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Image: FoxToking_070506.jpg   597x753 95943 bytes 2006.07.21

Taylour the fox toking.\r\n\r\nArt and character © Silika.

Image: ChrisSmoking_042706.jpg   727x847 139064 bytes 2006.06.03

Wolf version (Sunshine) of my boyfriend of 2 years, Chris, smokin' a cigarette. I love that guy. <3\r\n\r\nArt and character Silika

Image: SilikaRaving_042506.jpg   866x1320 241941 bytes 2006.06.03

Silika ravinnnng and clubbing the night away. It's only a shame I didn't do any background. \r\n\r\nFirst time in ages trying out coloured pencils on an ink drawing. \r\n\r\nArt and character Silika

Image: FRATZK.GIF   201x196 3273 bytes 2004.07.16

Quick, small mouse drawing done in MSPAINT. I'm gonna shade her. \r\n\r\nI need to update this more. :D

Image: THOUGHT.GIF   315x297 37775 bytes 2003.11.10

I actually started this a month back and finally completed it about a week ago.\r\nMe in wolf form, a bit bored.\r\n(I should work on the highlights in the fur/mane/hair)

Image: MUSICRB.GIF   350x191 25131 bytes 2003.09.02

Myself in wolf form with my spiffay personal CD player. It's actually silly and I didn't give myself my long hair.. but I like it anyways. \r\n(c) Silika!

Image: BowArrowOutline.GIF   406x627 9811 bytes 2003.09.01

Lineart commission for WH user Tigger for use on yet -another- a1000words chatsite. It's a bit squiggly on the bow.. and I could probably critisize a lot more.. but I won't. \r\n(c) Silika 2003

Image: A2.GIF   357x483 62194 bytes 2003.08.16

Full version of a pose commission for friend Ace. I'm satisfied (gasp). That's mac and cheese in the bowl btw...

Image: SilDancerSit.GIF   251x274 30498 bytes 2003.08.03

Myself in anthro form. I'm working on the wolfish looks. Shading took me forever (I'm so slow!). Overall I guess I'm satisfied.\r\n(c) Silika

Image: monowolfer2.gif   694x434 8255 bytes 2003.07.27

Sketched it on paper using an image of a wolf as a guide, an' then outlined in mspaint. I am trying to give my wolves a more realistic appearance. I'm iffy on being satisfied. Still need a LOT of practice. I might make this my new (none) pose on Nakilis/Wolfhome.\r\n\r\n

Image: NattySpiritLeopardess.gif   464x356 8374 bytes 2003.07.08

Drew and outlined last night. I've been practicing on my big cats lately, and I think this is pretty good considering you can tell it's a cat and not a wolf. (Bwaha?)\r\n

Image: Jae.jpg   416x257 19163 bytes 2003.06.20

Recompression drained it, but I'll admit the bmp version was huge. This is the FAQ image for Nakilis.. nothing special. Drawn in MSPaint, as well as shaded. I think it's cute. :3

Image: MidnyteDancer2.GIF   269x490 43541 bytes 2003.06.07

Me, in wolf form, Dancing. Of course when your favorite music is dance music, what else do you draw? :P\r\nI colored/shaded it in using corel photopaint; I'm going to fix the hand later today, and hope it comes out better. I am NOT satisfied with that deformed hand.\r\n

Image: WolfenPalFinal.GIF   448x107 25911 bytes 2003.05.31

I am satisfied with the way it came out. It's myself in wolf form, with my little "Pal" plushie. Drew on paper, scanned, outlined, and used CorelPhotoPaint to color/shade.\r\n

Image: NakilisImage.GIF   444x355 54919 bytes 2003.05.29

I was going to use it as a splash page for my graphical chatsite Nakilis, but never did.\r\n Silika.

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