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Image: WereDemonAndAngel.jpg   692x700 111422 bytes 2006.09.08

The Were-Demon and the Angel

Image: WerewolfAliceColor.jpg   498x700 91376 bytes 2004.11.21

*Damn, ruined another dress! Hate it when that happens!*\r\n\r\nAlice Transforms.\r\n\r\nMore concept art for my story in progress. <i>A Werewolf in Neverland, </i>which takes place in the <i>Fox’s Peter Pan and the Pirates </i>universe. I'm most happy with the anatomy of the snarl in this one. The background is utterly craptastic though, sorry.\r\n

Image: WerewolfRave.jpg   728x700 66213 bytes 2004.12.11

Yes I know, way to jump on the bandwagon, draw your furry character at a rave with the glowsticks and the whole bit. Sorry, I just had too, the glowiness was too much to resist. Very fun.\r\n\r\nI’ve never even been to a rave before @__@\r\n\r\n

Image: WhiteLioness2.jpg   700x646 139835 bytes 2004.09.10

My first anthro piece, an egytian white lioness and her Zebra mount. The horse is actually modeled after Sandel, a cute little arabian mare that helped me get back into riding after I broke my leg in a horseback riding accident.

Image: WindWolf.jpg   900x720 156616 bytes 2006.09.08

Letting it all go.

Image: WolfandFairy.jpg   550x496 60903 bytes 2004.12.07

I like how the coloring turned but I think I could have been bolder with the focal light source. The werewolf turned out a little more fangy and menacing than I had hoped for as well, I was shooting for a friendlier look.

Image: WolfandOwl.jpg   743x800 164101 bytes 2004.11.28

Yay! I love owls. And that’s not just any owl either, that’s “my owl” as I forever shall remember him.\r\n\r\nThe statuette down in the corner is a “venus figure,” they were found all over Paleolithic Europe and were thought to be fertility/female magic objects. I always thought they were pretty neat ^^\r\n

Image: WolfCrying.jpg   700x538 61139 bytes 2006.09.08

Trying to bring back things that are meant to die.

Image: WolfDrawing.jpg   700x583 92515 bytes 2006.09.08

Working some magic.

Image: WolfenMale.jpg   425x700 72085 bytes 2006.09.08

Glowy things rock.

Image: WolfSitting.jpg   554x700 127247 bytes 2005.01.29

Experimenting with a new background technique that I saw Balaa do. I need to work on it more but I think it's an interesting effect.

Image: YerfCallingTheSun.jpg   800x533 121671 bytes 2004.09.10

Some problems with the anatomy of the legs, horse anthros are hard, but I like how the arms turned out...I used a photo reference I took of myself for the pose.\r\nI used a minimum of layers in this one.

Image: YerfLionessGreyhound.jpg   800x640 120980 bytes 2004.09.10

white lioness and blue greyhound anthros.

Image: YerfViolinist.jpg   800x658 198078 bytes 2004.09.10

It was difficult to ascertain the proper position of a violin played by an anthro horse. I used a photo reference of myself in a renn gown holding a violin. The plants include larkspur, digitalis, and buttercup...all poisonous plants.

Image: ZakiyaRoses.jpg   553x800 92234 bytes 2004.09.10

This is Tania Walker’s character Zakiya deSilver that I did for artXchange.\r\nI love doing someone else’s character, especially one as well developed and interesting as Zakiya. And I always like drawing the sexy oh-la-la girls too. This was my first time ever drawing a duck, so that was a little weird for me but overall I found her very fun to draw. The black roses seemed fitting her character.

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