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Image: kitties10.jpg   650x502 76957 bytes 2000.06.06

A little sketch I did for my kitty when I was really missing him...It didn't come out half as good as I wanted it to/pictured it. God I suck. :/ Anyway, they're both copyright us, blah blah blah and all that shit..\n

Image: bathe.jpg   600x600 128110 bytes 2000.06.05

I did this pic for the sole purpose of selling the original, and then selling prints later. I'm slappin' it up as my first pic on FurBid. If yer interested, go bid! :D\n

Image: shittyday.jpg   550x696 87416 bytes 2000.06.03

I had a this is how I've felt. Thanks for this day go out to my dad, my ex-boyfriend, my boss, my brother, my mother, most people in general, and most importantly, Payroll, for not sending my check along with the others.\n

Image: ohmygodc2.jpg   700x544 172854 bytes 2000.05.28

My one and only spoogy pic! :P For some twisted reason, I decided to finish this. So I touched it up (made it more tufty! :D), inked it, colored it, and smacked it on a photoshop background. If anyone has any desire to buy one, I'll be selling prints of this (if I ever get the damn paper). Yes! I know, I'm a pervert! But hey, sex is fun, so why not draw it? ;D\n

Image: tufthat.jpg   300x426 28443 bytes 2000.05.26

Again, they harassed me until I posted it. Tuft sitting upon Nicholas' hat and being...well, cute. :3\n

Image: tufty.jpg   600x540 75626 bytes 2000.05.26

This was a bit of a joke, I wasn't going to upload it, but friends insisted. A good friend commented that he REALLY loved the fur tufts on my newer sketches, and basically wouldn't shut up about it, so in one of my silly moods, I created a character called Tuft. Not exactly sure what she is, but she's mine, nonetheless. ;) The absurdity is overwhelming... o.O\n

Image: leashc.jpg   600x694 180305 bytes 2000.05.26

The colored (and touched up in photoshop) version of leash.jpg. There's only one or two things I don't like about this pic, but they couldn't be fixed. It really needs a background, after which point I will most likely be selling prints of it, as a couple people have expressed an interest in buying one. Anyone else? and the characters are copyrighted, btw. So no stealy! hehehe\r\n(again, yes, she's floating. Kitsunes can do that, yaknow... :P)\n

Image: demifur.jpg   400x775 161201 bytes 2000.05.25

Commission for Demifur of Yiffnet. I haven't done many skunks, so I really like how this one came out. Demifur is his player.\n

Image: censorTHIS.jpg   500x686 57288 bytes 2000.05.24

This pic was originally going to be for a friend...but I changed it a bit as a response to a certain someone's rant...What the hell are you doing on Velar? If you don't like the content, go get on some prissy censored archive like Yerf. There are other places to post your art....\r\nJust my two cents...and to everyone else: Apologies if offensive. ;)\n

Image: leash.jpg   600x698 36788 bytes 2000.05.23

Sometimes...I just get the urge to draw something...different. I think maybe I need to draw a bit more yiffy stuff...maybe...Anyway, I may or may not color this, depending on the feedback I get. :P And yes...she's supposed to be floating. \n

Image: senajit.jpg   740x503 115406 bytes 2000.05.18

Commission for Senajit. I learned, with this pic, that stripes SUCK! Doing them in photoshop is a bitch. :P It came out really well though, despite the lack of background, and I like it. Senajit is his player.\n

Image: furcsid.jpg   391x600 101786 bytes 2000.05.14

I've been on Furcadia a few days, with all these furs asking me to draw their characters, and it occured to me that I hadn't drawn mine. So here she is, Furcadia's version of Sidian. She's me, like all the others. 5/14/00\n

Image: pogopillow.jpg   382x600 36769 bytes 2000.05.11

Day two on Furcadia, drew PillowHider. For no other reason than for the hell of it, 'cause she's silly. She's her player. 5/11/00\n

Image: tigrus.jpg   368x600 50678 bytes 2000.05.11

My first day on Furcadia, I was fartin' around and ran into Ghislain Wildcat, a fellow Velar artist. We did a pic trade, this is my half, his character Tigrus is him. 5/10/00\n

Image: rosalia.jpg   488x850 43173 bytes 2000.05.10

Another pic trade with JBernal/Cullen. I was going to wait until he sticks a background on it to post it, but I got impatient, so here it is now. I'll repost it when I get the one with the background back from him. Rosalia is Jeremy Bernal (I think. :P) 5/9/00\n

Image: redskulls.jpg   800x537 81749 bytes 2000.05.10

Another art project, didn't scan very well. We had to do something with skulls...and being the dragonlover that I am, I did this. I had to cut off the top and bottom of the pic though, so you can't see the skulls all that well. 5/9/00\n

Image: nova.jpg   800x600 37427 bytes 2000.05.10

I did this a long time ago, last year sometime in art class. I just dug it up recently and decided to scan it. It actually scanned rather well, which surprised me. It's all colored pencil on black illustration board. Nova the star dragon is me. 5/9/00\n

Image: guin.jpg   384x800 93463 bytes 2000.05.10

I drew this last year for a friend on an RP channel I visited. I started to color it a few months ago, but didn't finish it till today. I started it in colored pencil and finished it in photoshop. I think the mixed media looks nice. Guinevere is her player. (I'm going to start putting the dates that I upload my pics, so I can keep track. :P 5/9/00)\n

Image: tarna.jpg   369x768 30394 bytes 2000.05.05

A commission for Lance/Ecnal of Yiffnet of his mate Tarna. Took me a wee bit too long to finish this, but it's done now. (yay!) Tarna is her player. \n

Image: furywolf.jpg   409x600 32558 bytes 2000.05.04

Commission for Furywolf of Yiffnet. He is his player.\n

Image: sidprofile.jpg   367x415 19977 bytes 2000.05.03

Just a little something I whipped up for my image on the Furry Grand Central Database. \n

Image: radzynbuff.jpg   520x768 38350 bytes 2000.04.29

I finally redrew and finished the commission I've owed Radzyn for over six months. He really liked it. You're the sexiest goyle I've ever met, bud. ;)\r\nRadzyn is Guy Vial.\n

Image: vinbunc.jpg   401x768 28624 bytes 2000.04.28

My half of an art exchange/challenge with Cullen. I challenged him to do a chinchilla, he challenged me to do a bunny in vinyl. So here she is. I started out coloring her in colored pencils, but I didn't like how it looked, so I went into photoshop and finished it up that way. Aside from the fact that the wall looks a little crooked (kinda like my house :P), I really like how it came out. You like? ;)\n

Image: heather.jpg   399x600 62517 bytes 2000.04.23

A barmaid character of mine, this is Heather. I've done several pics of her, but this is the first one I've posted, and the best one. She's me.\n

Image: tigoness.jpg   426x600 67521 bytes 2000.04.23

My most recent pic. A new character idea, she's a tigon (father was a tiger, mother was a lion). I really like how her coloring came out, and I like the pic in general, despite its few flaws. She doesn't have a name yet, but she's me.\r\nAnd with these uploads, I'm back online with my new computer. Apologies to those I owe commissions, I'll get them out as soon as I can.\n

Image: chimnew.jpg   545x768 37199 bytes 2000.04.23

During my month or so of being offline due to my shitty old computer, I drew this: a detailed pencil drawing of the blood demon Chimosha. I'm not going to color it, because I'll lose some of the detail in the process. She's me.\n

Image: wwolfmom.jpg   365x600 29642 bytes 2000.04.23

Third finished pic in the series. A werewolf mother nurses a pup. Needs a background, but that can wait.\n

Image: werefox.jpg   800x410 49062 bytes 2000.04.23

Second in the were-creatures series. I like how it came out, despite the half-assed 30 second semi-background.\n

Image: wwolf1.jpg   362x480 27147 bytes 2000.04.23

This picture started off a series of werewolf (and other werecreatures) pictures that may turn into a portfolio at some point. I was bored in a hotel room when the idea hit me. I didn't end up coloring them until I was stuck without a computer for a month though.\n

Image: batz.jpg   500x700 62735 bytes 2000.04.23

I wanted to make a bat character, so this is it. She doesn't have a name yet, and for some reason I just decided to give her arms and wings. I like how she turned out. She's me.\n

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