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Image: mud.jpg   800x442 76510 bytes 1999.12.24

This was a commission that I still have to do a little work on. I was asked to leave out names if I posted this (and the other, paint.jpg), and that's not much of a problem, seeing as how I never GOT any. Regardless, the characters are copyright their respective players.\n

Image: um.jpg   342x480 20595 bytes 1999.12.23

Let's see explanation...Well..When my friend Baines comes into channel, I tend to pick him up and hug him...Of course, he's usually clothed.....\n

Image: wolfdaddy.jpg   407x600 21589 bytes 1999.12.23

A big wolf daddy snuggles his pups. I just started drawin' one day and this is what happened. I think it's cute.\r\n\r\n\n

Image: dbeast.jpg   466x768 33502 bytes 1999.12.21

I don't know where this came from, but I really like how it came out. I will add a background as soon as I can.\n

Image: siddragonc.jpg   494x600 36416 bytes 1999.12.11

Colored the pic of Sid's full dragon form, though her colors don't scan very well for some reason. I'll have to keep working on it.\n

Image: sidhybrid.JPG   294x600 16785 bytes 1999.12.10

I would NOT put this picture up here ordinarily, because of how much it just plain sucks...however...I put it up to illustrate my improvement since I drew this about two years ago. You can see the difference by checking out the next picture, sidhybridnewc.jpg. They're the same character, my RP version of Sidian.\n

Image: sidhybridnewc.jpg   318x600 24464 bytes 1999.12.10

I started RPing again, so I drew a new version of Sidian and this is it. The color isn't all that grand, but oh well. MUCHLY improved from the last poorly drawn/scanned pic of her. She's copyright ME.\n

Image: fei_as.jpg   433x600 27814 bytes 1999.12.06

The full dragon form of Fei As. Gamma's funky, gotta rescan it. \n

Image: anthrofei.jpg   323x600 15335 bytes 1999.12.06

Nicholas has another character...a dragon...I like his other character. <grin> \r\nFei As is copyrighted to his player.\r\n

Image: softpaw-6.jpg   238x600 17175 bytes 1999.12.06

I recently discovered a Role play channel on Dalnet. Upon going there, I was interested in some of the main characters, and the first thing I did was offer to draw one of them. This is her, Softpaw, the barkeep. She's copyright her player.\n

Image: elite.jpg   544x600 63371 bytes 1999.12.06

My half of a pic trade with Adelle Crowe (Psycrowe). I like how it came out and her half of the exchange was erally good. :) Adelle holds the on the furry dragon concept and Jessica Ratte holds the on Elite.\n

Image: siddragon1.jpg   516x600 31557 bytes 1999.12.06

A sketch of Sid's full dragon form. \n

Image: vega_c.jpg   383x705 25727 bytes 1999.12.04

Commission for VegaFox of yiffnet. Finally got it finished. VegaFox is copyright his player.\n

Image: wite-howl.jpg   554x636 32212 bytes 1999.11.25

Okay, so this one's really depressing, and I will keep the situations behind it quiet because it's really personal to those involved. On a much less personal note, I really like how this one came out.\n

Image: radzniri.jpg   367x768 30293 bytes 1999.11.25

This was sort of an apology...I should have stuck with you Guy, no matter what. And I'm sorry. :/ I just want you to be happy.\r\nLove ya man.\n

Image: upsidedown.jpg   457x600 32724 bytes 1999.11.23

This is cute! :)\n

Image: x-masdeer.jpg   261x600 12722 bytes 1999.11.19

The obligatory seasonal pic. I dunno if she's all that sexy, but I like it.\n

Image: jt_of_xel.jpg   270x600 21366 bytes 1999.11.19

A commission. Exciting, huh? jt of xel is copyright her player, blah blah blah...\n

Image: slith.jpg   779x644 54257 bytes 1999.11.19

A commission that I FINALLY took me months. Anyway, this is slith, and he's copyright his respective player.\n

Image: nightingale.jpg   305x600 15083 bytes 1999.11.19

Inspired by an aquaintance online. My first bird-morph.\n

Image: fairyfox.jpg   353x600 14439 bytes 1999.11.19

The style's a little different than usual, I think she's cute. I'll probably end up coloring her, as I will all my pencil sketches, when I have more time.\n

Image: bitches.jpg   400x600 22742 bytes 1999.11.19

Just felt like drawing dogs. Please excuse the poor taste in filename.\n

Image: frisbee.jpg   473x600 13058 bytes 1999.11.15

I used to have a border collie, god I loved that dog. I drew this as a reprieve from a nasty artist's block and it made me really happy.\n

Image: han.jpg   297x600 16591 bytes 1999.11.09

A character created for a furry role play campaign on yiffnet that my mate is running. Han is me.\n

Image: wingedcat.jpg   800x506 30110 bytes 1999.11.09

I was told I wasn't drawing enough felines, so I drew this...I really hate feathers. *blah* Dunno what I'll end up doing with it.\n

Image: lina.jpg   277x600 12077 bytes 1999.11.09

Attempt #2 at an anthro chinchilla. I made a character one night when I was bored, her name is Lina. This is the first version of her, there may be more at some point. Lina is me.\n

Image: darkchild.jpg   240x600 13504 bytes 1999.11.09

A character pic for a friend who's new to the fandom.\n

Image: kailinwind1-1.jpg   519x768 36770 bytes 1999.11.08

The colored version of this pic. Colored by me in Photoshop. The kewl swirly thingy was done by Nicholas. Thanks hon! :)

Image: griffolf.jpg   547x600 46292 bytes 1999.10.30

I felt like drawing a griffon, but I didn't want to do the plain old lion/eagle combo. So I did something a little more unique.\n

Image: thebot.jpg   284x600 13517 bytes 1999.10.27

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