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Image: airconditioner.jpg   320x384 32731 bytes 2006.08.03

man, is it ever hot out.\r\n\r\nSilva Noir and David X (as a cat).\r\ndrawn in open cnavas 1.1, text added after.

Image: zibricentaur.jpg   400x400 32570 bytes 2003.11.25

an Open Canvas sketch of my character Zibri as a centuar. (the purple is a shirt, the rest is body)\r\n\r\nI don't think I'll ever make it into a finished work, but it is interesting nonetheless.

Image: wolf2cats.jpg   500x500 89849 bytes 2003.11.16

3 human characters from my stories as furries (2 cats and a wolf)... and their love triangle.\r\n\r\ndrawn with a mouse in Open Canvas 1.1

Image: flatfred.gif   330x330 32668 bytes 2003.09.08

a flat colored Fred. designed this monster for a friend's story, "Hangman". so do not take him.\r\n\r\n(why does compression detector say this .gif is not an image?)

Image: springbreak.jpg   537x400 28880 bytes 2003.08.30

Silva Noir (coyote) and David (the cat) in a half romantic, half bored picture that was drawn to practice waterfallls... as I am not good at them. I need more practice.\r\n\r\nmediums: open canvas 1.1 and psp7

Image: bear_fox.jpg   375x375 66956 bytes 2003.07.13

inspired from Belic's short story about a bear that tried to save a fox. \r\n\r\ndrawn in oekaki with a mouse. took about an hour. \r\n\r\nart (c) Silva Noir.

Image: catrecords.jpg   300x300 35244 bytes 2003.07.06

art trade on the Kero-kero oekaki board with Sakuya. this is my rendering of her musician-catgirl character.\r\n\r\np.s. remember records? those funny things before mp3's, CD's, and tapes?

Image: belickgra.jpg   600x600 72045 bytes 2003.05.29

A commision for two of the nicest furries I have ever met (in person too!). An illustration of a dream sequence in one of their stories. Only they get the full color, full size version. \r\n\r\nmade in psp7. characters (c) Belic and K'gra. art (c) Silva Noir.

Image: fetch.jpg   300x300 33934 bytes 2003.04.09

Felix (german sheperd) fetches Grena (scottish terrier mutt). 2 normal dogs, not anthro. but cute! pets of the two main boy characters of The Morphist (my sci-fi story). \r\n\r\ndrawn in oekaki. art (c) Silva Noir.

Image: lizardking.jpg   565x409 81914 bytes 2003.04.09

I was inspired like a bolt of lighnting to make this sketch, that I only added a little blending to in psp7. David Xilvrin from The Morphist (my sci-fi story), in his most badass city-smashing bone crunching form. Quote on pic by Morrison. \r\n\r\nart (c) Silva Noir.

Image: Leucrocotta.jpg   300x300 33203 bytes 2003.03.12

Inspired from a written description of a mytholigical beast from "The Encyclopedia of Monsters" online, Leucrocotta had the head of a badger, tail and mane of a lion, and a deer-like body (which I decided to also blend with hyena). It did not say what culture this beast's legend came from, or what its purpose was. \r\n\r\nimage (c) Silva Noir.

Image: bumpersticker.jpg   400x567 36844 bytes 2003.03.02

The joys of bumper stickers! ... stuck on other people's bumpers, if you get what I mean ;)\r\n\r\ndrawn in pencil, colored in psp7. Silva Noir and David Xilvrin (c) S.N. \r\n

Image: cutout.gif   436x390 15384 bytes 2003.02.17

this took me a lot longer than it looks. David-kitty by the pond. drawn in MS Paint. only 24 colors! small file size... so smal the compression detector made it bigger. lol.\r\n\r\ndo NOT alter or use. art (c) Silva Noir.

Image: torick.jpg   338x426 66288 bytes 2003.02.10

olllllllllld. back from before 2000. \r\nI don't even know what it was made with. \r\nfound while cleaning out my webpage archive. \r\n

Image: fred.jpg   330x330 18794 bytes 2003.02.09

Its FRED! The 6-eyed random monster I designed for my friend, Liquid Penguin. Fred's so foogly.

Image: cattrap.jpg   300x320 19059 bytes 2002.12.16

You have to watch out not to step on those loops of rope laying on the ground...\r\n\r\nI finally came up with a furry design (a white persian kitty) of my normally human character, David Xilvrin. I've nicknamed him "fluffy". Expect to see more of him. \r\n\r\nDavid "Fluffy" Xilvrin and art (c) Sivla Noir 2002.

Image: gnaw_sketch.jpg   400x435 57518 bytes 2002.12.13

the sketch of gnawing on Gwen. furry and dragon are mine, Gwen belongeth to Liquid Penguin.

Image: bunnies.jpg   530x365 49318 bytes 2002.07.16

Palmer: I'm...a .... a bunny! a hippity hop long eared bigfooted twitchy nosed fluffy cottonail! ARG! /////\r\nDavid: If it makes you feel any better.... you make a cute bunny. ///// Palmer: oh sure! NOW you call me cute. \r\n\r\nI ended up drawing two human characters of mine as as "Watership Down" rabbits. Mediums used: crayola crayons and marker on white paper. Kids stuff. Fun!\r\n\r\n"Watership Down" is (c) to Richard Adams and whatever animation studio made the movie of his book.

Image: tesiru.jpg   336x494 36160 bytes 2002.07.14

Tesiru, swordsman who belongs to a race of intelligent bird creatures I created long ago, but use no longer. \r\n\r\ndrawn in psp7. art (c) Silva Noir

Image: pethuman.jpg   463x437 40965 bytes 2002.07.03

Remember to keep you pet humans leashed and orderly at all times. Obedience training is key. \r\n\r\nSilva Noir and David Xilvrin are (c) me. and don't you forget it. *is very posessive of her pet boy* \r\n

Image: lesemainedebonte.jpg   442x459 54886 bytes 2002.04.14

Inspired by an surrealist engraving of the same name. I've yet to color it because I can't decide on a good enough quuote to put in the background. I'll have more info once I finsih it.

Image: punkpup.jpg   150x186 19637 bytes 2002.01.27

punk puppy. it amuses me.

Image: pityme.JPG   310x437 36191 bytes 2001.12.30

I'm not sure if Del thinks he's sexy, or if he wants to eat me o_O hoo boy. Del Marina the psycho dolphin water-demon and Silva Noir the slightly less psycho coyote earth-demon are me

Image: silvsktch.jpg   508x392 52262 bytes 2001.12.28

sketches of a non-morphic Silva Noir in sleepy, bored, and angry moods.

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