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Image: dragtaur2.jpg   800x553 32237 bytes 1999.10.27

My first attempt at drawing a dragontaur. It's named as the second one because I didn't like it very much and didn't scan it until after the other one.\n

Image: zebrawarrioress.jpg   499x600 23881 bytes 1999.10.27

This had been sitting in my sketchbook unfinished for months, I finally decided to finish it up. It just would have been way too much work for me to do in Photoshop, so I did it in pencil.\n

Image: sid-me.jpg   320x600 15067 bytes 1999.10.27

Like I did to Misty, I drew Sid more like the real life me.\r\nSidian is me.\n

Image: kittieskiss.jpg   353x600 16253 bytes 1999.10.27

*happy sigh* I love being in love. :)\r\n\n

Image: kailinwind2.jpg   270x600 13371 bytes 1999.10.27

I had an idea, so I drew it. For some reason I just thought it would look better if she was nude. *shrugs* Kai-Lin is me.\n

Image: kailin-wind.jpg   396x600 16384 bytes 1999.10.27

I started playing Kai-Lin on yiffnet. So I decided to redraw her, like I did with other characters of mine that I converted to furrydom. Kai-Lin's element is wind (can ya tell?). Kai-Lin is me.\n

Image: kiss.jpg   382x600 20781 bytes 1999.10.21

Once upon a time I had a foxy....\r\nRalleyFox is his player and Sid's me.\n

Image: kitty-me.jpg   258x600 9164 bytes 1999.10.21

This is Misty drawn more like the real life me. I think I'm going to start drawing Sidian more like the real me too. I might color this, dunno.\r\nMisty is me.\r\n\n

Image: dragtaur1.jpg   476x600 15376 bytes 1999.10.21

I decided to draw a 'taur, thought a dragon would be cool. This is what happened. <shrug>\r\n\n

Image: w&iri.jpg   308x600 29764 bytes 1999.10.19

My friend Iridesent seemed rather down lately, and I thought it would be nice to do something to cheer her up. So this is her and her wuffie, WiteHowlr, huggin'. They really liked it, it made Iri's day. :)\r\nWiteHowlr and Iridesent are their respective players.\n

Image: radzyna.jpg   339x600 16454 bytes 1999.10.17

An inside joke between me and Radzyn and a few others...<cracks up>\n

Image: sabre2th1.jpg   208x600 24498 bytes 1999.10.15

My computer was down and I was bored, so I did a lot of drawing. I went through a whole phase of finding a rarely drawn animal and anthropomorphosizing it. I found a picture of a sabre-toothed cat and thought "Hey cool!", so I drew one. I like the combination of spots and stripes and I'll probably add color later.\r\n\n

Image: back.jpg   363x600 13686 bytes 1999.10.15

A study I did a while back of an anthro dragon (weredragon) from the back. I probably won't do anything else to this one.\r\n\n

Image: 2leopards.jpg   750x600 66108 bytes 1999.10.15

I did this in watercolors for art class, I love how it turned out, though looking back after two years, I think I could probably do better now.\n

Image: b&cbattle.jpg   800x526 38820 bytes 1999.10.15

A picture I did for art class a few years back, I recently dug it out and decided to stick it on here. It's acrylic on illustration board. Didn't scan very well.\r\n\n

Image: sorceress3.jpg   513x600 52000 bytes 1999.10.14

This is Nightshade, a werewolf sorceress. I just started drawing and this is what happened, I have since made her into a character. I'm considering recoloring her in Photoshop, as this is kinda fuzzy.\r\nNightshade is me.\r\n\n

Image: Sidian.jpg   486x600 41443 bytes 1999.10.14

This is me! Well, the RP version of me. In the channels I started out role playing in, Sidian is a weredragon, having three forms: an elven, a hybrid, and a full dragon form. This is her hybrid form.\r\nSidian is me.\r\n\n

Image: hyb-foxskunk.jpg   916x1783 136318 bytes 1999.10.14

The second hybrid I drew and the first I colored. I have a couple more in the works, including a skunkcoon and a folf. They'll be up here eventually. I really like how these turned out.\n

Image: mistycheer.jpg   286x600 10426 bytes 1999.10.14

For some strange reason, a friend online stuck me in a cheerleader's outfit when I was playing Misty. I liked it, so I modified it a bit and it stuck.\r\nMisty is me. \r\n\n

Image: yeilandra.jpg   231x600 29616 bytes 1999.10.14

Yielandra is a character that I created for a friend's Ravenloft channel. That didn't work out, and I have since used her only on Yiffnet. She is a member of a race of winged, lycanthropic canines that I have yet to develop a name for.\r\nYielandra is me.\r\n\r\n\n

Image: threepack.jpg   640x411 29615 bytes 1999.10.14

This is the second picture like this that I ever drew. Didn't use color, it's all pencil. Don't know how good it is, but oh well.\n

Image: spoon.jpg   483x600 38047 bytes 1999.10.14

Me and my kitty snugglin'. \r\nSidian is me and Nicholas is himself.\r\n\r\n

Image: solstice.jpg   716x600 47961 bytes 1999.10.14

Another character I role play, or at least used to (I have dozens). Her name is Solstice, she is a cleric of Mishakal and a white weregriffon.\r\nSolstice is me.\r\n\n

Image: solnude.jpg   423x600 38279 bytes 1999.10.14

Solstice the cleric enjoying a nice shower via waterfall. \r\nSolstice is me.\r\n\n

Image: snow-magic.jpg   284x600 30030 bytes 1999.10.14

Snow, the weresnow leopard. She is a magician, using the traditional arts of illusion and trickery (but some of it's real). \r\nSnow is me. \r\n\n

Image: sira.jpg   255x600 28087 bytes 1999.10.14

Yet another character created for and played on the futuristic furry RP channel that didn't work out. Her name is Sira, she's a Russian Dhole with a spiffy accent.\r\nSira is me.\n

Image: singe.jpg   580x768 59045 bytes 1999.10.14

Whilst perusing Singe's art, I came across his fanart page. I saw that a lot of his fanart was just "spontaneously" done for no apparent reason. I like dragons and was interested, so I just spontaneously drew him for no apparent reason as well.\r\nSinge is his player and creator.\n

Image: sidwolf2.jpg   310x600 31641 bytes 1999.10.14

This is the wolf form of me on Yiffnet. Same overall look as the dragon form, just a little less winged and a little more fuzzy. ;) The legs are a little too long, proportions are a bit wacky, I'll probably redraw this one at some point.\r\n\n

Image: sid-tease.jpg   419x768 64456 bytes 1999.10.14

A self-pic I drew as a tease when I was in a wierd mood. >;) \r\nSidian is me.\r\n\n

Image: sid-strut.jpg   748x600 40563 bytes 1999.10.14

Yet another self-pic. I finally actually did a nude of myself. <blushes muchly> I do hope to finish this at some point.\r\n me\r\n\n

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