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Image: tibbadge.jpg   800x600 166476 bytes 2001.02.03

Image: tiegra.jpg   844x934 274091 bytes 2007.01.04

Tree Hunting

Commission for Tiegra of her and her boyfriend. She's a puger (tiger/puma) he's a tiger.

Image: tigerknight2.jpg   466x768 54578 bytes 2000.03.01

This is a commission for Tib of yiffnet (though this isn't his yiffnet character). It too me way too long to get this finished, so long in fact that my skill improved so much after drawing the first sketch, that I decided to redraw it. And God does this one ever look better, you wouldn't know I'd drawn the last one from comparing them...but anyway, the TigerKnight belongs to Tib.\n

Image: tigermug.jpg   409x600 34622 bytes 2000.02.03

Whilst at FurCon, for some unexplainable reason, my style and skill changed drastically. I drew this after a friend mentioned he hadn't seen enough tigers.\n

Image: tigoness.jpg   426x600 67521 bytes 2000.04.23

My most recent pic. A new character idea, she's a tigon (father was a tiger, mother was a lion). I really like how her coloring came out, and I like the pic in general, despite its few flaws. She doesn't have a name yet, but she's me.\r\nAnd with these uploads, I'm back online with my new computer. Apologies to those I owe commissions, I'll get them out as soon as I can.\n

Image: tigrus.jpg   368x600 50678 bytes 2000.05.11

My first day on Furcadia, I was fartin' around and ran into Ghislain Wildcat, a fellow Velar artist. We did a pic trade, this is my half, his character Tigrus is him. 5/10/00\n

Image: timberwang.jpg   600x585 80173 bytes 2005.01.11

Picture done for a friend. He liked it. ;) Timber is himself.

Image: tonjie.jpg   396x554 33222 bytes 2001.07.17

Commission #2 for this guy. They're their players, art's mine.

Image: treething.jpg   497x480 21205 bytes 1999.10.14

This is some wierd creature I created for a plot once. I never really gave it a name, or knew much at all about it other than it spends most of its time in trees and has incredible camouflage capabilities. \n

Image: tribute.jpg   700x860 901545 bytes 2000.07.09

This is a tribute to all of my favorite artists. Those that have most inspired and impressed me, and helped me to get into the furry art genre, helped me to become as good as I am today. I know that I didn't do any of you justice in this pic, and I hope that I didn't make any of you mad by not asking permission to draw you. Anyway...Thank you all, you've helped me more than you know. All these characters are their creators/players, and if you steal them, evil unfriendly things will be done to you. (p.s. There's a reason only Sasha is computer colored)\n

Image: tufthat.jpg   300x426 28443 bytes 2000.05.26

Again, they harassed me until I posted it. Tuft sitting upon Nicholas' hat and being...well, cute. :3\n

Image: tufty.jpg   600x540 75626 bytes 2000.05.26

This was a bit of a joke, I wasn't going to upload it, but friends insisted. A good friend commented that he REALLY loved the fur tufts on my newer sketches, and basically wouldn't shut up about it, so in one of my silly moods, I created a character called Tuft. Not exactly sure what she is, but she's mine, nonetheless. ;) The absurdity is overwhelming... o.O\n

Image: tundra.jpg   651x428 60804 bytes 2003.06.16

Local were I ran across who works at Petsmart with me. Tundra the arctic wolfy. She's herself, of course. I need to do more wolves...

Image: um.jpg   342x480 20595 bytes 1999.12.23

Let's see explanation...Well..When my friend Baines comes into channel, I tend to pick him up and hug him...Of course, he's usually clothed.....\n

Image: upsidedown.jpg   457x600 32724 bytes 1999.11.23

This is cute! :)\n

Image: vega_c.jpg   383x705 25727 bytes 1999.12.04

Commission for VegaFox of yiffnet. Finally got it finished. VegaFox is copyright his player.\n

Image: vikinglady.jpg   454x562 127434 bytes 2004.01.09

Piece for the FC '04 art show. Partner piece to Viking Lord.

Image: vikinglord.jpg   466x605 148182 bytes 2004.01.09

Piece for the FC '04 art show. Partner piece to Viking Lady.

Image: vinbunc.jpg   401x768 28624 bytes 2000.04.28

My half of an art exchange/challenge with Cullen. I challenged him to do a chinchilla, he challenged me to do a bunny in vinyl. So here she is. I started out coloring her in colored pencils, but I didn't like how it looked, so I went into photoshop and finished it up that way. Aside from the fact that the wall looks a little crooked (kinda like my house :P), I really like how it came out. You like? ;)\n

Image: vixsid.jpg   640x463 36129 bytes 1999.10.14

One of the abilities of silver dragons is polymorph. When I concentrate really hard I can take a form other than my main three. One of them is a non-anthro vixen. \r\nThe foxy version of Sid is all the others. \n

Image: w&iri.jpg   308x600 29764 bytes 1999.10.19

My friend Iridesent seemed rather down lately, and I thought it would be nice to do something to cheer her up. So this is her and her wuffie, WiteHowlr, huggin'. They really liked it, it made Iri's day. :)\r\nWiteHowlr and Iridesent are their respective players.\n

Image: w&sisc.jpg   494x1172 94254 bytes 2000.02.06

A request done for Siscily and WiteHowlr for Valentine's Day. I'm disappointed by the background, but they liked it. Sisc and Wite are copyright their players. The pic's mine. ;)\n

Image: w_wer.jpg   475x600 24463 bytes 2000.02.14

Commission for White_wer of Yiffnet. I actually gave him the original on this one, but that's just because we were both at FurCon and it was convenient. That's about the most spooge I've ever done, although, there is a much worse (or better?) one in the works, so beware. >;D white_wer is his player.\n

Image: walksfar.jpg   1200x900 390258 bytes 2001.02.03

Image: weasels.jpg   680x600 31108 bytes 2000.02.14

Whoa! More yiffy stuff! How'd that get in here? hehehe...I did this pic for my good pal Baines because "There's just not enough yiffy weasel art out there." And I may do a few more. The proportions came out kinda funky on the male, but as I don't draw much yiff, I haven't got much practice, so it's pretty good considering. Baines da weasel is himself and the pic is me!\n

Image: werefox.jpg   800x410 49062 bytes 2000.04.23

Second in the were-creatures series. I like how it came out, despite the half-assed 30 second semi-background.\n

Image: wfire.jpg   635x816 79004 bytes 2004.02.20

Pic done for Whitefire of Taps. Gussied him up a bit 'cause he said he liked this sorta garb. Whitefire is Himself.

Image: whitesides.jpg   420x756 91146 bytes 2004.09.09

I realized I'd never uploaded this, old as it is. Unless it's hiding somewhere with a strange filename. I wanted to do a dolphin that wasn't the generic bottlenose, so I dided a pacific whitesided dolphin. I've still got the matted original if anyone feels like they must have this. :P

Image: wilddogfly.jpg   450x323 40742 bytes 2005.01.11

Butterfly winged painted dog. So cute. ^.^

Image: wilddoggryf.jpg   471x679 108176 bytes 2003.01.14

One of the pieces to go up in the FC artshow. Had to scan it in three pieces. One of several variant griffons, canine griffons.

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