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Image: silva_torch.jpg   520x608 94714 bytes 2004.07.31

(mortal.. before she had the wings) Silva goes exploring in an abandoned catherdral. Both she and her baby pet dragon, Luther, are frightened of the carvings.\r\n\r\nsketched in pencil, colored in psp7. characters, art Silva Noir.

Image: silva_zibri.jpg   451x550 47488 bytes 2002.03.21

Silva Noir, female demon of Eryth, lounges in the tye-dyed world of and on Zibri Dream, male demon of Illusyon. \r\n\r\nboth charachters and image (c) me. colored in psp7.

Image: silvacostume.jpg   258x555 34849 bytes 2003.11.02

my halloween costume 2003, when I went as my furry self. I'll have better pictures later from my film (this was from a friend's camera). I made the tail, ears, and mask from scratch (cardboard, cotton, felt, fake fur, etc).

Image: silvadoll.gif   23x53 1144 bytes 2002.02.06

you know those little blinking animated dolls? I made one of Silva Noir! ^_^ I'm so proud of it! silva(c) me. no stealing :p

Image: silvagold.jpg   349x412 48591 bytes 2001.12.28

Silva Noir in dress/pose inspired by the JEM song "Glitter and Gold". watercolor.

Image: silvahall.jpg   343x404 30525 bytes 2001.12.28

Silva Noir and purple spider friend wish you a Happy Halloween (all year 'round!). Ink + photoshop.

Image: silvastomp_card.JPG   510x620 61155 bytes 2009.06.11

Like one of those superhero trading cards, for my fursona (a coyote/dragon). \r\n\r\nIf her power isn't obvious, it's to cause earthquakes. Hence, why she's glowing and about to stomp the ground.\r\n\r\nall digital (PaintshopPro7 and OpenCanvas)

Tags: coyote dragon female superhero superpower neon green goggles  
Image: silvasweet_old.jpg   514x419 68699 bytes 2002.01.26

What does a coyote demon dream of, I wonder? One of the origonal (read: old) Silva Noir renderings, done completely in microsoft paint. nyah! ;p

Image: siva.jpg   200x135 14220 bytes 2003.11.30

a Silva Noir logo I used to use on my webpage before I changed the color scheme to greys.\r\n\r\nI should make a larger version of this some time and put it on a t-shirt.

Image: sivvsdelc.jpg   435x334 50757 bytes 2003.06.05

not "new" but... Silva Noir using her powers to move the earth in fighting her arch enemy, Del Marina who has power over water.\r\n\r\nart, characters (c) Silva Noir.

Image: smores.jpg   300x300 49801 bytes 2003.01.31

My response to being flamed repeatedly for my art ... bring them on, I'll toast marshmallows with them.

Image: stillprince.jpg   300x300 32586 bytes 2003.03.22

Veronica Plague the arctic fox and Thomas Icestorm the arctic wolf, a couple. Your average fairytale romance ... if not for the fact is he reanimated by a spell instead of truly alive. \r\n\r\nboth characters and art (c) Silva Noir.

Image: supagoggles.jpg   516x456 61336 bytes 2003.04.03

Silva's new battle outfit: dark denim (or possibly leather) pants, black stretch cotton top, vynll shoulders and sleeves, chrome buckles and ridges. Goggles keep out flying debree. \r\n\r\nart, design, character (c) Silva Noir.

Image: tides.jpg   250x400 37630 bytes 2003.03.12

BEWARE THE TIDES OF MARCH! \r\n\r\nWater is something that cancels out Silva's powers, she's quite helpless to it. Drawn for the March 2003 contest at AminoMiko's Kero Kero Oekaki BBS.

Image: torirox.jpg   404x312 68384 bytes 2003.02.10

A very old mixed media painting I still love. Tori Amos as a canine furry. Inspired from the inside of the Choirgirl Hotel albulm. Made with crayola marker, permamanet black marker, watercolor pencil, regular watercolor.

Image: ver_herald.jpg   300x300 48418 bytes 2003.03.12

An outpouring of emotion from the dear arctic fox possessed by the spirit Darknyss. Not to meant to be a religious picture by the way; she just happens to have black feather wings and those ruins look like crosses, but are not really (the human religions don't exist in Canid Earth). \r\n\r\nVeronica Plague (c) Silva Noir. \r\n\r\n

Image: ver_nyss.jpg   544x434 33874 bytes 2003.04.19

Veronica Plague spies Darknyss in its smallest form. Darknyss is the spirit-being that gives her the power over shadows. \r\n\r\nmade entirely in psp7. art, characters (c) Silva Noir. \r\n(to see a less compressed version, see my deviant art gallery, username: "silvanoir", no spaces)

Image: vertomhold.jpg   310x437 39901 bytes 2003.03.28

Veronica and Thomas. wrote a short (PG rated) romance story about them called Frozen Hearts", found here -\r\n\r\ndrawn/colored in psp7. art and characters (c) Silva Noir.

Image: weathergirl.jpg   300x300 28706 bytes 2003.02.07

snow does look grey late in the afternoon, in case you are wondering. \r\n\r\ndrawn in oekaki.

Image: xtremesk8.jpg   549x714 107991 bytes 2004.07.31

Not one for normal off the rail tricks, Tassle Marie bolts footholds to the board and conjures her magic wings to go EXTREME SKATEBOARDING!\r\n\r\nsketched in pencil, colored in psp7 and open canvas. art, character Silva Noir

Image: zibri_lava.jpg   600x450 46316 bytes 2003.05.26

Zibri Dream (stripped of all his magic) welcoming a big firey death with open arms. He can't escape, so he calmly accepts it.\r\n\r\nmade in psp7. character, art (c) Silva Noir.

Image: zibri_snake.jpg   661x407 174437 bytes 2003.01.15

Zibri Dream, who is here in the Furcadia game (so to speak), wrestling with a young greensnake like one of those crazy safari show guys. \r\n\r\nart and character by Silva Noir. Furcadia (c) to its creators. \r\n

Image: zibricrazy.jpg   300x300 49654 bytes 2003.03.12

never underestimate a madman. especially if he has sharp teeth and tenticles. \r\n\r\nZibri Dream (c) Silva Noir.

Image: zibrireal.jpg   353x398 31335 bytes 2003.05.27

an old photomanipulation, a "real" Zibri. he is so very pretty. the butterfly wings were a pre-set tube for psp with added lighting effects. all I kept of the random model was the structure of eyes and hair, but drasticly changed the colors. the snout and ears were mouse-drawn.

Image: zibsil_cloak.jpg   300x300 62348 bytes 2003.05.24

Zibri Dream and Silva Noir wander around the city streets of the Forbidden Mountains in cloaks, ready to conceal themselves if they must. \r\n\r\ndrawn in oekaki. art, characters (c) Silva Noir.

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