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Image: lyra.jpg   408x925 35408 bytes 1999.10.14

This is Lyra the lynx of yiffnet. She's cute. ;) \r\nLyra is her respective player.\r\n\n

Image: mafdet.jpg   600x768 132205 bytes 2005.01.12

Mafdet, Ancient Egyptian goddess of dangerous and venomous beasties. Well, protection agaist them, really. Snakes for hair, braids that are scorpion tails. Too cool not to draw. ^.^

Image: magensidc.jpg   717x615 94262 bytes 2001.07.17

I spent a week at HOWLapalooza with Goldenwolf and her pack (I consider them my pack too, even though I'm not officially part of it). Upon returning home and going into serious pack withdrawal, I had the urge to draw Wolfmage, a dragon-wolf and my pack-brother. He's usually drawn just as a wolf, but being the dragonlover I am, I made him dragony too. He loves to bask on rocks, I love to fly (if only I had wings...), so that's what we're doin'. :) Sidian, being me, is of course me. Same goes for Mage and himself.

Image: magesid.jpg   469x467 52728 bytes 2003.06.05

Gift art for my packbrother Wolfmage, 'cause he's having a hard time. Wolfmage is himself, of course.

Image: maledrag.jpg   436x768 33024 bytes 1999.10.14

I decided to do a muscle study of the male body, dunno how well it turned out. \r\n\n

Image: markerwolf.jpg   733x588 147042 bytes 2001.08.21

This is a really crappy test of markers that I hadn't planned on uploading, but I wanted to announce that I'm starting a mailing list for art updates/uploads, and invite anyone interested in joining it to do so..So I needed somethin' to upload. ;) If you are interested, toss me a line at (not my normal e-mail, just using it for this list). And of course, the art is Sidian '01.

Image: merp2.jpg   640x271 39086 bytes 1999.10.14

Merp, the gray, yellow-eyed psuedodragon that tends to spend most of her time in the rafters of inns. So named because of the noise she makes..."merp"\r\nMerp is me.\n

Image: misty.jpg   450x1008 35893 bytes 1999.10.14

I had a cat named Misty, I loved her immensely. She died a few years back and I miss her. So I made her into a character. Misty Blue, a kitty that was mostly Birman and a little of something else that I don't know. She always loved roses...eating the petals mostly. :)\r\nMisty is me. \n

Image: mistycheer.jpg   286x600 10426 bytes 1999.10.14

For some strange reason, a friend online stuck me in a cheerleader's outfit when I was playing Misty. I liked it, so I modified it a bit and it stuck.\r\nMisty is me. \r\n\n

Image: mud.jpg   800x442 76510 bytes 1999.12.24

This was a commission that I still have to do a little work on. I was asked to leave out names if I posted this (and the other, paint.jpg), and that's not much of a problem, seeing as how I never GOT any. Regardless, the characters are copyright their respective players.\n

Image: mustelids.jpg   800x569 98534 bytes 2000.01.21

In the spirit of canines.jpg and spots.jpg, here's the third in that series. Mustelids: Ermine, sea otter, river otter, skunk, ferret, mink, badger, and wolverine. Once again, all female. I think they're all gonna be female. I'm looking for ideas for more pics in this series.\n

Image: nak&cal2.jpg   800x398 53298 bytes 1999.10.14

This is my first officially yiffy commission (more to come), done for Naketa and calafin of Yiffnet. This one was colored entirely in Photoshop, and I think that for one of my firsts, it's rather good.\r\nNaketa and calafin are their respective players\n

Image: nak&cal69.jpg   800x422 47527 bytes 1999.10.14

Commission # 2 for Naketa and calafin. Took me a long time to get around to finishing it for some reason.\r\nNaketa and calafin are their respective players.\n

Image: nak01c.jpg   525x800 39259 bytes 2001.07.11

One of the few humans I've ever drawn, and not bad considering. This is the human form of Nakomis the werewolf (note the wolf-eyes). She's me.

Image: nakcrinos.jpg   368x768 46108 bytes 2000.03.06

I started role playing Nakomis again, as a Garou style werewolf, so of course I had to draw her. She's me.\n

Image: nakomis2.jpg   300x600 35360 bytes 1999.10.14

This is Nakomis Starbreeze, Strider's sister and only current packmember, dancing at a Gathering. She lives on Dineer and works in a local inn there. \r\nNakomis is me.\r\n \r\n\n

Image: nakomisnewc.jpg   514x615 35998 bytes 2001.04.14

I started playing Nakomis again, and as is always the case when I start up a character after a long absense, I had to re-draw her. This is a more furry form, even though she's a werewolf. I like how it came out. Nakomis is me (re-upload)

Image: nerilseplanet.jpg   514x708 54634 bytes 2003.01.14

Dre'ak character of mine. Nerilse is '03 Linsey Huish.

Image: newralley.jpg   350x782 25764 bytes 2001.04.12

RalleyFox came to visit us over spring break. He was one of the first people I ever drew a picture for, and the first to commission me; all his old pictures are quite out of date. So I drew him a new one. Just a generic character portrait, he got to take it home with him. One of the perks of meeting me irl, I tend to give out free pics. :) Ralleyfox is his player.

Image: nichbadge.jpg   800x600 139449 bytes 2001.02.03

Image: nickdragon2.jpg   600x827 726996 bytes 2000.08.11

After learning my new color technique, I decided to do a pic of my kitty's newfound dragonyness. Kind of a large file, but it came out really well. Nicholas is his player. ;)

Image: nightingale.jpg   305x600 15083 bytes 1999.11.19

Inspired by an aquaintance online. My first bird-morph.\n

Image: nightshade.jpg   505x811 48014 bytes 2005.04.14

Divale Nightshade, black wolf sorceress. This is a TOTAL revamp of a SCARY old picture buried somewhere in my archives here. It's disturbing how much I've improved since 1999. She is Linsey Huish.

Image: niledragon.jpg   573x787 182279 bytes 2005.01.12

Art dump! The following...20 some-odd pieces are going in the FC '05 Art show. O.x \r\nEgyptian dragon, because I've never seen it done, and because it's cool. I made him into a character on taps, because I'm lame like that. -.-

Image: nipples.jpg   611x523 78409 bytes 2003.06.05

Gift art for Ahkhana. Much silliness. Ahkahna is Hannah Spute

Image: nira.jpg   376x657 55290 bytes 2002.04.23

Another Taps character. I felt I needed a semi-"normal" character on the muck. She's a dhole (NOT A FOX!). Cookie for you if you actually know what a dhole is.\r\nNira and art '02 Sidian

Image: niracoy.jpg   413x890 61534 bytes 2004.04.24

New portrait of Nira the dhole. She's me.

Image: nirad.jpg   597x531 60209 bytes 2004.04.24

Depiction of Nira's non-anthro form. She's a dhole. She's me.

Image: norenxaqc.jpg   591x800 69271 bytes 2000.11.16

Gah! FINALLY finished this commission. After losing the original sketch and having to redraw it, then losing THAT sketch and finding it months later, I was able to color the thing and get it to its owner. After all that time (I'm grateful for his patience with me), I'm rather glad I lost the original sketch, because it took me so long to get around to redoing it that my skills had greatly improved by the time I finally did. Gold is a bitch to do in any medium, so I'm rather happy with how this came out. Norenxaq is himself.\n

Image: nova.jpg   800x600 37427 bytes 2000.05.10

I did this a long time ago, last year sometime in art class. I just dug it up recently and decided to scan it. It actually scanned rather well, which surprised me. It's all colored pencil on black illustration board. Nova the star dragon is me. 5/9/00\n

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