x668 187275 bytes 2002.09.14

This is a very, VERY messed up character from one of my stories...Furri-ized at the request of a friend. the background is actually a plum I had scanned in then played around with the sketch pencil tool, I think... I also colored him with my wooden pencils...what a mistake.\r\nMordred "Spike" LaFaye is (c) lil ol me.

Image: JohanXAva.jpg   502x677 103022 bytes 2002.09.08

Hey Ava, your deep dark secret is revealed! I had installed a chastity belt on his cuz I had promised him I wouldn't touch his private area and, well.... This picture turned out pretty good, hehe. D-Johan is (c) me. Avatar71 is (c) his player.

Image: JohanXkomian12.jpg   502x640 98351 bytes 2002.09.08

This is simply cute and also the best way to get me on your good side. If you see me walking around Furcadia, and I dun look too happy, you know what to do now. Ink. Johan Lee Akaineko is (c) me, Komian is (c) his player.

Image: JohanXkomian11.jpg   502x623 88837 bytes 2002.09.08

In Starlight's Escape, Komiannu~ has feathery wings while I have bat wings. And he keeps teasing me about it. Ink. Evil Johan is (c) me, Angel Komian is (c) his player, and Starlight's Escape is (c) its creator.

Image: JohanXkomian10.jpg   502x690 191922 bytes 2002.09.08

A short strip on how my life on furcadia is 10 X better then my real life. and yes, I have short ears. What kind of dog am I? Why, a Puppen of course! Johan Lee Akaineko is (c) me. Komian is (c) his player. Nagging is (c) my mom.

Image: JohanXkomian8.jpg   502x681 124069 bytes 2002.09.08

The first time I drew myself under the Japanese Cottage's spell (a.k.a. dragon-to-doggy patch)...My rod looks like it's about to crackle...>O_o;< The cum turned out so yummy looking, too. Ink. D-Johan is (c) me. Komian's cum is (c) His player. The dragon-to-doggy patch is (c) its creator.

Image: JohanXkomian7.jpg   502x673 69508 bytes 2002.09.08

The tongue came out fantastically, the nose is cute, the expression adorable. Yummy... probably my favourite picture of the lot. Ink. Johan Lee akaineko is (c) me, komian's dick is (c) his player.

Image: JohanXkomian5.jpg   502x673 96625 bytes 2002.09.08

Oh my god, I am so bulky...>@_@< I'm strong on emotional faces, when I should practice proportions. And hands. But komian is juuuuuuuuuuuust perfect. Ink. Johan Lee akaineko is (c) me. Komian is (c) his player.

Image: JohanXkomian4.jpg   502x690 112242 bytes 2002.09.08

The Caption speaks for itself. How much licks does it takes to reach the middle of a Joey pop? Messed up the hands, but the expressions are delish. Ink. Johan Lee Akaineko's member is (c) me, Komian and Largoth are (c) their players.

Image: JohanXkomian3.jpg   502x690 131233 bytes 2002.09.08

This is a view I don't use often, but I'm glad I did this time. I turned out great, and Komi is having the time of his life. Ink. Johan Lee Akaineko is (c) me, Komian is (c) his player.

Image: JohanXkomian2.jpg   502x614 97536 bytes 2002.09.08

Komian is a magic user, an astral summoner, I dunno anymore...Here he turned himself in to a Naga for, well...obvious reasons. My expression is fantastic. Ink.\r\nJohan Lee Akaineko is (c) me, Komian is (c) his player.

Image: JohanX3.jpg   502x618 67782 bytes 2002.09.08

This I'm actually proud of, because the latexy cuffs came out just right. It's me being disciplined by my dear he-wife. The cockring compresses my sheath so my little Joey won't come out, and it hurts like hell. Devilishly pleasuring. Ink and Sharpie. Johan Lee Akaineko is (c) me.

Image: JohanX2.jpg   502x676 135280 bytes 2002.09.08

I am, and forever will be, a big masochist. Not Because of what I'm wearing, but because I sniff way too much sharpie pens. >@_@< Practicing leg positioning and leather. Johan Lee Akaineko is (c) me.

Image: JohanX1.jpg   502x681 92065 bytes 2002.09.08

OOOh, I am such a slut in my dreams. Heh, practicing Group drawings. It's my first one, actually. Ink.\r\nJohan Lee Akaineko is (c) Me. Largoth, Brentley and Komian are (c) Their Players. Ayne is (c) Matthew Adair.

Image: KomianX1.jpg   502x715 69666 bytes 2002.09.08

It's my delicious He-wife sporting a bondage ensemble of my creation. Yes, his nipples are pierced, it's my fault. =3\r\nInk.\r\nKomian is (c) His Player (I'm gonna put his name in here soon)

Image: phantomKimono.jpg   502x775 158841 bytes 2002.09.08

My baby in a kimono! Note here that the pigtails are actually her ears, and that she never covers her nipples, as they are extra sensitive. She's an android and thus these are her only weak point. Ink and Crayola markers. Poltergeist "Phantom" Banville (c) Me.

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