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Image: SighthoundLadyShopping.jpg   637x700 64909 bytes 2004.11.13

Whippet Jess shopping, Italian Greyhound Winnie in tow, this one just makes me happy. ^^

Image: SighthoundLadyJeans.jpg   417x700 66729 bytes 2004.11.13

Whippet Jess, the little country hayseed from Oregon.\r\nI apoligize for using the photoshop grass brush.\r\nI like her boots.

Image: HellHoundLadyCrouching.jpg   700x548 66528 bytes 2004.11.13

“I’ll eat your face off ‘ho!”\r\nHehe. Pets her feral HellHoundLady. I left out the drippy blood this time. I’m really proud of how her hands and feet turned out. The background is just a lame gradient though and I forgot her “hair.”\r\nAh well. I like to draw the snarling mean things. \r\nRaawr!

Image: PandoraDragon.jpg   498x600 67285 bytes 2004.11.13

Samantha Rowland's Character Pandora Dragon.\r\n\r\n

Image: AnthroUnicorn.jpg   800x800 94275 bytes 2004.09.17

I think I went a little crazy with the pink here. Otherwise an anthro unicorn design I'm liking, it's much easier to pull of a digitgrade stance with the hock shortened almost completely. I wish I would have made her hooves cloven though. She dosn't get to wear any clothes because I didn't want to cover up any of that anatomy I worked so hard to draw!

Image: HellHoundLady.jpg   360x462 42105 bytes 2004.09.14

Just some "I was pissed off art"

Image: ZakiyaRoses.jpg   553x800 92234 bytes 2004.09.10

This is Tania Walker’s character Zakiya deSilver that I did for artXchange.\r\nI love doing someone else’s character, especially one as well developed and interesting as Zakiya. And I always like drawing the sexy oh-la-la girls too. This was my first time ever drawing a duck, so that was a little weird for me but overall I found her very fun to draw. The black roses seemed fitting her character.

Image: AnthroCat.jpg   405x700 49435 bytes 2004.09.10

Some anatomy mistakes but I like the black/purple/gold color scheme.

Image: SighthoundLadyFurryLingerie.jpg   400x800 53506 bytes 2004.09.10

Gratuitous Lingerie\r\nJess, the blue whippet again, as a Victoria’s Secret Angel.\r\n

Image: SighthoundLadyFurry.jpg   375x700 57307 bytes 2004.09.10

Jess, the blue, irish marked whippet anthro.\r\nThose are my clothes too ^^\r\nShe like pink and heart motifs.

Image: YerfLionessGreyhound.jpg   800x640 120980 bytes 2004.09.10

white lioness and blue greyhound anthros.

Image: YerfViolinist.jpg   800x658 198078 bytes 2004.09.10

It was difficult to ascertain the proper position of a violin played by an anthro horse. I used a photo reference of myself in a renn gown holding a violin. The plants include larkspur, digitalis, and buttercup...all poisonous plants.

Image: YerfCallingTheSun.jpg   800x533 121671 bytes 2004.09.10

Some problems with the anatomy of the legs, horse anthros are hard, but I like how the arms turned out...I used a photo reference I took of myself for the pose.\r\nI used a minimum of layers in this one.

Image: AnthroHorse.jpg   471x500 60891 bytes 2004.09.10

I know it's not great but I still think the colors are pretty.

Image: WhiteLioness2.jpg   700x646 139835 bytes 2004.09.10

My first anthro piece, an egytian white lioness and her Zebra mount. The horse is actually modeled after Sandel, a cute little arabian mare that helped me get back into riding after I broke my leg in a horseback riding accident.

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