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Image: cheetahdog.jpg   480x519 78298 bytes 2007.01.04

Piece from last FC. Cheetah and African Wild Dog.

Image: chimnew.jpg   545x768 37199 bytes 2000.04.23

During my month or so of being offline due to my shitty old computer, I drew this: a detailed pencil drawing of the blood demon Chimosha. I'm not going to color it, because I'll lose some of the detail in the process. She's me.\n

Image: chimosha.jpg   600x326 40876 bytes 1999.10.14

Chimosha the Blood Demon. NO she isn't grabbing her butt. She has four arms and when in her quadripedal position, she pulls her lower pair of arms onto her back. Chim's abilities would take up at least a page, so I ain't gonna list 'em. Blood demons and Chimosha are me.\n

Image: chimoshanew.jpg   583x700 20561 bytes 2001.07.10

Ugh...I keep running into images that have been on my site for months, but that apparently I didn't upload here, so I'm trying to fix this. :P This is Chimosha, the blood demon. Drew her again 'cause I started playing her again, and needed an updated picture, blah blah blah. She's me.

Image: cinnamon.jpg   476x630 59950 bytes 2007.01.04

Cinnamon husky. piece from FC '06

Image: claws2.jpg   327x600 41944 bytes 1999.10.14

Claws is a character that I created to play in a futuristic furry RP channel on Chatnet, that didn't work out either, so at some point I may use her on yiffnet. Her claws are retractable cybernetic implants made of adamantium steel. \r\nClaws is me.\r\n\n

Image: codycoyote.jpg   613x482 49125 bytes 2003.08.29

Portrait of a friend.

Image: collage.jpg   447x600 71857 bytes 1999.10.14

A collage of furries that I decided to do to show off my talents a wee bit, ; Though it didn't turn out as good as I would have liked it. This is a mixed media piece using pencil, colored pencil, pen, watercolor pencil, watercolor, acrylic, and gouache. I did this one a while back. I'm pondering doing another one...\r\nAnyway, enjoy. :)\r\n\n

Image: comfort2.jpg   482x495 43427 bytes 2001.09.23

This was done mostly to sell on Furbid, but also because I felt like drawing these two characters together. It's not sexual, they just happen to be nude. They're two people caught up in a fairly unsavory situation, who've found eachother to lean on as friends. Mostly the fox looking to the dhole as a mother or elder sister. Heather and Sira and the art are all '01 Linsey Huish. It's doing fairly well on Furbid, much to my surprise, and will be up till October 6th:

Image: coragul.jpg   400x671 168774 bytes 2000.07.09

A commission. I'm catching up...really. Coragul (yes, female) is Natalie Goodridge.\n

Image: couch.jpg   800x491 77707 bytes 2000.01.13

A commission for a friend of mine that took me a wee bit too long to finish. From left to right it's Reaver, Cinder, Baines, and Iridesent. Before I could finish this, Cinder broke up with Reaver (she pulled a real bitch-move which pissed me off), but he wanted it finished as a kind of remembrance of how things were. So I obliged him. They're all (c) their players.\n

Image: couple01.jpg   426x379 33567 bytes 2002.06.04

A bit of a portrait of me and my kitty, Nicholas. \r\nNicholas is the intellectual property of Benjamin Pope.

Image: cronyx1.jpg   349x535 52372 bytes 2001.09.23

I did this as an ezboard personal photo for a friend. Then I made it into an actual image I could post. Cronyx is his player, the art is '01 Sidian.

Image: cutoffs.jpg   347x600 48131 bytes 2002.02.20

Did this for FurCon. Gouache on bristol board. Art's '02 Linsey Huish.

Image: d-bunny.jpg   521x600 19868 bytes 1999.10.14

I had bunnies on the brain after drawing bunnychick.jpg, so one night when I couldn't get connected to the internet, this was spawned...Some sort of bunny dragon. <shrug>\n

Image: dalwolf.jpg   789x416 30529 bytes 2001.04.14

Roleplay character of mine, has many forms. She's taken the form of a wolf while speaking to a werewolf. Dalista is me (reuploaded)

Image: danaith.jpg   586x724 97721 bytes 2002.06.04

Da'naith, the Dragriffon Mage. Dragriffon...being a half-breed, dragon and griffon. Duh.\r\nDa'naith is '02 Linsey "Sidian" Huish. MINE!

Image: darkchild.jpg   240x600 13504 bytes 1999.11.09

A character pic for a friend who's new to the fandom.\n

Image: darlanude2.jpg   481x536 49580 bytes 2003.06.05

Fun naughty picture of Darlan Silverhawke. Shiny. Darlan Silverhawke is Linsey "Sidian" Huish.

Image: db.jpg   436x650 61384 bytes 2005.05.14

No one truly appreciates my insanity. -.- *le sigh* Anyway...Cuvier is my crazy ass. Common dolphin + fruit bat.

Image: dbeast.jpg   466x768 33502 bytes 1999.12.21

I don't know where this came from, but I really like how it came out. I will add a background as soon as I can.\n

Image: death.jpg   416x726 42550 bytes 2001.07.17

Commission for Death the Negaskunkette of FurryMUCK and Taps. She liked, I'm glad. :) Death her player. Art me.

Image: dedsid.jpg   600x717 113452 bytes 2000.06.16

I did this pic for a friend of mine...everyone needs a shoulder now and then. :)\r\nSidian is me and Dedaleaus is his creator.\n

Image: demi2.jpg   414x567 25638 bytes 2001.04.14

A second commission for demifur of yiffnet. He changed his look, so commissioned another pic. That's a can of polish in his hand, the idea is: which "sword" is he going to use it on? Oye...*facepalms* Demi is his player. (re-upload)

Image: demifur.jpg   400x775 161201 bytes 2000.05.25

Commission for Demifur of Yiffnet. I haven't done many skunks, so I really like how this one came out. Demifur is his player.\n

Image: derridog.jpg   997x442 88793 bytes 2007.01.04

Derrigan got remade into a doggy. German Shepherd mix. Rar.

Image: derrigan.jpg   348x764 54111 bytes 2004.09.09

Wee for hybrids. Derrigan, snow leopard/red fox. Squee. He's sexy. He's also Linsey Huish.

Image: derriganbed.jpg   600x753 239490 bytes 2005.01.11

Derrigan, snow leopard/red fox. Very sexy. ^.^ Derrigan is Linsey Huish. Mine!

Image: desert.jpg   526x556 59614 bytes 2003.06.16

ShadowWolfZero. Because he was sad. :< Shadow the wolf/tiger is himself.

Image: diab.jpg   533x517 71027 bytes 2000.02.23

Every so often a strange or unique character will intrigue me and I'll draw it. This is just such an instance. This is Diabhal, the horned, red dire wolf. He's his player.\n

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