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Image: blah.jpg   700x550 66064 bytes 2002.12.30

Re-upload.. forgot to identify the poor Geno.. yeah. May reupload her if I do something with the background. :>\r\nWhee, my first completely digital coloured thing.. I think.. yeah..\r\nGeno Fafnir or something. :p\r\nArt Michelle T.

Image: booted.png   202x129 40578 bytes 2002.08.04

Vladikins in their luvverly boots! A doodle. Doodle Michelle T; Vladimonious their player.

Image: bubba.png   300x222 98359 bytes 2002.07.24

Inked. Bubba Morp his player Pic Michelle T.

Image: cat.png   228x159 29337 bytes 2002.08.27

The kitty thing I doodled and decided to use for a blog logo. :> (

Image: char.jpg   370x756 47307 bytes 2002.12.11

Quick doodle I did whilst thinking of creating a character.. probably adopting this look for Forbes, when I do a character at World of Dreams. Hooray to skanky Donamis. :D

Image: chead.png   355x497 103451 bytes 2002.07.14

Weird wild thing. I'll get around to colouring it. Michelle T.

Image: col.jpg   440x541 17756 bytes 2002.12.09

I got a tablet for Christmas, rawr! :D I always get my presents early.. :X\r\nDoodled this in Expression 2.\r\n

Image: embroid.png   426x874 57152 bytes 2002.09.23

Every dog should know how to embroider! Yeah. Especially if they're missing lower-body parts! O.o Michelle T.

Image: embroidcol.jpg   376x832 69465 bytes 2002.09.24

Okay. Bleh. Must jpeg, no more pngs. :/\r\nAnyway, this is an example of why I don't colour in with pencils!\r\nStill.. Michelle T.

Image: err.jpg   500x358 24722 bytes 2002.12.31

Wahhh.. sorry, I'm really into my tablet. :X It's totally taken away motivation for real media use.. I'll get back to it, some time.. meanwhile, deal with these stuffs. Getting back into colouring.\r\nShymmer Michelle T.

Image: foxay.png   495x465 83103 bytes 2002.06.15

Fox. Old-skool inky sketchy style. Michelle T.

Image: holly.png   509x453 191142 bytes 2002.06.06

Hollyberry, pimpin' in style. Michelle T.

Image: ilola.gif   349x309 3094 bytes 2003.12.13

Arr, I know this bandwagon left ages ago, but I just haven't gotten around to uploading! ;P\r\nLola's my cat.\r\n Michelle T. 2003

Image: kit.jpg   538x740 42769 bytes 2002.12.09

Hehe... yes. I lub my tablet. :D Who wants to play iSketch! :D

Image: lady.png   426x685 69625 bytes 2002.06.06

Freaky wolf lady thing wearing a freakier dress! Whee! :p I like her tail. x.x Michelle T.

Image: legtail.jpg   428x488 69608 bytes 2003.01.08

Like, someone stop me. From saying "like" all the time!!\r\nAnyway, the real thing is, someone stop me from being bored. :P This is what you'll get. Chicken scratchings of a leg and an impossibly fluffy tail!\r\n\r\nPower to the bootie!\r\n

Image: libbie.jpg   509x570 55771 bytes 2002.10.01

It's Libbie. That's all I can remember, since the original description was deleted. Bleh. She is holding the keys to her trailer, yeah.\r\nLibbie her player\r\nArt Michelle T.

Image: logo.gif   400x500 32442 bytes 2003.04.18

This is the logo I've submitted for the Ausgather 2004 "competition". :P I spent a few hours doing it, and I guess I'm reasonably satisfied with it.\r\nDone completely in PSP7, with a vegemite jar photo from for reference :P\r\nI personally hate the stuff, but heck, it's bloody well Australian. :)\r\n\r\nIt's to Ausgather now, so don't touch. :)

Image: marahcol.png   802x820 591292 bytes 2002.09.23

Marah, that darl, drew Shymmer out of the blue (see it at! ^-^ So I wanted to do some kind of Thankyou. :) The first piece I've done with Photoshop, so excuse my cheaping out with the twinkly stuffs. :p Anyhoo.. she changed her colours a lot, so I came up with this combo. :> Marah her player; art Michelle T.

Image: misty.png   787x745 70013 bytes 2002.09.23

Okay, finally drew something semi-decent for my trade with MistyStriker. Just gotta colour it now. :) MistyStriker her player; art Michelle T.

Image: mistybleh.png   344x394 22019 bytes 2002.08.24

Okay, bleh. Doing a trade with MistyStriker of Furcadia and here is the first bland thing I doodled. I may colour it, just for kicks. the lines are so nice and easy. ^__^ Will have to play around with the character, though. MistyStriker her player.

Image: mistybleh2.png   226x544 238175 bytes 2002.08.24

Errrrrm. I've no excuse! X.x Yuss, poor MistyStriker.. I started doodlin' again, this time with my inky pen. Bleh. Screwed the tattoo. :/ That's okay! I've more paper! MistyStriker her player.

Image: mistys.jpg   787x745 90170 bytes 2003.01.14

The PNG version was smited!\r\n\r\nLong overdue trade with MistyStriker of Furcadia (and also of VCL).\r\n\r\nMistyStriker her player\r\nArt Michelle T.

Image: nappy.jpg   363x604 63284 bytes 2002.10.23

Napster! o.o She was bumming around in a tank top and pjs.. And I hadn't drawn anything in ages, so I just came up with this. O.o It'd been hanging around uncoloured, but I wanted to present something semi-decent, so I coloured it.. then got impatient and just screwed around with the wings/fur/clothing... everything. :p Sorry! :D I've drawn her too melancholy.. er.. "Napster's Late Night PJ Mix" then, heh. :x\r\n\r\nNapster her player\r\nArt Michelle T.

Image: nngh.jpg   238x441 27342 bytes 2002.11.21

Rawr.\r\n\r\nShymmer Michelle T.

Image: pirate.png   566x644 80683 bytes 2002.08.24

Okay. The story goes... I was too lazy. :( I should not have coloured it while in this slump.. but eh! Put it in your pipe and smoke it. Michelle T.

Image: postcard.jpg   924x750 145758 bytes 2002.06.27

Here's the postcard my sister and I sent to Hollyberry.. I drew Shym in those hats with the little cork things that discourage flies. :x It's a little smudgey, since I tried to erase some pencil lines but the ink hadn't dried yet.. ^^;; Sydney to the lucky country, Australia! :D Shym Myself, living in a house blocked out by one of those buildings. >.o

Image: princessfo.png   454x628 123436 bytes 2002.08.24

Coloured. Yeeeck. Yes, I know I fudged up majorly.. shhhhhh! >.< I like the hair. :x Michelle T.

Image: realilola.gif   400x306 5014 bytes 2003.12.13

After showing my sister the first iLola, she said a REAL iLola would be Lola's paws in someone's ears etcetc.\r\n Michelle T. 2003

Image: ring.png   400x553 90995 bytes 2002.07.14

Princess thing admiring the pretty rock on her finger. Inked in the lovely new micron pen my sister bought me. ^_____^ Princess thing Michelle T.

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