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Image: Alice_-_Shun_Smut_Sketch.JPG   800x601 121854 bytes 2005.05.05

Whoooo..First real pron in a while! And first update of Shun's concrete plate design. o.o There's a lot left out here, namely splotches on his tail, lashmarks on her back, and the fact it's all smudgy and sketchy and /not/ inked. (got that's gonna be tough) but this picture is sexy, and I wanted it up as soon as I could manage. Mm, Alice, creepy Esper of Corruption! Poor Shun. But he isn't complaining.. (and neither should I, for that matter)\r\n\r\nShun(is me) Henry Spadoni IV, Alice is her player.

Image: Cheer_up_Jax!_-_Sketch.JPG   750x1000 190134 bytes 2005.05.05

Another one of those unfinished sketches..I really should ink one before I move to another. But this one needed to be done, as Jax has had a really rough time lately. No one deserves that sort of thing....\r\nAnyhow, Jax is obviously not my character! And it's the first time I've drawn him, as WELL as my first attempt at a bat morph! How'd I do? o.o my art is getting..bigger.\r\nCheer up Jax!\r\n\r\nShun(is me) Henry Spadoni IV\r\nJax the Bat is Jax(as if that wasnt implied in the first place?)

Image: Height_Chart_-_Sikes,_Shun,_Brutus,_Milly.JPG   724x1000 183512 bytes 2005.12.29

This is part of an unfinished height comparison between Shun and his background story characters. From left to right, it is Sikes, Shun, Brutus, and Milly. Shun and Sikes do -not- get along in any way. Bitter hatred from Shun, and he's usually a rager. Isnt Sikes just ..obnoxious to look at? I hate him (but love him so very much for being perfectly what I had in mind)

Image: HH_-_01.JPG   600x810 117352 bytes 2005.03.22

Note to Self. Never, EVER draw dialogue between you and your own characters. It always ends up bad, and often will lead to some kind of sex, or akward situation. Bad mind, bad. This is the start of a 14 page comic that eventually ...yeah. You get the idea. This topic was started when I made Haushinka an alternate character in Arcana Unearthed, and the upper left was the concept sketch for her outfit! She dissapproves. Damnit Haush! I worked hard on that! Says it 'covers too little' The rest are Haush doodles, and a hand holding a pencil..because..I can't draw that. \r\n\r\nHaushinka is Henry Spadoni IV and Jessie Pysz, Henry is Henry Spadoni IV. DON'T STEAL ME! AUUGH! ID THEFT!

Image: Keyz_-_Rough_Idea.JPG   436x800 75571 bytes 2005.11.05

Sketchy as hell, but this is Keyz, a burmecian member of the Phoenix Order on Southern Cross: Throne of the Empire. (Poor me and my MU addiction) It was the first concept sketch I did for how I see her. And yes it's not as naughty as the last mousie picture, but I felt I'd like to show it! Ignore the hand. No it's not going to molest her.\r\n\r\nKeyz is her player.

Image: Ninja_Cockroach.JPG   221x268 17186 bytes 2005.04.01

The ULTIMATE NINJA! Cockroaches never die. Mwahaha. I know I should have two less limbs there, but I was lazy and it was a tiny sketch. I plan on making a more detailed, and larger version, and putting it on a shirt because it amuses me so. The story is actually funny - There was a cockroach in the vending machine at work, and the topic had been ninjas origionally. So I drew this. And I made skittering noises the whole time I was sketching, much to my co-worker's bemusement.\r\n\r\nNinja Cockroach is Henry Spadoni IV

Image: Shun_-_Eyes_of_Rage.JPG   565x800 102972 bytes 2005.11.05

A very sketchy version of Shun, but what I enjoy the most out of this picture is the face. The expression is so vivid to me, personifying his deepest scowl and dissatisfaction. The face to me looks very real. Don't piss the rageaholic off! He kick yo aaaass! Eatchyo faaaace! Anyhow, appropriately named "Eyes of Rage"

Image: Shun_-_Hood.JPG   600x564 46685 bytes 2005.11.05

An older picture of Shun with his hod and cloak. He looks kinda weary here. Very slim too. And he's not completely scowling like usual. I also giggle everytime I see the ears in the hood, so I've decided not to draw those in the future, only when the hood is off.

Image: Shun_-_Kitty_curse.JPG   633x306 40988 bytes 2005.12.29

Shun.. except he was cursed temporarily into just a cat. Though lots of his attributes stayed! Enjoy the simmering chimera kitty.

Image: Shun_-_Lounging_Beast.JPG   798x593 87471 bytes 2005.11.05

Shun's rather impressive... body. Well, it is obviously unfinished, and i'm not too keen on the shin plates over there. Stop staring at the bulge damn you! You know he's a horsie. Anyhow, my particular love for this picture is his face - it's -perfect- in my opinion. I got it looking just how I wanted it to. And it keeps getting harder and harder to stick his big freaking tail in there. Ten feet of constricting coils isnt exactly the easiest thing to impliment!

Image: Shun_Backside_Guide.JPG   464x576 45652 bytes 2005.03.24

Some of those are pictures you just won't finish, or are too small to finish, or you dare not touch because you fear on making them worse. This is a little pose for Shun I was working on to get his backside down.. and I ended up drawing his rump very nicely. He's supposed to be standing in a waterfall, bathing. I also didnt want to add the armadillo hide and all the detail, because the picture looked good as was. But, it technically unfinished, and thus, a sketch.\r\n\r\nShun(is me) Henry Spadoni IV

Image: The_Beast_2.JPG   671x1000 134738 bytes 2005.03.22

Definitely one for the sketches folder. I did try some stuff with the levels and some point erasing, but then I realized beyond the random dots and the page fold (due to the sketchbook getting run over by multiple cars) That I didnt want to fix it. but I did want to show it -- I like the cool effect the dark scanner did in the corner with the angry face, the blur and dark just looks cool. Also, while done approximately a year ago (When I was very angry/upset and dealing with lots of inner issues) I realize how similar this looks to Shun in concept. Perhaps it was something calling out to be drawn, neh??\r\n\r\nThe Beast is Henry Spadoni IV

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