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Image: kyan.jpg   986x631 124983 bytes 2004.09.09

Kyan, tapestries character. Siberian tiger/husky cross. I'm on a really big hybrids kick. Can you tell? O.o I used the name Kyan because Kyanite is a blue-gray gem/rock...thing. It fits.

Image: salt.jpg   896x750 85686 bytes 2004.09.09

Catching up on commissions. This one is for Salt of Tapestries. He was frighteningly happy with it and wants another. O.o Go figure.

Image: evan.jpg   723x898 110665 bytes 2004.09.09

Finally catching up on old commissions. This is Evan Pawfield, red kangaroo. He's his player (who's name I'm unsure of).

Image: frisket-and-nall.jpg   593x693 130503 bytes 2004.09.09

One of a couple of tablet drawings I did on a friend's laptop at AC. This is for Frisket and Nall, who were hangin' out with me that night. It has a few issues, but hey, it was a tablet drawing, okay!? O.o

Image: zeph-manedwolf.jpg   539x626 78425 bytes 2004.09.09

One of a couple of tablet drawings I did on a friend's laptop at AC. not bad for my first attempts at real tablet drawiang. This is Zephyr, the owner of said tablet and laptop. Note: As it says in the filename, Zephyr is a maned wolf, not a fox. :P\r\n

Image: lane.jpg   410x794 35813 bytes 2004.04.24

Character for a project I'm working on. Also happens to be a Taps character at the moment. Lane Quinn, Thylacine gothboi. He's 2004 Linsey Huish.

Image: jakesterling1.jpg   298x801 42372 bytes 2004.04.24

Character for a project I'm working on. Jacob Sterling, a fox/badger hybrid. He's 2004 Linsey Huish.

Image: griffith.jpg   380x782 50154 bytes 2004.04.24

Character for a project I'm working on. Griffith, Indian flying fox. He also happens to be a Taps character. He's 2004 Linsey Huish.

Image: sancho.jpg   378x896 57204 bytes 2004.04.24

Character for a project I'm working on. Sancho, maned wolf. He's 2004 Linsey Huish.

Image: zarah.jpg   324x780 38130 bytes 2004.04.24

Zarah, character for a project I'm working on. Spotted skunk. She's 2004 Linsey Huish.

Image: ailisonde.jpg   575x800 80013 bytes 2004.04.24

Vulpine dragon. Not a dragon/fox halfbreed, but a dragon with vulpine characteristics. In this case, a gray fox, for a change. I used her briefly on Taps. She's myself.

Image: niracoy.jpg   413x890 61534 bytes 2004.04.24

New portrait of Nira the dhole. She's me.

Image: nirad.jpg   597x531 60209 bytes 2004.04.24

Depiction of Nira's non-anthro form. She's a dhole. She's me.

Image: galis.jpg   740x744 137256 bytes 2004.04.24

Reuploaded fixed version of Galis' commission. (I forgot the collar). Still himself.

Image: sidnew.jpg   981x685 125808 bytes 2004.02.20

New portrait of Sidian.

Image: wfire.jpg   635x816 79004 bytes 2004.02.20

Pic done for Whitefire of Taps. Gussied him up a bit 'cause he said he liked this sorta garb. Whitefire is Himself.

Image: brodie1.jpg   368x845 61964 bytes 2004.02.20

New Taps character portrait, Brodie the border collie.

Image: brodie2.jpg   506x522 44313 bytes 2004.02.20

Naughty pic of the new Taps character, Brodie the border Collie.

Image: fxbadger.jpg   493x839 206970 bytes 2004.01.09

Fox badger. Fun hybrid, I sez. For the FC '04 art show, and will be in a calendar I'm producing. 14 uploads. Not bad. ;)

Image: genet.jpg   412x742 159927 bytes 2004.01.09

Nakey genet concubine in the grass sniffin' posies or some junk. For the FC '04 art show.

Image: wolverine.jpg   447x605 124411 bytes 2004.01.09

Wolverine for the FC '04 art show.

Image: snow.jpg   448x550 123227 bytes 2004.01.09

Snow leopard for the FC '04 art show.

Image: vikinglady.jpg   454x562 127434 bytes 2004.01.09

Piece for the FC '04 art show. Partner piece to Viking Lord.

Image: vikinglord.jpg   466x605 148182 bytes 2004.01.09

Piece for the FC '04 art show. Partner piece to Viking Lady.

Image: catharsis.jpg   497x608 52183 bytes 2004.01.09

Catharsis. It's all deep and meaningful and shit.

Image: foxgrapes.jpg   307x625 30093 bytes 2004.01.09

Done mostly for fun, cell shading and junk. Fox and the grapes.

Image: yiff2.jpg   587x392 54986 bytes 2004.01.09

T-shirt image. *shrugs* You can buy it on a thong too.

Image: reyne.jpg   576x673 120274 bytes 2004.01.09

Character creation, played briefly on taps. Dragon/Tigon. That is, a tiger/lion crossed with a dragon. Bleh, bite me.

Image: ratfox.jpg   426x565 56070 bytes 2004.01.09

Got myself in gear and colored an old sketch. It's a ratfox, done mostly for a friend who thinks rats and foxes are sexy.

Image: gigan.jpg   586x740 99593 bytes 2004.01.09

I haven't uploaded in way too long. So here's a dump... (I hope it's less than 15...). Commission for Gigan of his shiny dragon self. Gigan is himself and junk.

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