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Image: sidrain2.jpg   348x600 38333 bytes 1999.10.14

Me. \r\nI like the rain.\r\n<sappy grin> :)\r\n\n

Image: sidland.jpg   546x600 37932 bytes 1999.10.14

After doing sidcharge2.jpg, I kind of got into an action shot phase, at which point I drew this. It looks better shaded in pencil, so I'm not going to add color. \r\nOnce again, Sidian is me.\r\n\r\n\n

Image: spots.jpg   735x1024 172215 bytes 1999.10.14

Spots. \r\nI decided to do a picture with spotted cats. They all ended up being female somehow and they're nude because you can't see spots with clothes on. Clockwise from the top they are clouded leopard, margay, snow leopard, fishing cat, cheetah, jaguar, serval, and ocelot. There may be more pictures in this series: dogs, stripes, etc... \n

Image: sidian3.jpg   261x480 31439 bytes 1999.10.14

This is the new and improved Yiffnet version of me. This is my dragon form, clothing and equipment changed from the role play version. A pic of my dragonwolf form is on here somewhere, and a pic of my wolf form is below.\r\nSidian is me.\r\n\r\n\n

Image: spring.jpg   570x600 57489 bytes 1999.10.14

This is Spring, Winter's sister. Sometimes I think she's a little too happy.\r\nSpring is me.\r\n\n

Image: sid-fours.jpg   950x525 115592 bytes 1999.10.14

Same mood swing as sidcharge2. I was PISSED. Sometimes when I get angry I revert to a more quadripedal state. \r\nSidian is me.\r\n\n

Image: sid-happy.jpg   605x600 21194 bytes 1999.10.14

This pretty well defines my all-around state of mind for the past few months. Happy.\r\n\n

Image: sid-erf.jpg   480x492 12470 bytes 1999.10.14

I was in a really strange mood one night, and I drew this self picture of my reaction upon the realization that I was yiffy, a rare occasion indeed. <snickers> I don't think it'll ever get more work done on it than it has now, it was just done to get it outta my head\r\n(Sid's still me)\r\n\n

Image: siddrag.jpg   500x480 35818 bytes 1999.10.14

The full dragon form of the role play version of me. This was drawn to illustrate her size, note the building which is a four story inn. (If you look realllly closely, you can see a little person next to the inn door by her left foot.) Sidian is me.\n

Image: stickpic2.jpg   508x566 36630 bytes 1999.10.14

This is a pic of Stick. His fox form anyway. Another Photoshop coloring (I keep getting better!). \r\nMight do something about the background, might not.\r\nStick is his respective player. \r\n\n

Image: sidcharge2.jpg   800x368 38494 bytes 1999.10.14

I did this picture during one of my mood swings brought on by a crappy computer and a crappier isp. I might add a background sometime, I dunno. \r\nSidian is me.\r\n\n

Image: serpent.jpg   459x600 49696 bytes 1999.10.14

I did this in art class with white colored pencil on black board because I thought it would look cool. It didn't scan very well though.\r\n\n

Image: stri&cass2.jpg   436x600 58539 bytes 1999.10.14

This is Strider Starbreeze. He is a werewolf dragonrider on the dragon planet of Dineer. He calls himself Strider because he thinks his real name is lame. The dragon is a copper dragon named Cass.\r\nStrider and Cass are me. Dineer is me as well.\r\n \r\n \r\n\n

Image: runner.jpg   800x426 21331 bytes 1999.10.14

A quick sketch I did of an idea I had. This is a dragon that is built for speed, streamlined and muscular. I just had to get it out of my head, I may finish it at some point. \n

Image: raven2.jpg   346x480 27568 bytes 1999.10.14

A request I did for a friend on Yiffnet because she needed an official character picture. This is Raven.\r\nRaven is her respective player.\r\n\n

Image: ralley2.jpg   276x600 33249 bytes 1999.10.14

A request I did for a good friend of mine on Yiffnet. This is RalleyFox.\r\nRalleyFox is his respective player.\r\n\n

Image: rall&raven2.jpg   375x480 48726 bytes 1999.10.14

My first commission, done for RalleyFox and Raven of Yiffnet. Very nice furs. :) Unfortunately, shortly after I finished this they broke up, and now I feel bad. :/\r\nRalleyFox and Raven are their respective players.\r\n\n

Image: rainbow.jpg   478x394 16840 bytes 1999.10.14

An experiment I did a while back with watercolor pencils. Not sure if I like it or not\n

Image: queen.jpg   363x600 25296 bytes 1999.10.14

This is Ebony as the Queen of Dineer at a ball thrown in her honor with the intention of finding her a mate/husband. She's not to keen on the idea of being set up.\r\nEbony and Dineer are me\r\n\n

Image: radzyn2.jpg   402x600 60261 bytes 1999.10.14

This is a commission I did for Radzyn, the spiffy TALL gargoyle from yiffnet, my first fan and now one of my best friends. This is the first gargoyle pic I've done in about a year. He was very happy with it.\r\nRadzyn is Guy Vial.\r\n\r\n\n

Image: punkwolf.jpg   295x600 20400 bytes 1999.10.14

Another character I created but never used. I never even came up with a name for her. Even so, she's me.\r\n\n

Image: phantomteam1.jpg   476x480 40083 bytes 1999.10.14

I boredly created this group to play in a channel that never really even got started. It was a futuristic furry channel. The group was led by a genetically engineered fur code-named Phantom and consisted of a coyote, a bear, a cat, a dragon (who had nothing better to do at the time), a ferret, and a mouse. They were a kind of vigilante group. All characters are me.\r\n\n

Image: pernstudy.jpg   483x600 27308 bytes 1999.10.14

A while back when I was reading the Dragonriders of Pern books, I did this study of a Pernese dragon's head. I impressed myself, even if pernese dragons are a bit odd looking.\r\n\r\n\n

Image: pegasus2.jpg   328x600 34294 bytes 1999.10.14

This is a pegasus morph that I drew for fun. She doesn't have a name, nor do I think she ever will. I just drew her to see if I could. :)\n

Image: pakesh2.jpg   259x600 35840 bytes 1999.10.14

I did this pic as a request for Pakesh_De of Yiffnet. It was suggested to me that I do some requests for advertisement, so I just picked a fur at random and did a pic for him. He was very satisfied with the result.\r\nPakesh_De is his respective player.\r\n\n

Image: orca2.jpg   411x600 42223 bytes 1999.10.14

She's a little slim for a orca morph, or so I'm told. \n

Image: omega2.jpg   271x600 18724 bytes 1999.10.14

The fourth request I did during my practicing for commissions. This is Omega (aka Kevin), a goth wolfie on Yiffnet.\r\nOmega is his respective player.\r\n\n

Image: ohmy.jpg   188x478 24399 bytes 1999.10.14

This was originally done to be a button on my temporary page, but it doesn't fit here, so I just stuck it on this page. This was my first official shot at watercolor pencils. I think it turned out quite well.\n

Image: summerluv.jpg   609x600 97597 bytes 1999.10.14

"Summer Love"\r\nThis is my first pic done on bristol board, trying out a new technique and a new paper type. It was suggested to me that I ink my drawings, so I gave it a try. Here's what I got. I wanted to do either stripes or spots, but I couldn't decide...So I did both. I like the way it turned out and I plan on adding a background soon. (I am aware of a few mistakes I made with the ink, I just need a little practice.) These two aren't anybody in particular. \r\n\n

Image: nakomis2.jpg   300x600 35360 bytes 1999.10.14

This is Nakomis Starbreeze, Strider's sister and only current packmember, dancing at a Gathering. She lives on Dineer and works in a local inn there. \r\nNakomis is me.\r\n \r\n\n

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