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Image: Shun_-_Not_happening_2.JPG   800x328 54741 bytes 2006.01.18

Shun's still a girl in this picture. And Turkituck's Brother, Tickanter, might think about hitting on her. So Shuniko (tee) decides to tell him that Flirt=Death. Too bad her profile looks -so- pretty..I was really happy with it. (if You cant read his words, Tick's saying 'Wouldn't Dream of it, Toots)

Image: Shun_-_Not_happening.JPG   627x700 70375 bytes 2006.01.18

It's just not happening. Ever. Heheehe, a dare and a challenge to draw a female Shun. This is my first attempt. Hmm, She's kinda cute in a surly way, but it just wont happen. Though I'm sure I'll draw more pics like it, just for amusement, or someone will get it into their heads to curse him to be a girl for a short while. Crossing the arms is always a tough pose for me, but this works well enough. I should fix the boobs, or just work on females in general, I've been drawing so much beef lately I havent gotten to draw any ladies. o.o And I'm a straight man.

Image: Shun_-_Young_blood.JPG   592x800 102650 bytes 2005.12.29

A much younger version of Shun. He may not look too much younger, but considering his origins in being created by many powerful creatures to be a weapon by Collage, you'd hope he was combat effective at an early age. His porportions are slimmer, he's a tad shorter (along with his hair) And isnt so embittered towards..well, everything yet. Just full of hot-blooded youth. No scowl!\r\n\r\nLadies, you know who you are, stop drooling. You'll break your keyboard.

Image: Sikes_-_Collage.JPG   423x800 43741 bytes 2005.12.29

A touch sketchy, but I cleaned it up best I could. This is Sikes of Collage, the last of the few (not forgetting Tallah) under Jack's elite. This Jackal-Jellyfish virtually has NO BONES, and can transmute his fingers/appendages/whatnot into pseudopods and other such things, to sting, etc. He's a master of 16 martial arts, and is a brutal pervert and antagonizer. He screams 'hate me' but I love him so very much. He's perfect. :)

Image: Shun_-_Face.JPG   500x533 57624 bytes 2005.11.05

This is clearly a much older picture of Shun, far before quite a number of my most recent uploads. But I post it because it has to be the calmest picture I've every drawn of him. Usually he's always scowling or being angry, or nonchalant. One of these days, I'm going to have to show you his smile. It's not something you see often though. He's so jumpy and ornery! He needs to loosen up.

Image: Shun_-_Guardian_Beast.JPG   700x501 53996 bytes 2005.11.05

A more accurate, creepy rendition of Shun to most who first meet him. I'm not happy how the plates and the right hand came out, but other than that, it's very accurate. Loom! I cleaned it up as much as I could, the lines are pretty solid.

Image: Milly_B+W.JPG   671x900 115237 bytes 2005.06.17

The devious and voluptuous Milly of Collage! She is the speed and smarts of the team "Brutus and Milly". As per the picture, this little Skunkette is a naughty one, and as her rather profoundly large hips and thighs designate, she is crossed with a horse! For the power, yes? She likes to show off her curves as well, hence the tight pants and the open vest. Careful, she has sharp teeth though, so don't go sticking vulnerable parts there if you don't trust her not to nip them off! \r\n\r\nMilly is Henry Spadoni IV

Image: Brutus_B+W.JPG   673x900 123218 bytes 2005.06.17

The mighty Brutus, in linework. This massive creature towers at around eight or nine feet, and he isnt even standing up straight! Brutus is part of Collage, and is the muscle of the pair "Brutus and Milly". For some reason, this Pandaphant chimera seems too stubborn to die even if hacked apart. (Pandaphant= Panda + Elephant)\r\n\r\nBrutus is Henry Spadoni IV

Image: Ruka_B+W.JPG   660x900 116038 bytes 2005.06.17

Ruka, of Collage. Jack's second in command, brilliant mind and worker of science and technologies. She is a kangaroo-bat chimera.. A Bataroo! Whee! When I drew this picture, I stared at it for a long time afterwards. It came out so fast! And I couldn't help but think she was beautiful. o.o I rarely do that. She has a mysterious expression, doesn't she?\r\n\r\nRuka is Henry Spadoni IV

Image: Shun_-_Wary_B+W.JPG   738x1000 168041 bytes 2005.06.17

Shun, Black and White Linework only. To be colored soon. What is he wary about? First of the big batch of lineworks! Mmm..tablet good, cell shading good! *gets to work!*\r\n\r\nShun (is me) Henry Spadoni IV

Image: Shun_-__Crouched_Color.JPG   606x640 126355 bytes 2005.05.14

Behold, my first photoshop colored image. YAY. I finally have something very pretty to link to people when I show them Shun.. and not make them guess the colors. I'll be posting a lot more pictures like this in the future. ^-^\r\n\r\nThanks Jax!\r\n\r\nShun(is me) Henry Spadoni IV

Image: Shun_-__Crouched.JPG   947x1000 223443 bytes 2005.05.09

Ahh, I have learned the fine art of LINE WEIGHT. Live it, love it, this is my first try at it, and needless to say I am pleased with the results. Many thanks to Jax for teaching me! \r\n\r\nSoon, I shall begin my computer coloring! whoo! I feel confident now.\r\n\r\nShun(is me) Henry Spadoni IV

Image: Shun_-_Dark_Stranger_Origional.JPG   620x734 94342 bytes 2005.05.05

The previous picture, but full sized. Note, it's been colored by someone else! Yay! Thankyou! This is done by Alice's player, and I suck at compie coloring so this would have probably been maddening to do for me. (Heck, that little 'avatar' piece was hard enough)While the tail leaves something to be desired, and the lines are a bit messy, this is what an average viewer would see of shun. He's blooooooe!\r\n\r\nShun(is me) Henry Spadoni IV

Image: Shun_-_Dark_Stranger_Avatar.JPG   222x262 12970 bytes 2005.05.04

Just a little Avatar piccy of Shun, because the larger version is obnoxious and I suck at computer color. >.< However, I hope this conveys what a person usually sees of him(that's his tail behind him. Yay tail!) He's very secretive about how he looks.\r\n\r\nShun(is me) Henry Spadoni IV

Image: Jack_of_Collage.JPG   500x768 43363 bytes 2005.04.25

Jack..bishounen, and hideously evil. What does his robe hide? *grins* You arent supposed to know unless he /shows/ you. Jack is sorta Shun's creator, and the leader of the fanatical group, Collage. Unfortunately, he isn't colored ^.^ And those are bat ears, and snake eyes if it's difficult to ascertain.\r\n\r\nI'm very happy how this turned out, as I have trouble drawing things remotely bishii. But I like the sessy/scary Jack! I do I do!\r\n\r\nJack is Henry Spadoni IV

Image: Alice_-_Esper_of_Wonderland.JPG   800x924 186804 bytes 2005.04.14

Alice, of Southern Cross, a MU* I happen to play in. The day I met this interesting esper, Shun didn't know quite what to expect, what with the bleeding trees and the crazy foliage that grew around her and ate each other. But! The little lapine is nonetheless cute, and inspired me to draw. I had a hard time with the sitting pose, but I guess it came out well in the end.\r\n\r\nAlice her player.

Image: Lance-Shun_Facedown.JPG   346x515 71237 bytes 2005.04.01

My origional alt, Lance Magnus Zeal, and Kazumo Shun in a heated staredown. ^-^ Lance isnt furry so I don't normally post anything of him here, and was my origional 'other' self. Lance is also blue, much like Shun's fur, and has been called a smurf in the past, hence it is calling the kettle black. I wasnt so happy about Lance's belt or left glove(it's supposed to be metallic and techno, something I'm not good at drawing) but otherwise, I like the pic. Lance is 6'3", and Shun is 6'8" ..Shun crouches a bit though so might be taller, did I get this height comparison right?\r\n\r\nLance and Shun (are me) Henry Spadoni IV

Image: Shun_Angry.JPG   607x270 70060 bytes 2005.04.01

Graaarr!! Angry Shun! It just eekes 'stay away from me'. I thought about just line arting and compy coloring it, but I don't think it'd get the same look for some reason. Turkituck has been drawing Shun all cute and stuff a lot lately (and she has drawn him more than ME! Argh! And he's meeeee..*sniff*) and I felt that I needed to emphasize that Shun is in fact not the friendliest or cutest little thing. ^-^ Unfortunately, I had to crop the upper portion of this picture cuz another one was collaged into it.\r\n\r\nShun (is me) Henry Spadoni IV

Image: Shun_Backside_B+W-_White_BG.JPG   544x660 97483 bytes 2005.03.24

Shun's massively detailed backside, in B+W. I love this picture, it satisfies me. Whilst I can point out a few flaws(namely, the tail connecting to the rear looks a *little* off), overall I think it looks great -- The plates on his back came out awesome, and his rear looks wide like a horse's like it should. I also learned how to draw his blasted armadillo plates in detail in an easier fashion! Yay right angles. One of the few times that math is used in my life that has real meaning. I do intend to color this picture eventually! I just have to get *good* at coloring on a computer.\r\n\r\nShun(is me) Henry Spadoni IV

Image: Shun_closeup.JPG   443x618 89782 bytes 2005.03.24

A closeup of Shun with a very intense expression. Here's lookin' at you kid. I like how the black fill looks, seperating the drawing with an ominous white line, it's like it is torn out of a comic book page or something.\r\n\r\nShun(is me) Henry Spadoni IV

Image: Yuna_-_Lizard_Draft.jpg   713x775 68441 bytes 2005.03.22

This is Yuna, playing around with her Fleshcrafting powers to make her look more like the animal she is inside. This time, she's trying to look like a dragon. Her skills weren't quite developed at the time, so the tail was thin, and she hadnt made wings yet, but it was an honest effort! She also surprised quite a few little wolfies with it..which was, to say the least, quite amusing. Yuna is a White Wolf character I created some odd years ago, and has been my most ludicrously insane character I think I have come up with. Well, one that was a PC, and was playable, and survived longer than a couple of scenes...\r\n\r\nYuna Bratovich is Henry Spadoni IV

Image: Haush_Wet.JPG   200x481 19819 bytes 2005.03.22

Enter Haushinka. Haushinka is a very, very bad mousie, in that she is a tease, a drunken lush, and all around general bad girl. Did I mention she was bad? Like a stiletto(see to get the joke). She entered my and Turkituck's minds (Turk's first) one day, and refuses to leave. She also apparently has a thing for me, and just won't leave me alone, and commonly appears in porn with myself in people's sketchbooks...including my own!! When posting this, the VCL didnt want to get some weird black lines on the side out of the picture, despite fixing it several times. Hopefully it won't show up.\r\n\r\nHaushinka is Henry Spadoni IV and Jessi Pysz

Image: Tsye.JPG   471x714 63198 bytes 2005.03.22

Tsye the ocelot! yay. In black and white. Tsye is another character from the aforementioned RP that I had the joy of role playing Shun with, that I simply had to draw. A little girl that doesnt smile often, and dresses in businessey apparel (though this outfit is cute.) Since I got the idea she didnt smile often, I drew her face in the 'forced' smile expression, like it was so, so very hard to do for her.\r\n\r\nTsye is her player

Image: Vivienne_Dances_the_night_away_Edit.JPG   406x656 54061 bytes 2005.03.22

Here is displayed Vivienne, aka Meow Tuna. A friend of mine's character that I was inspired to draw one night after RP, and I sent it to her, and to my surprise she loved it. Except the was too thin and unfluffy. She told me it was supposed to be *fluffy* like a Moggie's tail, so I went looking for a picture of a moggie cat to make SURE I got it right. So! After fixing it up, Vivi was very, very happy. For some reason, when she said she was 'dancing' I asked what she'd be wearing, and this came out. Then my mind trailed to Omaha, the Cat Dancer.\r\n\r\nVivienne is her player\r\nPosted with permission

Image: Shun_Genesis_Clip.JPG   800x985 234138 bytes 2005.03.22

Eeeee! Little Shun is so ky00t! Turkituck just about flipped on this one, falling into a pile of giggles. This is a little comic strip I did to enter Shun's past, and to take a glance at the one who treated Shun like a son. His name is Grand Druid Tallah, head of a great circle of druids. The text on the lower right is a little cut off, and hard(er to read than the rest) to read, so it says "Want to know how *I* am different, Shun? I'm half feline, half canine!" "Like me?" "Like you!"\r\n\r\nTallah and Shun(is me) are Henry Spadoni IV

Image: Shun_Enraged_-_B+W.jpg   612x828 116822 bytes 2005.03.22

Shun, in black and white. I found myself proud again of my own work (which I seldom am) in this picture, getting the pose and the expression just right. Angry Shun! Grar! No make big fuzzy chimera mad!\r\n\r\nShun is me, Henry Spadoni IV

Image: Shun_Full_Portrait.JPG   395x741 93743 bytes 2005.03.22

This is the second picture of Shun I drew -- And I just don't like it. The face came out wrong, but all the textures were pretty nice. I kept feeling I was doing the armadillo plates so, so wrong, and the tail needs serious attention. I thought it was good *at first* but eh..\r\nColors coming soon, but Shun's height/weight are 6'8", 355 lbs(muscle + armor)\r\n\r\nShun is Me, Henry Spadoni IV

Image: Shun_Concepts.JPG   610x519 93039 bytes 2005.03.22

This is Kazumo Shun, my first and only real fursona. He was created out of the thought that no one animal really fit me, so I decided to use a bunch of animals! Can you guess? if not, they are Armadillo, Snake, Tiger, Horse, Canine, Ferret, and Fox. This is the start of my more recent pictures, 2005. And this is concept art!\r\n\r\nKazumo Shun is Me, and Henry Spadoni IV

Image: Haush_Hangover.JPG   428x954 78766 bytes 2005.03.22

Haushinka, waking up from a very, very bad hangover. Despite being a more recent picture, I didnt like this one very much *frowns* Especially because of the horrendous amount of smudging and noise in the picture, that after using levels and manual erasing I couldn't fix. I'd have to sit here and poke at it repetitively to get it better looking...Anyway, enjoy the funny. ^-^ \r\n\r\nHaushinka is Henry Spadoni IV, and Jessi Pysz

Image: Seraphita1.JPG   630x1443 210418 bytes 2005.03.22

This is a more sketchy work, but I tend to like to do my work like this. It is also older like the other ones (2002? 2003?). This is Seraphita, in pencil, with all of her adventuring gear on. It was juust after she had gotten that pesky gnoll wish removed, but kept all the dragon-ey bits. The owl is her familiar, Fenris.\r\n\r\nSeraphita is Henry Spadoni IV

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