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Image: aranzus.jpg   524x671 53301 bytes 2003.07.07

Hehe.This is Aranzus(as you can see) 'punk' character. She has no pupils, but she can still see you o.0.

Image: bruno.jpg   573x814 60992 bytes 2003.07.06

This is "Bruno" for Dane W. because he's awesome and because his character is SO FUN to draw >.<! I hope you like it, Dane!

Image: dezerai2.jpg   433x520 36465 bytes 2003.07.06

This is my mountain lioness character. I can't draw cats very well, but I guess this is okay. Anyway, she's so cute and innocent looking >.<. I LOVE her green eyes!

Image: emilu.gif   543x597 87756 bytes 2003.07.07

This is "Emilu" for Emily Hopeson. I bow to her greatness. She is awesome. Anyway, this is for her...this is the first pic that I colored on yeah. As if you couldn't tell :p

Image: siasunburst.jpg   487x558 62635 bytes 2003.07.06

This is Sierra in here were form. She so perdy ^.^. I want to...SQUEEEEEEZE HER!:). Yeah anyway,I could've done a little bit better on the shading, but oh well.I'm too lazy to fix it :p.

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