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Image: ClaudDresLove.jpg   599x507 73449 bytes 2004.04.24

Claudia and Dresden in one of their more tender moments. Claudia recently adapted a dragon form while Dresden has become a gryffion.\r\n\r\nDresden Vallian (c) his player\r\nClaudia Rose (c) me

Image: RoxieJeremyPen.JPG   497x499 47266 bytes 2004.03.10

At one point in her pen life, Roxie was caged with a fellow Jack Russell by the name of Jeremy...He was her first and last love...his fate unknown to her after he was purchased three years ago...*sighs* It's a part of her life she is hesitant to speak of.\r\n\r\nRoxie & Jeremy (c) SilverRose 2004

Image: NexanRoxie.jpg   545x729 71289 bytes 2004.03.10

Roxie resting outside of the slave chambers after Nexa fed from her...yes, Roxie is the blood doll of Nexa Belior and Krystion.\r\n\r\nNexa Belior (c) her player

Image: RoxieFetch.jpg   389x863 44873 bytes 2004.03.09

Roxie is the furre/cartoon version of myself. Normally she's drawn as human for my other projects, but I decided that it wouldn't be a bad idea to make a furry form of her as well. She's a Jack Russell terrier, very fitting to my personality, I've been told. ^.^ Roxie (c) Me (duh)

Image: YoungClaudia.jpg   488x599 54294 bytes 2003.12.31

Young Claudia copyright SilverRose\r\n\r\nThis is supposed to be an older picture of Claudia Rose, back when she was young, somewhat innocent, and happily residing in her gypsy caravan.\r\n(Yes, the noise is on purpose for the oldness-effect ^.^)

Image: ClaudiaPen.jpg   463x297 13999 bytes 2003.12.31

Claudia Rose copyright SilverRose\r\n\r\nThis is Claudia in the basement of one of her former masters. She was a slave for many years, and was at the service of many. This is a depiction of one of her less-humane masters' doing.

Image: VCL3.JPG   544x733 53137 bytes 2003.12.31

Image copyright SilverRose\r\n\r\nI didn't name her yet, but isn't that the prettiest little pirate otter you've ever seen? I'll have to draw her more often.\r\n\r\n

Image: VCL2r.jpg   375x628 31701 bytes 2003.12.31

Lilith Silverpaw is copyright SilverRose\r\n\r\nThis is an older Furc char of mine. A very pretty young lioness, but definately a lady o the streets...

Image: VCL1r.jpg   454x384 24307 bytes 2003.12.31

This is Claudia Rose, my most current char on Furc. This is an older pic, done with colored pencil and edited with Adobe photoshop (as most of my pics are).

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