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Image: Shiuk_-_Walkies.jpg   800x703 111572 bytes 2009.10.21


Fun Fun~\r\n\r\nKoromaru is copyright Atlus\r\nTatsuya is copyright Liam Aether\r\nArtwork is copyright Shiuk

Tags: Canine Koromaru Gomamon Digimon Tatsuya Digital Anal Gay Bestiality Shiuk  
Image: Shiuk_-_GoodLad.jpg   549x800 84166 bytes 2009.10.19

Good Lad

Sinjo makes sure to treat his pets well for behaving.\r\n\r\nCharacters are copyright Sinjo & Moot\r\nArtwork is copyright Shiuk

Tags: Raccoon Wolf Canine Moot Sinjo Anal Gay Digital Shiuk  
Image: Shiuk_-_Oswald_3.jpg   739x800 148003 bytes 2009.10.18

Hey there!

"Long time no see!"\r\n\r\nOswald is copyright Disney

Tags: Oswald Disney Bunny Rabbit Digital Shiuk  
Image: Shiuk_-_Oswald_2.jpg   739x800 79943 bytes 2009.10.17

Needy Boy

Oswald sure is ready!\r\n\r\nOswald is copyright Disney

Tags: Oswald Disney Bunny Rabbit Digital Shiuk  
Image: Shiuk_-_Oswald_1.jpg   739x800 203778 bytes 2009.10.16

Lovely Flowers

Hey VCL users, here's a bit of nostalgia for you guys. Lovely little picture of Oswald laying in some flowers :3\r\n\r\nFor those of you who don't know\r\n\r\n\r\nLaters all!\r\n\r\nOswald is copyright Disney

Tags: Oswald Disney Bunny Rabbit Digital Shiuk  
Image: Shiuk_-_ChangingRoom.jpg   698x800 116876 bytes 2009.10.15

Changing Room

Characters are copyright Stripes\r\nArtwork is copyright Shiuk

Tags: Orca Horse Male Gay Nude Gym Digital Shiuk  
Image: Shiuk_-_PinkSilk.jpg   640x800 106606 bytes 2009.10.14

Pink Silk

"Hey, why don't you turn off the lights and help me get out of these clothes~"\r\n\r\nCharacter is copyright Kiwaku\r\nArtwork is copyright Shiuk

Tags: Kiwaku Canine Canid Fox Male Gay Underwear Digital Shiuk  
Image: Shiuk_-_ColdNight.jpg   788x800 87208 bytes 2009.10.13

Cold Night

But I bet he's keeping warm in that :3 along with keeping something hidden!\r\n\r\nTago is copyright Tago\r\nArtwork is copyright Shiuk

Tags: Tago Bazz Goat Winter Snow Hoodie Male Outside Digital Shiuk  
Image: Shiuk_-_YouSure.jpg   800x539 99418 bytes 2009.10.06

You Sure?

Thomas is a bit scared...but it looks like Muzz'l is only going to back out to go back in~\r\n\r\nCharacters are copyright Thomas & Muzz'l\r\nArtwork is copyright Shiuk

Tags: Cat Feline Muzz'l Thomas Male Gay Anal bedroom sex Digital Shiuk  
Image: Shiuk_-_Overload.jpg   573x800 93941 bytes 2009.09.30


Ninnin sure is filling that bunbun to the brim :o\r\n\r\nCharacters are copyright Matthias & Ninnin\r\nArtwork is copyright Shiuk

Tags: Raccoon Bunny Matthias Ninnin Male Gay Anal Piercings Rabbit Cum Cock Shiuk  
Image: Shiuk_-_RF09BadgesHomework.jpg   800x473 178802 bytes 2009.09.25

RainFurrest Homework Badges :3

Please, don't ever let me use left handed scissors again o . o\r\n\r\nCharacters are copyright (from left to right) Blaze, Dezu, Occoris\r\nArtwork is copyright Shiuk

Tags: Badge RainFurrest Canine Collie Red Panda Blaze Dezu Occoris  
Image: Shiuk_-_Ligo_Purobolo.jpg   726x800 86750 bytes 2009.09.10

Ligo Purobolo

Acamori and Frio enjoying some time together :3\r\n\r\nCharacters are copyright Acamori & Frio\r\nArtwork is copyright Shiuk

Tags: Feline Tiger Canine Wolf Male Gay Anal Digital Acamori Frio Shiuk  
Image: Shiuk_-_SizeQueen.jpg   594x800 76640 bytes 2009.09.09

Size Queen

That boy was warned, and he didn't listen! (or did he?)\r\n\r\nCharacters are copyright Toumal & Vandell\r\nArtwork is copyright Shiuk

Tags: Orca Cetacean Maine Coon Feline Digital Male Gay Anal Toumal Vandell Shiuk  
Image: Shiuk_-_MeowMeowMeow.jpg   800x410 83607 bytes 2009.09.09

You are Meow Meow Meow Meow

It's been a while since I submitted anything to that site, so here are a few more designs for your enjoyment :3\r\n\r\nCheck it out if you want one!\r\n\r\n\r\nArtwork is copyright Shiuk

Tags: Feline Cat T-shirt shirt clothing redbubble Digital   [Bid/Buy]
Image: Shiuk_-_Kuro.jpg   640x800 200787 bytes 2009.09.08


Kuro out of his rave pants an in something a bit more comfortable :3.\r\n\r\nLine art commission for Kuro.\r\n\r\nCharacter is copyright Kuro\r\nArtwork is copyright Shiuk

Tags: Canine Fox Digital Jockstrap Lingerie Kuro Shiuk  
Image: Shiuk_-_Obey.jpg   734x800 105018 bytes 2009.09.06


Just gotta put those boys in their place~\r\n\r\nThink Sinjo does a good job at that!\r\n\r\nCharacters are copyright Sinjo & Moot\r\nArtwork is copyright Shiuk

Tags: Canine Wolf Raccoon Male Gay lingerie bondage digital Sinjo Moot Shiuk  
Image: Shiuk_-_Trip.jpg   534x800 105325 bytes 2009.09.05


Oh! Guess he caught you peeking! Don't think he minds at all though :3\r\n\r\nCharacter is copyright Trip\r\nArtwork is copyright Shiuk

Tags: Feline Tiger Male Solo pin-up Digital Trip Shiuk  
Image: Shiuk_-_Phiari.jpg   607x800 135466 bytes 2009.09.04

Glowy Phiari

Them bunnies should stop eating all those glow sticks!\r\n\r\nAnother symptom is seeing large colorful circles and throbbing penis.

Tags: Bunny Rabbit Digital Thong Gay Male Pin-up Phiari Shiuk  
Image: Shiuk_-_Achtas.jpg   528x800 93036 bytes 2009.09.03

Morning Shower

Achtas enjoying his morning routine, ah bliss~\r\n\r\nCharacter is copyright LArgaiLion\r\nArtwork is copyright Shiuk

Tags: Arcanine Jackal Digital Achtas Male Nude Shower Shiuk  
Image: Shiuk_-_RedClaw.jpg   578x800 85023 bytes 2009.08.31


It's maybe a tad bit too hot there for board shorts :o\r\n\r\nCharacter is copyright RedClaw The Otter\r\nArtwork is copyright Shiuk

Tags: Otter Male Pin-up Digital beach RedClaw Shiuk  
Image: Shiuk_-_Undies.jpg   732x800 166037 bytes 2009.08.28


Hmm, yeah, the yellow ones would definitively go better on me.\r\n\r\nRuffy is copyright Ruffy\r\nShiuk & Artwork are copyright Shiuk

Tags: Shiuk Ruffy Canine Fox Undies Salamander Jockstrap Digital  
Image: Shiuk_-_SneppyIcon.jpg   640x650 115806 bytes 2009.08.27

Sneppy Icon

Icon for Sneppy :3

Tags: Shiuk Sneppy Icon Avatar Snow leopard Digital  
Image: Shiuk_-_FirewolfIcons.jpg   800x281 101096 bytes 2009.08.27

Firewolf Icon Set

A few icons for FireWolf66

Tags: Shiuk Icon Avatar Canine Fox Wolf Digital  
Image: Shiuk_-_DingRing.jpg   800x671 102828 bytes 2009.08.22


~Ring-a-Ling-Ling~~Ring-a-Ling-Ling~\r\n~Ring-a-Ling-Ling~~Ring-a-Ling-Ling~~Ring-a-Ling~\r\n\r\nThat tail bell must get sooooo annoying :O I would \r\npunch him, but they look like they are having fun :9\r\n\r\nCharacters are copyright Fenris & Foxit\r\nArtwork is copyright Shiuk

Tags: Shiuk Fenris Foxit Digital Canine Fox Husky Male Gay Anal  
Image: Shiuk_-_GoldFox.jpg   800x516 72714 bytes 2009.08.21


Sexy Gold presenting himself :9\r\n\r\nCharacter is copyright GoldPTrue\r\nArtwork is copyright Shiuk

Tags: Shiuk Gold Canine Fox Male Gay Presenting Cock naked  
Image: Shiuk_-_ShowerFun.jpg   666x800 111297 bytes 2009.08.19

Shower Fun

Calstar and Zeakial sharing some time together :3

Tags: Zebra Dragon Shiuk Caltsar Zeakial Male Gay Anal  
Image: RF_Squares_Final_VCL.jpg   507x800 108636 bytes 2009.08.16


Furiends is a collection made of cute and playful furs looking for a friend to take them home. They include an arctic fox, a lion, a dalmatian, a bunny, an otter, a fox, and a skunk (descented).\r\n\r\nMade on small canvas (four 4x4 and three 3x3) with mixed media. \r\nThey will be put up for auction individually over at Rain Furrest :3.

Tags: Canvas canine fox dalmatian lion feline bunny rabbit otter skunk  
Image: Shiuk_-_Riding.jpg   646x800 112604 bytes 2009.07.31


Two canines spendinng some special alone time together :3\r\n\r\nCharacters are copyright Lawyer & Tayu\r\nArtwork is copyright Shiuk

Tags: Canine Husky Wolf Digital Shiuk Lawyer Tayu Male Gay Anal  
Image: Shiuk_-_SoFULL.jpg   800x638 86692 bytes 2009.07.31


That big dragon sure is pumping that tiny skunk ass :O\r\n\r\nCharacters are copyright Kimmerset & Ryuu Rajha\r\nArtwork is copyright Shiuk

Tags: Shiuk Kimmerset Ryuu Rajha Dragon Skunk Male gay anal digital  
Image: Shiuk_-_Lounge.jpg   800x488 66609 bytes 2009.07.28


It looks like this tired lounging pup still has a big of energy for some fun~\r\n\r\nCharacter is copyright Chris-no-Baka\r\nArtwork is copyright Shiuk

Tags: Canine White German Sheperd Shiuk Chris-no-Baka pinup digital solo male  

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