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Image: Shiuk_-_Snow.jpg   800x581 100735 bytes 2010.02.01


Big boy Snow the blue husky showing off his new gym wear :O~\r\n\r\nNow if only those would come off for just a second!\r\n\r\nCharacter is copyright Snow\r\nArtwork is copyright Shiuk

Tags: Snow Blue Husky Canine Male Jockstrap Digital Line Art Shiuk  
Image: Shiuk_-_Snowfall.jpg   800x468 103004 bytes 2013.02.13


Little farewell to winter :3\r\n\r\nCharacter is copyright Rex Kitsune\r\nArtwork is copyright Shiuk

Tags: Kitsune Male M/Solo Solo Underwear Snow Vulpine Digital Shiuk Rex  
Image: Shiuk_-_SnowKiss.jpg   709x800 141282 bytes 2009.03.06

Snow Kiss

Taylor and David showing a bit of passion for each other.\r\n\r\nCharacters are copyright Taylor & David\r\nArtwork is copyright Shiuk

Tags: Shiuk Cheetah Skunk kiss snow male gay  
Image: Shiuk_-_Snowy.jpg   592x800 127579 bytes 2009.03.20


Snowy spending some time in the snow.\r\n\r\nCharacter is copyright Snowy\r\nArtwork is copyright Shiuk

Tags: Shiuk Snowy Snow Leopard Scarf female  
Image: Shiuk_-_Snowy_night.jpg   800x681 106388 bytes 2008.12.28

Snowy Night

Staying warm together in a snowy night :3\r\n\r\nCharacters are copyright Ral-Jiktar and Wi\r\nArtwork is copyright Shiuk

Tags: Shiuk Ral Jiktar Wi Orca Reptile snow gay male cute hug love  
Image: Shiuk_-_SnugInside.jpg   800x518 101371 bytes 2009.11.17

Snug Inside

Looks like Step's showing his bunny buddy the pleasures \r\nof big cocks in small tight spaces. I don't think \r\nWhitelock can even come up with words at this moment.\r\n\r\nCharacters are copyright Whitelock & Step\r\nArtwork is copyright Shiuk

Tags: Canine Canid Wolf Bunny Rabbit Lapin Anal Gay Collar Shiuk  
Image: Shiuk_-_Soccer_Practice.jpg   656x800 112419 bytes 2009.04.29

Soccer Practice

I see a violation here >:3\r\n\r\nArtwork is copyright Shiuk

Tags: Shiuk Rabbit Mouse Soccer Gym male gay anal  
Image: Shiuk_-_Socks.jpg   529x800 80211 bytes 2010.11.02


I think he might take the undies off, but I don't know about the socks!\r\n\r\nCharacter is copyright Toby\r\nArtwork is copyright Shiuk

Tags: Bunny Rabbit Digital Underwear Toby Male Clean Solo Shiuk  
Image: Shiuk_-_SoClose.jpg   728x800 126277 bytes 2010.03.23

So Close

So close together :3 ain't it cute?\r\n\r\nCharacters are copyright Tsukasaneko & Akira Claymore\r\nArtwork is copyright Shiuk

Tags: Cat Rabbit Hybrid m/m anal digital media Shiuk  
Image: Shiuk_-_SoFULL.jpg   800x638 86692 bytes 2009.07.31


That big dragon sure is pumping that tiny skunk ass :O\r\n\r\nCharacters are copyright Kimmerset & Ryuu Rajha\r\nArtwork is copyright Shiuk

Tags: Shiuk Kimmerset Ryuu Rajha Dragon Skunk Male gay anal digital  
Image: Shiuk_-_Spacefarer.jpg   489x800 109104 bytes 2013.03.09


Such friendly creatures they both are!\r\n\r\nQue criaturas tan amistosas!\r\n\r\nSpace Dude is copyright his creator\r\nOrca is copyright Frosty Orca\r\nArtwork is copyright Shiuk

Tags: Furry Orca Male Alien Traditional Frosty Shiuk Solo M/Solo Clean Spacesuit Space  
Image: Shiuk_-_SpecialTimeAlone.jpg   778x800 102227 bytes 2013.10.17

Special Time Alone

Yup yup yup\r\n\r\nCharacter is copyright Biofreak\r\nArtwork is copyright Shiuk

Tags: male balls m/solo solo dragon reptile masturbation biofreak shiuk digital  
Image: Shiuk_-_Spef_x_Twile.jpg   800x614 113147 bytes 2009.02.15


He just want to cuddle :3\r\n\r\nCharacters are copyright Sepf and Twile\r\nArtwork is copyright Shiuk

Tags: Shiuk Twile Sepf dragon folf  
Image: Shiuk_-_SpikeBadge.jpg   535x800 145457 bytes 2013.11.20


~Badge for a big buff roo~\r\n\r\nCharacter is copyright Spikefoxx\r\nArtwork is copyright Shiuk

Tags: Male M/solo solo kangaroo collar badge shiuk spikefoxx spike nude  
Image: Shiuk_-_SpringTime.jpg   800x173 66888 bytes 2013.05.20

Spring Time

Three screen wallpaper of two cuties :3\r\n\r\nClick "More Info" for the wallpaper sized version.\r\n\r\nCharacters are copyright Fiory & Citrus\r\nArtwork is copyright Shiuk

Tags: Male Rabbit Fox Kissing Nude Flowers Shiuk Fiory Citrus Gay   [More Info]
Image: Shiuk_-_Spykes.jpg   559x800 93473 bytes 2010.02.10


Line art commission for Spykes, sadly I thought the character was too cool to just leave uncolored D:\r\n\r\nCharacter is copyright Spykes\r\nArtwork is copyright Shiuk

Tags: Pokemorph Spykes Digital Media M/Solo Shiuk  
Image: Shiuk_-_StandingAround.jpg   554x800 67985 bytes 2013.01.11

Standing Around

Barry looking pretty and maybe expecting some form of service!

Tags: Fox M/Solo Solo Male Barry Shiuk Digital PinUp Cock  
Image: Shiuk_-_STARS.jpg   523x800 66856 bytes 2013.03.05

S.T.A.R.S. Rear-Security

....oh come on.\r\n\r\nCharacter is copyright Biofreak\r\nArtwork is copyright Shiuk

Tags: Dragon Male STARS Clean Gun Pistol Shiuk Biofreak  
Image: Shiuk_-_steamroom.jpg   641x800 118481 bytes 2008.11.20

Steam Room

Toumal caught himself a cute lil foxie in the Sauna :3\r\nGuess they ran out of towels. \r\n\r\nCharacters are copyright Toumal and Salvar\r\nArtwork is copyright Shiuk

Tags: Shiuk Orca Fox Male Gay Sauna Nude  
Image: Shiuk_-_Stickypaws.jpg   425x800 94693 bytes 2013.09.17

Sticky Paws

Silly geckos and their sticky paws~\r\n\r\nCharacter is copyright Rivia Green\r\nArtwork is copyright Shiuk

Tags: Male M/Solo Solo Gecko Rivia Shiuk Nude Digital  
Image: Shiuk_-_StormTigerTattoo.jpg   800x515 108102 bytes 2012.12.06

Storm Tiger Tattoo

Tattoos are a pretty scary thing to design, haha. I am happy to say that I would be proud to see the commissioner with this one.\r\n\r\nArtwork is copyright Shiuk

Tags: Digital Tattoo Tiger Clean Storm Shiuk  
Image: Shiuk_-_StraightJacket.jpg   800x526 80472 bytes 2013.05.09

Crazy Fox

He just wants to be let out, he looks so innocent~ :3\r\n\r\nCharacter is copyright RaveFox\r\nArtwork is copyright Shiuk

Tags: Male M/Solo Solo Straightjacket Canine Vulpine Fox Shiuk Rave Gag Bondage  
Image: Shiuk_-_subwayFrostyPanic.jpg   618x800 208226 bytes 2013.05.15

Subway Cards

Custom Subway cards for Frosty and Panic :3\r\n\r\nCharacters are copyright Frosty Orca & Panic\r\nArtwork is copyright Shiuk

Tags: Digital Subway Frosty Orca Panic! Shiuk Male Chibi Cute  
Image: Shiuk_-_SummerOtter.jpg   741x800 110439 bytes 2013.10.18

Summer Otter

Have to somehow stay cool at the beach!\r\n\r\nCharacter is copyright Danzer\r\nArtwork is copyright Shiuk

Tags: male m/solo solo otter beach nude alcohol danzer shiuk digital  
Image: Shiuk_-_SunGoesDown.jpg   800x693 129242 bytes 2010.06.17

Sun Goes Down

My half of an art trade with the wonderful Rarakie :3\r\n\r\nIf you haven't checked out her work yet, please be sure to do so!\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nCharacters are copyright their respective owners\r\nArtwork is copyright Shiuk

Tags: Digital media Rarakie Canine Canid Dog Salamander Shiuk M/M Gay  
Image: Shiuk_-_Sunny.jpg   497x800 78551 bytes 2010.10.27


No he's not taking them off in public :|\r\n\r\nCharacter is copyright Shiro Sirius\r\nArtwork is copyright Shiuk

Tags: Shiro Raccoon Speedo piercings Male Clean beach Glasses Digital Shiuk nipples  
Image: Shiuk_-_Sup.jpg   682x800 89767 bytes 2012.05.23


Simple bust shot for Max Coyote :3\r\n\r\nCharacter is copyright Max Coyote\r\nArtwork is copyright Shiuk

Tags: Digital Coyote Canine Max Shiuk Male  
Image: Shiuk_-_SwayAndWag.jpg   800x600 88816 bytes 2013.12.17

Sway And Wag

Mestiso caught being playful :3\r\n\r\nCharacter is copyright Mestiso\r\nArtwork is copyright Shiuk

Tags: Male M/solo solo tiger feline nudity nude paws digital shiuk mestiso  
Image: Shiuk_-_SwimmingTime.jpg   610x800 101095 bytes 2013.03.16

Swimming Time

Naked. It's for greater mobility of course!\r\n\r\nClaro que desnudo, porque quiere mas mobilidad.\r\n\r\nCharacter is copyright Teguso\r\nArtwork is copyright Shiuk

Tags: Teguso Otter Male M/Solo Speedo Cock Shiuk Digital  
Image: Shiuk_-_TakingInTheSun.jpg   800x616 103088 bytes 2011.05.26

Taking In The Sun

Seems quiet happy there :9 hmm....*intervention time*\r\n\r\nCharacter is copyright Malaki\r\nArtwork is copyright Shiuk

Tags: Digital Shark M/Solo Male Nude Nudity Cock Penis Salamander Malaki Shiuk  

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