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Image: siranew.jpg   435x768 68138 bytes 2000.03.10

As I have with so many other characters (and will continue to do so), I drew a new version of Sira when I started playing her again. And here it is. Sira is still me!\n

Image: nakcrinos.jpg   368x768 46108 bytes 2000.03.06

I started role playing Nakomis again, as a Garou style werewolf, so of course I had to draw her. She's me.\n

Image: rejatfinal.jpg   436x600 39122 bytes 2000.03.06

The owner of #Cycron_Tavern on rpgworlds, an anthro rat with a nasty disposition. He's his player (Cronyx/Steve, whatever :P).\n

Image: ebnewc.jpg   346x768 38378 bytes 2000.03.04

Like I've done with so many of my other characters recently (and as I do quite often when my skill improves significantly), I redrew Ebony Dagger (the RP version of her). This is her in mid-workout. She's mine. ;)\n

Image: skunk01.jpg   300x600 14988 bytes 2000.03.03

Really quick sketch I did when someone suggested I couldn't draw skunks. I plan on finishing it. I'm also trying to decide which of my other sketches I should ink and color, having trouble. Any suggestions?\n

Image: tigerknight2.jpg   466x768 54578 bytes 2000.03.01

This is a commission for Tib of yiffnet (though this isn't his yiffnet character). It too me way too long to get this finished, so long in fact that my skill improved so much after drawing the first sketch, that I decided to redraw it. And God does this one ever look better, you wouldn't know I'd drawn the last one from comparing them...but anyway, the TigerKnight belongs to Tib.\n

Image: solnew.jpg   389x768 38969 bytes 2000.02.29

I decided, as I've done with so many of my other characters, that Solstice needed to be done over. So here she is, also new and improved. And also still mine!\n

Image: kailinnew.jpg   350x768 33085 bytes 2000.02.29

I looked at the pics of Kai-Lin that I have and decided that she needed to be redrawn. So here she is, new and improved. :) And she's still mine!\n

Image: hug.jpg   391x600 41315 bytes 2000.02.24

A bit of a gift for my kitty Nicholas. It's really great being in love...<happy sigh>. Five months honey! \n

Image: lh-wlddg.jpg   565x506 26490 bytes 2000.02.24

One of the people I went to FC with really liked the wild dog in my canines.jpg, so I drew her for him in his sketchbook. I got him to scan it for me.\n

Image: lordpyro.jpg   744x600 88264 bytes 2000.02.24

My half of another pic trade with Psycrowe. This is her evil character Lord Pyro. He's Adelle Crowe.\n

Image: diab.jpg   533x517 71027 bytes 2000.02.23

Every so often a strange or unique character will intrigue me and I'll draw it. This is just such an instance. This is Diabhal, the horned, red dire wolf. He's his player.\n

Image: rial.jpg   262x600 18745 bytes 2000.02.21

I was bored out of my mind last night on Yiffnet. I picked a random fur and drew their character. This is a sketch of her. I might finish it, might not. Rial is her player.\n

Image: sidsad.jpg   417x600 24299 bytes 2000.02.21

For artists, usually the best way to express themselves is through their art. I haven't drawn what I've felt in a mood just inspired me tonight I guess.\n

Image: pinup.jpg   313x768 17057 bytes 2000.02.16

It would appear I've started a weasels fad. :D Yet another weasel pic, done to cheer up Baines and because still, there just aren't enough weasels out there. ;)\n

Image: ohmygod.jpg   760x600 33240 bytes 2000.02.15

I think this pic is aptly named...because Oh my GOD why did I draw this?! first attempt at spooge in any form (and possibly my last, depending on feedback)...whaddaya think? It's been suggested I color it, so I might. They're just random furs havin' a little fun, no one in specific, though the pic's me.\n

Image: w_wer.jpg   475x600 24463 bytes 2000.02.14

Commission for White_wer of Yiffnet. I actually gave him the original on this one, but that's just because we were both at FurCon and it was convenient. That's about the most spooge I've ever done, although, there is a much worse (or better?) one in the works, so beware. >;D white_wer is his player.\n

Image: weasels.jpg   680x600 31108 bytes 2000.02.14

Whoa! More yiffy stuff! How'd that get in here? hehehe...I did this pic for my good pal Baines because "There's just not enough yiffy weasel art out there." And I may do a few more. The proportions came out kinda funky on the male, but as I don't draw much yiff, I haven't got much practice, so it's pretty good considering. Baines da weasel is himself and the pic is me!\n

Image: reaver.jpg   477x600 54663 bytes 2000.02.08

Commission #2 for my pal Reaver (more to come, apparently). Another success in watercolors, though due to the fact I didn't know I'd be using watercolors when I drew it, it's on crappy paper and I had to fix some mistakes in Photoshop. Reaver is his player.\n

Image: indigo.jpg   638x869 81731 bytes 2000.02.07

Hehehehe...this was lotsa fun...and it's pretty. ;) Indigo is her oh-so-sexy player, the pic is meeee. Lovin' it... ;D\n

Image: w&sisc.jpg   494x1172 94254 bytes 2000.02.06

A request done for Siscily and WiteHowlr for Valentine's Day. I'm disappointed by the background, but they liked it. Sisc and Wite are copyright their players. The pic's mine. ;)\n

Image: snowscarf.jpg   420x768 41811 bytes 2000.02.05

I really like watercolors, and I keep wanting to do more with them, so I did this. I like it, it's neat. :) Oh, and you know what else? It's MINE! Bwahahaha!...although...I may be persuaded to sell it...\n

Image: dom&lex.jpg   800x593 95430 bytes 2000.02.04

Um...a commission that took WAY too long to finish. Don't get used to this kinda stuff, I don't do it often, and usually only when paid to do it. Not my personal taste. :P Anyway, they're copyright their players, blah blah blah...\n

Image: tigermug.jpg   409x600 34622 bytes 2000.02.03

Whilst at FurCon, for some unexplainable reason, my style and skill changed drastically. I drew this after a friend mentioned he hadn't seen enough tigers.\n

Image: foxkiss.jpg   453x768 48596 bytes 2000.02.02

Seeing all the wonderful art at FurCon and the various mediums and techniques, I was inspired to try something new. This is watercolor on bristol board (I finally found something to do with my bristol board! :D) I think it's pretty good for one of my first tries.\n

Image: mustelids.jpg   800x569 98534 bytes 2000.01.21

In the spirit of canines.jpg and spots.jpg, here's the third in that series. Mustelids: Ermine, sea otter, river otter, skunk, ferret, mink, badger, and wolverine. Once again, all female. I think they're all gonna be female. I'm looking for ideas for more pics in this series.\n

Image: couch.jpg   800x491 77707 bytes 2000.01.13

A commission for a friend of mine that took me a wee bit too long to finish. From left to right it's Reaver, Cinder, Baines, and Iridesent. Before I could finish this, Cinder broke up with Reaver (she pulled a real bitch-move which pissed me off), but he wanted it finished as a kind of remembrance of how things were. So I obliged him. They're all (c) their players.\n

Image: canines.jpg   798x600 103239 bytes 2000.01.11

The second compilation pic that I've done (after spots.jpg). There are more to follow, next on the list is a mustelids pic. For some reason they all ended up female. <shrugs> No reason to make them male. They are, clockwise from the top left: wolf, black-backed jackal, coyote, raccoon dog, maned wolf, dingo, dhole, red fox, african wild dog.\n

Image: calysta.jpg   295x600 19472 bytes 1999.12.24

Just a sketchy of my newest RP character. Inspired by dbeast.jpg. She's MINE!\n

Image: paint.jpg   631x480 51706 bytes 1999.12.24

The second commission for the same guy who commissioned mud.jpg. Also got a bit more touch-ups to do on this one. These two were probably my biggest commissions to date...well, almost. Still copyrighted to their players.\n

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