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Image: scott.jpg   238x600 20782 bytes 1999.10.14

The very first request I ever did. This was done in October of '98 for a friend I worked in a haunted house with. He posed for this pic personally. And if you couldn't guess, his favorite color is purple.\r\nHe is his creator and player.\n

Image: seadragon.jpg   690x686 144309 bytes 2003.06.05

Almost hit my quota with this round of uploads...not quite. ;) This is Kai'Lani. It means sea and sky. I figure that's appropriate for a sea dragon. She's replacing Salia on Tapestries, changed the look and the name. She's 2003 Linsey Huish. Must give credit to Dark Natasha for inspiration.

Image: senajit.jpg   740x503 115406 bytes 2000.05.18

Commission for Senajit. I learned, with this pic, that stripes SUCK! Doing them in photoshop is a bitch. :P It came out really well though, despite the lack of background, and I like it. Senajit is his player.\n

Image: seraiah.jpg   440x594 73873 bytes 2003.05.10

Catching up on commissions, I've gotten a few done, here's one. Seraiah, the spotty snake lady with whispy wings. She's 2003 her player.

Image: serpent.jpg   459x600 49696 bytes 1999.10.14

I did this in art class with white colored pencil on black board because I thought it would look cool. It didn't scan very well though.\r\n\n

Image: sexytaleron2.jpg   244x434 20273 bytes 2002.06.04

Sexy portrait of Taleron. Mrrr. ;)\r\nTaleron is the intellectual property of his sexy self.

Image: shadesofpain.jpg   394x464 52449 bytes 2003.07.29

"Shades of Pain" Isn't depression fun?

Image: shaledri.jpg   596x745 129491 bytes 2004.09.09

Otter/fox hybrid. Shaledri.

Image: shaman2.jpg   466x562 59000 bytes 2001.09.23

This is my tabletop furry RPG character, Ne'Shai. She's an African Wild Dog shamaness. This was a big success and I love how it came out. By far one of my best pieces to date.\r\nNe'shai and the art are '01 Linsey Huish.

Image: shawning2.jpg   600x763 151619 bytes 2002.06.04

Da'naith's sister, Shawning. Also a dragriffon (obviously), and also a mage, she specializes in softer magics, i.e. healing and the like. \r\nShawning is '02 Linsey "Sidian" Huish. Also mine!

Image: shinji.jpg   455x800 47462 bytes 2001.07.16

Picture for a friend of one of his RP characters. Another old upload. Shinji is his player, pic is me.

Image: shittyday.jpg   550x696 87416 bytes 2000.06.03

I had a this is how I've felt. Thanks for this day go out to my dad, my ex-boyfriend, my boss, my brother, my mother, most people in general, and most importantly, Payroll, for not sending my check along with the others.\n

Image: shldrrub.gif   450x568 181447 bytes 2000.06.26

A shoulder rub from a friend. (God could I ever use one irl :P) I really need to stop sketching on printer paper. It comes out too messy. Despite that, this came out rather well. Sidian me, Tib himself.\n

Image: shy.jpg   544x659 58490 bytes 2003.01.14

A role play character of mine. Shymirra is '03 Linsey Huish. I've a ponderance on this...I really like it, but would anyone actually buy a print of it?

Image: sid-erf.jpg   480x492 12470 bytes 1999.10.14

I was in a really strange mood one night, and I drew this self picture of my reaction upon the realization that I was yiffy, a rare occasion indeed. <snickers> I don't think it'll ever get more work done on it than it has now, it was just done to get it outta my head\r\n(Sid's still me)\r\n\n

Image: sid-fours.jpg   950x525 115592 bytes 1999.10.14

Same mood swing as sidcharge2. I was PISSED. Sometimes when I get angry I revert to a more quadripedal state. \r\nSidian is me.\r\n\n

Image: sid-happy.jpg   605x600 21194 bytes 1999.10.14

This pretty well defines my all-around state of mind for the past few months. Happy.\r\n\n

Image: sid-me.jpg   320x600 15067 bytes 1999.10.27

Like I did to Misty, I drew Sid more like the real life me.\r\nSidian is me.\n

Image: sid-strut.jpg   748x600 40563 bytes 1999.10.14

Yet another self-pic. I finally actually did a nude of myself. <blushes muchly> I do hope to finish this at some point.\r\n me\r\n\n

Image: sid-tease.jpg   419x768 64456 bytes 1999.10.14

A self-pic I drew as a tease when I was in a wierd mood. >;) \r\nSidian is me.\r\n\n

Image: sid_newsittingC.jpg   708x678 58754 bytes 2001.05.13

Sidian's newest look. I like it a lot and it just seems to fit her better, and me. She's a bit less "furry" looking, which is what I was going for. And because I'm sure you're wondering about it, she has no nipples. I did that on purpose because I didn't want the picture to be sexual. She only looks sexual when she feels sexual, if you know what I mean. :P She still is, and always will be me. Silver is a pain in the ass to color, but I'm getting better. :)

Image: sidbadge_copy.jpg   800x600 247683 bytes 2001.02.03

I did badges for several furs at FurCon, decided to upload them all here. I really like how most of them came out, especially mine and Tib's. All characters depicted on these badges are their players/creators/whatever. The art is myself.

Image: sidcanid.jpg   578x810 171330 bytes 2004.09.09

Made an anthro canine-ish morph to use on Tapestries to make associating with other smally anthro folk easier. ;) And I had to draw it of course!

Image: sidcharge2.jpg   800x368 38494 bytes 1999.10.14

I did this picture during one of my mood swings brought on by a crappy computer and a crappier isp. I might add a background sometime, I dunno. \r\nSidian is me.\r\n\n

Image: sidcrinos2.jpg   350x680 169443 bytes 2000.07.22

My crinos form for Wolfhome. Pardon the fuschia background, you have to make the background all one color that will end up transparent. Sid's STILL me. Steal and DIE!!!\n

Image: sidcrouched.jpg   636x585 63743 bytes 2003.06.05

The newest image of Sidian in all her furry silver glory. This was fun. Digitally painting silver, especially with dramatic lighting, was a challenge.

Image: siddive.jpg   423x869 75649 bytes 2005.04.14

Sidian, diving. Woosh. ^.^ Sidian is Linsey Huish.

Image: siddrag.jpg   500x480 35818 bytes 1999.10.14

The full dragon form of the role play version of me. This was drawn to illustrate her size, note the building which is a four story inn. (If you look realllly closely, you can see a little person next to the inn door by her left foot.) Sidian is me.\n

Image: siddragon1.jpg   516x600 31557 bytes 1999.12.06

A sketch of Sid's full dragon form. \n

Image: siddragonc.jpg   494x600 36416 bytes 1999.12.11

Colored the pic of Sid's full dragon form, though her colors don't scan very well for some reason. I'll have to keep working on it.\n

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