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Image: Shiuk_-_EvenNow.jpg   1250x529 86816 bytes 2008.05.05

...Even Now...

My contribution to Finding Avalon :\r\n\r\nAfter two years apart and newly reunited, the friendship\r\nbetween boys Andy and Hunter has grown into romance. But\r\nHunter's older brother has just been kicked out of home by\r\nhis father for admitting to being gay.\r\nWill the boys be torn apart again, \r\nthis time by their own fears?\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nArtwork is copyright Shiuk

Tags: Shiuk Softpaw Magazine Finding Avalon   [More Info] [Bid/Buy]
Image: Shiuk_-_Expectations.jpg   800x673 112123 bytes 2009.07.23


Firon wouldn't have expected any less :3\r\n\r\nFiron and Sly are copyright their respective owners\r\nArtwork is copyright Shiuk

Tags: Shiuk Firon Sly dragons fuzzy male gay cock size difference  
Image: Shiuk_-_Exposed.jpg   800x667 124698 bytes 2013.10.09


I liked this one enough! So here's the work res version :\r\n\r\nCharacter is copyright Exterio\r\nArtwork is copyright Shiuk

Tags: Male M/Solo Solo dragon exterio shiuk digital pin-up knot balls feathers  
Image: Shiuk_-_FamilyPortrait.jpg   800x625 111416 bytes 2009.06.11


They navy otter and his musical brother.

Tags: Otter Canine Dog French horn Instrument Shiuk  
Image: Shiuk_-_FenFenBadge.jpg   800x597 130700 bytes 2010.09.07

Fenrir Sabre (Badge)

He's totally not doing a Sailor Moon move!\r\n\r\nCharacter is copyright Fenrir Sabre\r\nArtwork is copyright Shiuk

Tags: Digital Male Clean Canine Folf Badge Shiuk  
Image: Shiuk_-_Fiend.jpg   800x456 86994 bytes 2010.10.19

~Oh You Fiend~

Oh my goodness :o\r\n\r\nCharacters are copyright Katawa & Aleksi\r\nArtwork is copyright Shiuk

Tags: Katawa Aleksi Digital Canine Rimming Rim Male M/M Gay Shiuk  
Image: Shiuk_-_Fiero.jpg   594x800 78245 bytes 2012.11.20

Private Beach

Doesn't seem like he minds a few visitors/audience on his land, but I'm sure he would need some coaxing to show some more :9\r\n\r\n

Tags: Digital Lion Male M/Solo Solo Feline Beach Nude Sheath Fiero Shiuk  
Image: Shiuk_-_FindingAvalonCover.jpg   660x850 111098 bytes 2008.07.06

Finding Avalon Cover

The cover for the Finding Avalon magazine :3\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nArtwork is copyright © Shiuk

Tags: Shiuk Finding Avalon Softpaw Fox Rabbit Salamander cover  
Image: Shiuk_-_FioryButt.jpg   509x800 97214 bytes 2014.08.19

Fiory Fox Badge

Badge for a certain shark/fox!\r\n\r\nCharacter is copyright Fiory Fox\r\nArtwork is copyright Shiuk

Tags: male m/solo solo shark fox hybrid badge nude digital shiuk fiory  
Image: Shiuk_-_Firewolf.jpg   464x800 64595 bytes 2008.08.27


:3 ... The Capt'n is waiting for you to fulfill his orders! |3\r\n\r\nCharacter is copyright © Firewolf\r\nArtwork is copyright © Shiuk

Tags: Shiuk Firewolf ferret male furry gay cock penis purple cap hat  
Image: Shiuk_-_FirewolfIcons.jpg   800x281 101096 bytes 2009.08.27

Firewolf Icon Set

A few icons for FireWolf66

Tags: Shiuk Icon Avatar Canine Fox Wolf Digital  
Image: Shiuk_-_Firon.jpg   649x800 83766 bytes 2009.03.11


Looks like he's just waiting on someone :o\r\n\r\nCharacter is copyright Firon\r\nArtwork is copyright Shiuk

Tags: Shiuk Firon Dragon male cock  
Image: Shiuk_-_FirstTime.jpg   800x800 76053 bytes 2014.07.25

First Time

Have to break him in roughly~\r\n\r\nCharacters are copyright Shiuk & Egger\r\nArtwork is copyright Shiuk

Tags: male m/m anal gay dragon reptile chipmunk rodent gay anal shiuk egger digital  
Image: Shiuk_-_Fiscal.jpg   630x800 123771 bytes 2008.11.23


Cute lil Fiscal snuggling a pillow :o\r\n\r\nFiscal is copyright Arcturus\r\nArtwork is copyright Shiuk

Tags: Shiuk Arcturus Fiscal Dragon bed pillow cute  
Image: Shiuk_-_FlowerBoy.jpg   800x518 108627 bytes 2010.08.27

Flower Boy

He's just all sorts of colorful today!\r\n\r\nWallpaper ( )\r\n\r\nCharacter is copyright Devilot\r\nArtwork is copyright Shiuk

Tags: Devilot Husky Male Solo Nude Clean Wallpaper Digital Shiuk  
Image: Shiuk_-_Foof.jpg   800x658 126175 bytes 2010.04.20


Lexus just enjoying some smoke, obviously a bit excited by the company that's with him.\r\n\r\nCharacter is copyright Lexus Coyote\r\nArtwork is copyright Shiuk

Tags: Canine Demon Male Solo Digital media Hookah  
Image: Shiuk_-_FootSlave.jpg   682x800 96586 bytes 2013.02.08

Foot Slave

Now...does Tanith go deeper with more licks or with less licks...HMM!\r\n\r\nCharacters are copyright Tani & Tanith\r\nArtwork is copyright Shiuk

Tags: Male M/M Anal Gay Paw Lick Fox Dragon Digital Shiuk Tani Tanith  
Image: Shiuk_-_ForestRomp.jpg   651x800 92049 bytes 2009.07.16

Nature's Call

Ignus takes his fox, Kit, out for some camping in the woods. Once there the lovers take advantage of their solitude to relieve one of nature's calls.\r\n\r\nFox is copyright Kit\r\nDragon is copyright Ignus\r\nArtwork is copyright Shiuk

Tags: Shiuk Ignus Kit Dragon Fox Canine male anal gay forest digitla  
Image: Shiuk_-_ForTheCrown.jpg   800x569 112403 bytes 2013.03.07

For The Crown

The only way Recca let's someone borrow his crown :p\r\n\r\nLa unica manera Recca presta su corona :p\r\n\r\nCharacters are copyright Recca & Tyrik\r\nArtwork is copyright Shiuk

Tags: Male M/M Anal Gay Crown Recca Tyrik Atrius Digital Shiuk Locker Gym  
Image: Shiuk_-_FrostiBadge.jpg   528x800 81075 bytes 2014.09.19


Badge for the winter butt. \r\n\r\nCharacter is copyright Frosti\r\nArtwork is copyright Shiuk

Tags: male nude solo rabbitt digital badge hare shiuk frosti  
Image: Shiuk_-_Fuck.jpg   800x616 122721 bytes 2009.06.21


fuckfuckfuckfuck Rusteh is horny!

Tags: Rusteh Shark Tiger male gay anal threesome blowjob  
Image: Shiuk_-_FunOnTheCouch.jpg   568x800 105765 bytes 2012.08.30

Fun Couch

Why even bother walking all the way to the bedroom :x\r\n\r\nCharacters are copyright Maxx & Lil-Maj\r\nArtwork is copyright Shiuk

Tags: Digital Canine Fox Husky Maxx Lil-Maj Shiuk Anal Gay Fennec  
Image: Shiuk_-_FunWithADragon.jpg   605x800 133676 bytes 2011.04.05

Fun With A Dragon

I assume my lap might be comfy? :o\r\n\r\nFlare is copyright FPhoenix\r\nShiuk & Artwork is copyright Shiuk

Tags: Male M/M Digital Gay Nude Anal Salamander Dragon Shiuk FPhoenix Flare  
Image: Shiuk_-_GameNight.jpg   800x650 129330 bytes 2013.11.18

Game Night

Forward and Ian enjoying a friendly match on TV? :3 ... of course no match of hockey is ever friendly x3\r\n\r\nI wonder what the victor gets!\r\n\r\nCharacters are copyright Forward & Ian\r\nArtwork is copyright Shiuk

Tags: male dalamatian dog skunk underwear jersey shiuk forward gothic ian  
Image: Shiuk_-_GameTime.jpg   660x800 139988 bytes 2009.02.26

Game Time

Zero and Niko spending some time together playing games :3\r\n\r\nCharacters are copyright Zero and Niko\r\nArtwork is copyright Shiuk

Tags: Shiuk Zero Niko Husky Tiger Game boxer controller male  
Image: Shiuk_-_GayForBridget.jpg   651x800 114369 bytes 2009.07.09


Saturday morning fun! :D\r\nOr college everyday!\r\n\r\nAodhan & Robbie playing games :3\r\n\r\nTried something slightly different for the canine face, \r\nfeel slightly indifferent about the change.

Tags: Shiuk Aodhan Robbie Canine Canid Fox Bunny Rabbit Bun Male Clean  
Image: Shiuk_-_Ghouly_x_Aardy.jpg   703x800 112144 bytes 2009.02.14


Hyena that wears bunny ears :X and a Ghouly that leaves the dirty dishes on his desk >:C\r\n\r\nCharacters are copyright Ghouly and Aardy\r\nArtwork is copyright Shiuk

Tags: Shiuk Aardy Ghouly Hyena  
Image: Shiuk_-_Gifts.jpg   800x534 80812 bytes 2011.08.17


Just ready to be unwrapped~\r\n\r\nCharacters are copyright Shiro & Taghyrt\r\nArtwork is copyright Shiuk

Tags: Digital Male M/M Gay Cat Feline Dragon  
Image: Shiuk_-_GivingAShow.jpg   555x800 74838 bytes 2012.12.05

Giving a Show

My goodness!\r\n\r\nNot sure how to handle Lucario legs just yet omg.\r\n\r\nArtwork is copyright Shiuk\r\nCharacter is copyright Nintendo

Tags: Lucario Ass M/Solo Solo Male Digital Shiuk Tease Skirt  
Image: Shiuk_-_Glow.jpg   850x637 188180 bytes 2008.01.23


A little something special for those attending Further Confusion.\r\n\r\nTwo 18X24 poster sized prints that will be only available at FC.\r\nThose who played Morrowind may recognized the gauntlet.\r\n\r\nCan't wait to see you guys there!\r\n\r\nArtwork is copyright Shiuk

Tags: Shiuk bat charcoal poster  

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