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Image: Sikes_-_Collage.JPG   423x800 43741 bytes 2005.12.29

A touch sketchy, but I cleaned it up best I could. This is Sikes of Collage, the last of the few (not forgetting Tallah) under Jack's elite. This Jackal-Jellyfish virtually has NO BONES, and can transmute his fingers/appendages/whatnot into pseudopods and other such things, to sting, etc. He's a master of 16 martial arts, and is a brutal pervert and antagonizer. He screams 'hate me' but I love him so very much. He's perfect. :)

Image: Tsye.JPG   471x714 63198 bytes 2005.03.22

Tsye the ocelot! yay. In black and white. Tsye is another character from the aforementioned RP that I had the joy of role playing Shun with, that I simply had to draw. A little girl that doesnt smile often, and dresses in businessey apparel (though this outfit is cute.) Since I got the idea she didnt smile often, I drew her face in the 'forced' smile expression, like it was so, so very hard to do for her.\r\n\r\nTsye is her player

Image: Vivienne_Dances_the_night_away_Edit.JPG   406x656 54061 bytes 2005.03.22

Here is displayed Vivienne, aka Meow Tuna. A friend of mine's character that I was inspired to draw one night after RP, and I sent it to her, and to my surprise she loved it. Except the was too thin and unfluffy. She told me it was supposed to be *fluffy* like a Moggie's tail, so I went looking for a picture of a moggie cat to make SURE I got it right. So! After fixing it up, Vivi was very, very happy. For some reason, when she said she was 'dancing' I asked what she'd be wearing, and this came out. Then my mind trailed to Omaha, the Cat Dancer.\r\n\r\nVivienne is her player\r\nPosted with permission

Image: Yuna_-_Lizard_Draft.jpg   713x775 68441 bytes 2005.03.22

This is Yuna, playing around with her Fleshcrafting powers to make her look more like the animal she is inside. This time, she's trying to look like a dragon. Her skills weren't quite developed at the time, so the tail was thin, and she hadnt made wings yet, but it was an honest effort! She also surprised quite a few little wolfies with it..which was, to say the least, quite amusing. Yuna is a White Wolf character I created some odd years ago, and has been my most ludicrously insane character I think I have come up with. Well, one that was a PC, and was playable, and survived longer than a couple of scenes...\r\n\r\nYuna Bratovich is Henry Spadoni IV

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