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Image: ohmy.jpg   188x478 24399 bytes 1999.10.14

This was originally done to be a button on my temporary page, but it doesn't fit here, so I just stuck it on this page. This was my first official shot at watercolor pencils. I think it turned out quite well.\n

Image: ohmygod.jpg   760x600 33240 bytes 2000.02.15

I think this pic is aptly named...because Oh my GOD why did I draw this?! first attempt at spooge in any form (and possibly my last, depending on feedback)...whaddaya think? It's been suggested I color it, so I might. They're just random furs havin' a little fun, no one in specific, though the pic's me.\n

Image: ohmygodc2.jpg   700x544 172854 bytes 2000.05.28

My one and only spoogy pic! :P For some twisted reason, I decided to finish this. So I touched it up (made it more tufty! :D), inked it, colored it, and smacked it on a photoshop background. If anyone has any desire to buy one, I'll be selling prints of this (if I ever get the damn paper). Yes! I know, I'm a pervert! But hey, sex is fun, so why not draw it? ;D\n

Image: olordrin.jpg   386x805 53326 bytes 2001.12.17

Human...sorta...Character of a friend in the channel I RP. Olordrin is '01 James Allinson

Image: omega2.jpg   271x600 18724 bytes 1999.10.14

The fourth request I did during my practicing for commissions. This is Omega (aka Kevin), a goth wolfie on Yiffnet.\r\nOmega is his respective player.\r\n\n

Image: opalnsally.jpg   400x765 125884 bytes 2000.06.16

Pic trade with Hellenic, took me way too long to finish it up. A few problems with this, color is wierd, legs are wierd. *sigh* oh well.. The characters are him.\n

Image: orca2.jpg   411x600 42223 bytes 1999.10.14

She's a little slim for a orca morph, or so I'm told. \n

Image: OsirieC.jpg   495x845 36843 bytes 2001.07.17

I had the urge to draw something hooved, and a friend of mine who's sorta antelope-ish kind of inspired me to do this. Unusual for me, she's no specific species. Just a generic antelope thingy. She was very briefly a character on a MUCK, but she's still me.

Image: otterballet.jpg   657x900 211434 bytes 2000.12.07

A while back I got some new smooth bristol board. Wanted to try it out and had an idea for some otters, as I haven't done otters much (translates: at all). So here it is. This will be in the art show/auction at FurCon and prints will be sold. It is, however MINE! me me me!! hehehe\n

Image: otters.jpg   725x496 81928 bytes 2001.10.22

I ran into a spiffy golden otter named Warwick on SPR. He was friendly and playful, so I took advantage of Sid's innate polymorph ability to become all ottery and play with him on his own terms. Otters are silliness. :) Warwick is himself, Art and Sidian, otter or not, are '01 Linsey Huish.

Image: paint.jpg   631x480 51706 bytes 1999.12.24

The second commission for the same guy who commissioned mud.jpg. Also got a bit more touch-ups to do on this one. These two were probably my biggest commissions to date...well, almost. Still copyrighted to their players.\n

Image: pakesh2.jpg   259x600 35840 bytes 1999.10.14

I did this pic as a request for Pakesh_De of Yiffnet. It was suggested to me that I do some requests for advertisement, so I just picked a fur at random and did a pic for him. He was very satisfied with the result.\r\nPakesh_De is his respective player.\r\n\n

Image: pakeshgriffc.jpg   625x800 139349 bytes 2000.12.07

Pakesh_De the clydesdale somehow got turned into a hippogriff (I have no idea, he's a goofball), I was bored and interested, so I drew it for him. Ended up being his birthday piccy. I'm probably putting this in the show at FurCon (provided I get my panels) and if any interest is shown, will sell prints.\r\nAnyway, Pakesh is himself.\n

Image: paws!.jpg   600x725 241118 bytes 2000.08.11

I spent a couple of days with Goldenwolf, and she showed me how to better use colored pencils. As such, I practically got better overnight...well...literally overnight..We stayed up until 6 am drawing and coloring. She has an odd fixation with paws, so I drew this for her. She really loved it. I did another one, but she hasn't scanned it yet, so it'll have to go up here later. Anyway, Goldie is Christy Grandjean\n

Image: pegasus2.jpg   328x600 34294 bytes 1999.10.14

This is a pegasus morph that I drew for fun. She doesn't have a name, nor do I think she ever will. I just drew her to see if I could. :)\n

Image: penren.jpg   476x862 78426 bytes 2005.04.14

Pencil shaded Renley, the fennec fox/striped skunk hybrid.\r\nRenley is Linsey Huish

Image: pernstudy.jpg   483x600 27308 bytes 1999.10.14

A while back when I was reading the Dragonriders of Pern books, I did this study of a Pernese dragon's head. I impressed myself, even if pernese dragons are a bit odd looking.\r\n\r\n\n

Image: phantomteam1.jpg   476x480 40083 bytes 1999.10.14

I boredly created this group to play in a channel that never really even got started. It was a futuristic furry channel. The group was led by a genetically engineered fur code-named Phantom and consisted of a coyote, a bear, a cat, a dragon (who had nothing better to do at the time), a ferret, and a mouse. They were a kind of vigilante group. All characters are me.\r\n\n

Image: pinup.jpg   313x768 17057 bytes 2000.02.16

It would appear I've started a weasels fad. :D Yet another weasel pic, done to cheer up Baines and because still, there just aren't enough weasels out there. ;)\n

Image: pogopillow.jpg   382x600 36769 bytes 2000.05.11

Day two on Furcadia, drew PillowHider. For no other reason than for the hell of it, 'cause she's silly. She's her player. 5/11/00\n

Image: punkwolf.jpg   295x600 20400 bytes 1999.10.14

Another character I created but never used. I never even came up with a name for her. Even so, she's me.\r\n\n

Image: queen.jpg   363x600 25296 bytes 1999.10.14

This is Ebony as the Queen of Dineer at a ball thrown in her honor with the intention of finding her a mate/husband. She's not to keen on the idea of being set up.\r\nEbony and Dineer are me\r\n\n

Image: queenebony.jpg   507x688 67332 bytes 2003.07.29

Revised version of Ebony's hybrid form.

Image: radzniri.jpg   367x768 30293 bytes 1999.11.25

This was sort of an apology...I should have stuck with you Guy, no matter what. And I'm sorry. :/ I just want you to be happy.\r\nLove ya man.\n

Image: radzyn2.jpg   402x600 60261 bytes 1999.10.14

This is a commission I did for Radzyn, the spiffy TALL gargoyle from yiffnet, my first fan and now one of my best friends. This is the first gargoyle pic I've done in about a year. He was very happy with it.\r\nRadzyn is Guy Vial.\r\n\r\n\n

Image: radzyna.jpg   339x600 16454 bytes 1999.10.17

An inside joke between me and Radzyn and a few others...<cracks up>\n

Image: radzynbuff.jpg   520x768 38350 bytes 2000.04.29

I finally redrew and finished the commission I've owed Radzyn for over six months. He really liked it. You're the sexiest goyle I've ever met, bud. ;)\r\nRadzyn is Guy Vial.\n

Image: rainbow.jpg   478x394 16840 bytes 1999.10.14

An experiment I did a while back with watercolor pencils. Not sure if I like it or not\n

Image: rall&raven2.jpg   375x480 48726 bytes 1999.10.14

My first commission, done for RalleyFox and Raven of Yiffnet. Very nice furs. :) Unfortunately, shortly after I finished this they broke up, and now I feel bad. :/\r\nRalleyFox and Raven are their respective players.\r\n\n

Image: ralley&kat.jpg   900x644 45602 bytes 2001.04.14

Commission for RalleyFox. He and Katrina are their players

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