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Image: otterballet.jpg   657x900 211434 bytes 2000.12.07

A while back I got some new smooth bristol board. Wanted to try it out and had an idea for some otters, as I haven't done otters much (translates: at all). So here it is. This will be in the art show/auction at FurCon and prints will be sold. It is, however MINE! me me me!! hehehe\n

Image: pakeshgriffc.jpg   625x800 139349 bytes 2000.12.07

Pakesh_De the clydesdale somehow got turned into a hippogriff (I have no idea, he's a goofball), I was bored and interested, so I drew it for him. Ended up being his birthday piccy. I'm probably putting this in the show at FurCon (provided I get my panels) and if any interest is shown, will sell prints.\r\nAnyway, Pakesh is himself.\n

Image: norenxaqc.jpg   591x800 69271 bytes 2000.11.16

Gah! FINALLY finished this commission. After losing the original sketch and having to redraw it, then losing THAT sketch and finding it months later, I was able to color the thing and get it to its owner. After all that time (I'm grateful for his patience with me), I'm rather glad I lost the original sketch, because it took me so long to get around to redoing it that my skills had greatly improved by the time I finally did. Gold is a bitch to do in any medium, so I'm rather happy with how this came out. Norenxaq is himself.\n

Image: harem.jpg   757x900 174643 bytes 2000.11.14

I dunno where this came from. If I stare at a piece of paper long enough, something forms in my head. I really need to stop doing backgrounds, it always ruins the pic. (doh!) Anyway, enjoy. :P\n

Image: sidiannewc.jpg   571x800 76897 bytes 2000.11.09

Came up with a new look for Sidian (again). Tried actually coloring her in Paintshop, and for a first try, I think it came out rather well (silver is a pain in the ass to do). I will be adding a background to this, as soon as I can manufacture one, until then, I just wanted to toss it up here. Sidian is me, as always.\n

Image: Furypants.jpg   416x800 54031 bytes 2000.11.07

Part one of FuryWolf's commission. Finally got it finished, it really sucks having no free time. Slowly but surely, I'm catching up. ;P Furywolf is himself.\n

Image: sidsheet.jpg   700x843 439744 bytes 2000.11.07

Just a little character sheet I whipped up to help people wanting to draw Sidian for art trades and whatnot. As always, she's me.\n

Image: goldenmitt.jpg   1035x577 65581 bytes 2000.10.24

I did this pic for my bud Goldenwolf and her mate Mitternacht. They're such an adorable couple. She really liked this and I think it came out rather well, despite the lack of a background. Goldie and Mitty are themselves and the pic is mine.\n

Image: aspens.jpg   591x800 349083 bytes 2000.08.16

Not All Foxes Are Red. A silver phase red fox and a gray fox vixen crouching amidst an aspen grove. I like how it came out, thanks to Goldie for helping me figure out the background. Pic's me. \n

Image: grifvixen2.jpg   566x800 285952 bytes 2000.08.11

This pic is for all those people out there who have "griffox" characters. A griffox (i.e. a griffon that is part fox instead of part lion) is NOT a fox with feathered wings, that is a winged fox. THIS is a griffox, and she, in all her griffoxyness, is to ME!!! \n

Image: nickdragon2.jpg   600x827 726996 bytes 2000.08.11

After learning my new color technique, I decided to do a pic of my kitty's newfound dragonyness. Kind of a large file, but it came out really well. Nicholas is his player. ;)

Image: paws!.jpg   600x725 241118 bytes 2000.08.11

I spent a couple of days with Goldenwolf, and she showed me how to better use colored pencils. As such, I practically got better overnight...well...literally overnight..We stayed up until 6 am drawing and coloring. She has an odd fixation with paws, so I drew this for her. She really loved it. I did another one, but she hasn't scanned it yet, so it'll have to go up here later. Anyway, Goldie is Christy Grandjean\n

Image: sillyhat.gif   500x370 70374 bytes 2000.07.23

I stole Nick's hat. I'm silly...(Nick's a bit different looking 'cause I temporarily made him all dragony...there will be a more complete pic of that concept up soon.) We're both still ourselves.\n

Image: sidcrinos2.jpg   350x680 169443 bytes 2000.07.22

My crinos form for Wolfhome. Pardon the fuschia background, you have to make the background all one color that will end up transparent. Sid's STILL me. Steal and DIE!!!\n

Image: brokenhearted.jpg   600x682 288227 bytes 2000.07.18

What do you do when a friend breaks your heart? I can't hate him...*sigh* Again, pardon the crinkled paper, tears do that. :/\n

Image: herewithme2.jpg   650x712 344855 bytes 2000.07.17

God I hate being alone. :( Oh well, such is life. I apologize for leaping on the bandwagon and putting song lyrics in one of my pics, it just seemed rather apropo. Lyrics are Dido, pic's mine. Pardon my depression. :P\n

Image: aloneagain.jpg   600x604 150813 bytes 2000.07.17

"And I'm alone again..." You never feel so alone as you do right after someone leaves. Apologies for the poor quality sketch, hard to draw whilst sobbing on crinkled tearstained paper. :/\n

Image: lhhotspurc.jpg   700x557 227591 bytes 2000.07.13

This was an art trade with Ssthisto that took me WAY too long to finish. I'm glad I waited though, 'cause if I'd colored it way back then, it wouldn't have come out near as good as it did. I e-mailed it to her and have gotten no response, so I figured maybe the e-mail was eaten and I'd post it here where she'll probably see it. Hope ya like it! :) Hotspur is his player.\r\n \r\n\n

Image: guestservice.jpg   500x746 180206 bytes 2000.07.13

"Can I get anything else for you sir?" Sometimes I just love my job...*twitch* This is just a little sketch for all those snotty, punkass little fuckers who come into the store with the sole intent to make my life/job difficult and cause trouble. :)\r\n\n

Image: frustration.jpg   500x900 222987 bytes 2000.07.10

Image: tribute.jpg   700x860 901545 bytes 2000.07.09

This is a tribute to all of my favorite artists. Those that have most inspired and impressed me, and helped me to get into the furry art genre, helped me to become as good as I am today. I know that I didn't do any of you justice in this pic, and I hope that I didn't make any of you mad by not asking permission to draw you. Anyway...Thank you all, you've helped me more than you know. All these characters are their creators/players, and if you steal them, evil unfriendly things will be done to you. (p.s. There's a reason only Sasha is computer colored)\n

Image: calshades.jpg   500x759 344396 bytes 2000.07.09

My second commission for Calorath, and DAMN I made him sexy. ;D He's still his sexy self. Art's mine. Love that thong, Cal. ;)\n

Image: coragul.jpg   400x671 168774 bytes 2000.07.09

A commission. I'm catching up...really. Coragul (yes, female) is Natalie Goodridge.\n

Image: dreamdrag1.jpg   600x473 152698 bytes 2000.06.30

I dreamt that I had a dragon, so I had to try and draw it. He was big, spiky, and generally grumpy, and this isn't what he looked like. :P The face is close, but the tail and wings aren't right. That's one thing I love about dragons, each one is completely different, entirely unique, and you can do just about anything from feathers to fins with them. :) I haven't been drawing enough lately... *ponders* Anywho, he's me.\n

Image: shldrrub.gif   450x568 181447 bytes 2000.06.26

A shoulder rub from a friend. (God could I ever use one irl :P) I really need to stop sketching on printer paper. It comes out too messy. Despite that, this came out rather well. Sidian me, Tib himself.\n

Image: calbackc.jpg   400x695 116585 bytes 2000.06.16

Commission for Calorath of Yiffnet. I really like how this one came out. ;) Cal is his kewl player. Art is me. (Slowly but surely, I'm catching up! :D)\n

Image: opalnsally.jpg   400x765 125884 bytes 2000.06.16

Pic trade with Hellenic, took me way too long to finish it up. A few problems with this, color is wierd, legs are wierd. *sigh* oh well.. The characters are him.\n

Image: dedsid.jpg   600x717 113452 bytes 2000.06.16

I did this pic for a friend of mine...everyone needs a shoulder now and then. :)\r\nSidian is me and Dedaleaus is his creator.\n

Image: sidharem.jpg   400x887 95232 bytes 2000.06.16

It's like, sort of an inside joke. ;) I left out her wings because A: I'm lazy and B: they don't fit in a pic like this. :P Sidian is me.\n

Image: xxxsasha.jpg   400x547 60576 bytes 2000.06.11

Bunny porn! 'Nother pic for Cullen. Now maybe he'll finish the piccy he owes me, hmm? ;) The characters are Cullen. Pic is me, blah blah blah.\n

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