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Image: Anisareangry.jpg   552x584 99953 bytes 2008.03.03

So Ani's not really The Storm Over Krynn, but I like to pretend he is. That title belongs to Khellendros, the most awesome blue dragon (or dragon period in my opinion) ever from the Dragonlance series. I've been rereading those books lately and it makes me want to draw my dragons.\r\n\r\nTried a different angle for his face, the rest of the anatomy isn't so good though... and hey look Angel art! He drew the little stick figures at the top, he is so talented. XD\r\n\r\nAni + (most of) Art JGF 08

Image: sigh.jpg   301x347 43503 bytes 2008.03.03

Just a stupid little doodle from class of me and my Angels. SW's hand = fail. :|\r\n\r\nAngel himself\r\nSW + Art JGF 08

Image: Frosts.jpg   497x807 117470 bytes 2008.03.03

Just a doodle of Frostbite sitting around. I missed drawing her so I figured it was time I did.\r\n\r\nFrost + Art JGF 08

Image: EvaAngels.jpg   608x374 74460 bytes 2008.03.03

More doodles from math class.\r\nThis time a scowly looking Eva, and then some love for my Angels. And that is all.\r\n\r\nAngel himself\r\nEva, SW + Art JGF 08

Image: SwinthaEva.jpg   336x278 42213 bytes 2008.03.03

A little something for Swintha, that I realize is not so good. But alas, I wanted to give her some loves. I realize she's not a full hyena now, but hey hyenas still rock Eva says so. *loveson*\r\n\r\nSwintha Abby B.\r\nEva + Art JGF 08

Image: Crowloves.jpg   512x354 69095 bytes 2008.03.03

\r\nJust a little doodle I did during math class for the lovely miss Crow cause I was thinking about her. I am sorry that this well, sucks... I will draw you something better soon I swear. I love you sexy lady! <33\r\n\r\nCrow Laura C.\r\nSW + Art JGF 08

Image: neemasandtriad.jpg   605x674 131237 bytes 2008.03.03

So my art is mostly just doodles now, I don't have as much time to draw finished stuff anymore. I never uploaded anything from last semester really, so here's a pic from September or so of Neema and Triad.. when Neema decided to cut her hair.

Image: smokeyhearts.jpg   599x609 89054 bytes 2008.03.03

So I doodle toooooonnns of Angels and this is one I actually kinda like. I should do something with this idea perhaps. Yes we are naked.

Image: noloveinfear.jpg   589x763 142926 bytes 2008.03.03

I actually drew this back in July of 2007, but never got around to posting it. I kept thinking, I'll finish it, and wait to post it then! Cause I was actually rather proud of it back when I first did it.. but now, months later, all I can focus on are the flaws and I see no point in finishing this piece...\r\n\r\nThis one's really personal though, and holds a lot of feeling in it. Which is another reason I don't really want to finish it anymore...\r\n\r\nI figured I'd stick it in scraps even though I spent quite a while on it, it's just not good enough to be in the main gallery.. and it is far too angsty.\r\n\r\nAnima (in his Wrath form) and SilverWing JGF 07/08

Image: pushit.jpg   536x639 179599 bytes 2007.09.16

Doodles from my medical terminology class.. this one day I was driving around and had the most amazing video in my head of Anima and SilverWing while listening to "Pushit" by Tool.. I've been listening to that song so much lately... anyway.. this was a bit from what I saw, SW attacking Ani as best she can which leads to them beating the shit out of each other.\r\n\r\nAnd then we have a weird SW face up there I had a headache.. and a Mari popped in there for some reason.\r\n\r\nMari, Ani, SW and Art JGF 07

Image: lovepaulas.jpg   482x354 84462 bytes 2007.09.16

Drawn during my psych of women class. Was thinking about Paulas and wanted her to know I miss her and love her.. so I show her through terrible school sketches :| \r\nI still need work on my pit faces.\r\n\r\nFightbite (c) Paula W.\r\nSW + Art (c) JGF 07

Image: Thing.jpg   357x345 36086 bytes 2007.08.31

A little sketch I did really quickly at work one day of my coworker's dog, Thing. He's an adorable little papillon that she always brings with her to work, I just love him.\r\nI hope this looks ok? I am working on my nonanthros.\r\n\r\nThing (c) himself\r\nArt (c) JGF 07

Image: drcoxdance.jpg   415x567 46135 bytes 2007.08.17

Drawn while watching Scrubs one day. I freaking love that show and Dr. Cox is the man! I was watching this episode where he totally pwnd Elliot and did this great excited dance of victory filled with evil hateful mockery. So here we have SW dressed up like a doctor giving it a go. \r\n\r\nI want to go to Sacred Heart to get my nursing degree so Dr. Cox can teach me :C \r\n\r\nSW + Art (c) JGF 07

Image: Lectrala.jpg   369x365 49799 bytes 2007.08.17

A doodle I did on a little piece of paper one day while reading the Legend of Huma, a Dragonlance book. I was glancing at the lovely silver on the front cover and it made me want to bring back my silver dragon, Lectrala. So here we have her in her main dragon form, though you can see tiny little sketches of her other main forms - anthro and elven. She can shapeshift into anything she wishes though.\r\n\r\nI may change her horns, haven't decided yet.\r\n\r\nI freaking love Dragonlance SO MUCH! Been reading lots of Dragonlance books lately after not reading any of 'em for a while.\r\n\r\nLectrala + Art JGF 07

Image: GravityFrost.jpg   564x350 42279 bytes 2007.08.17

Was chilling with Steph when I drew these at her house one day. Kinda different then normal.. I dno.\r\n\r\nGravity, Frostbite and Art JGF 07

Image: itwillendnootherway.jpg   449x686 134131 bytes 2007.08.08

Venting onto paper.\r\n\r\nAnima + Art JGF 07

Image: tired.jpg   494x377 59945 bytes 2007.08.08

Just a simple shitty doodle done in about a minute or two last Tuesday when I got home from work. Tuesdays are my long day at the animal clinic and while fun, are quite tiring.\r\nSW has collapsed and Ani's just like um? *poke*\r\nStopit dragon that tickles! Except I am too tired to notice. :|

Image: 420.jpg   394x491 70901 bytes 2007.06.02

I was gonna put this in my main gallery cause I do really like the expression, but it is too much a sketch to do that. Yes yes I know some of you are all "drugs r teh stupidz!" and I understand your view.\r\nBut I happen to enjoy them.\r\n\r\nDrawn while celebrating 420 with friends.\r\n\r\nIf you know what the title is from you get a cookie or something.\r\n\r\nSW JGF 07

Image: Dreamlove.jpg   475x765 113284 bytes 2007.06.02

Well they DO ok.\r\n\r\nThis is terrible terrible terrible and I wasn't gonna upload it but then realized of all the other scraps I've scanned so far this is the only relatively descent Dream one so I must put it up here.\r\nMore doodles that I don't consider good enough to be up here will be being posted in my LJ when I get around to it.\r\n\r\nSo yeah what's that in your hand Carly? Why it's supposed to be Watermelon Vodka of course. That's how you ROLL. I shoulda had you smoking in this oh well.\r\nOlder style horse face that sucks >:|\r\n\r\nI love you my Carlys <3\r\n\r\nDream Carly L.\r\n"Art" JGF 07

Image: Frostsketch.jpg   415x387 57363 bytes 2007.06.02

More stuff for scraps, yay.\r\n\r\nMy dragon character, Frostbite. I've been working on emphasizing the difference in her muzzle versus Anima's - her's is more blunt and jagged. And also, she has the bull nose-ring, whereas Anima now has a horseshoe one - again to differientiate a bit between my two key dragons.\r\n\r\nFrost has let herself go even moreso than before. Her hair is long and messy now, and looks a bit like a mane. (I hope). Sigh I love my Frosts so much... I must draw a nice finished picture of her soon.\r\n\r\nAnd yes she's not a Gargoyle Chiv >:| I need to make Chiv upload the little Hunchback of Notre Dame style Frost she drew at the bottom of this.\r\n\r\nFrostbite Snowhaven + Art JGF 07\r\n

Image: Ace.jpg   268x256 32553 bytes 2007.06.02

Just a doodle of my cat, Ace, that I did when he was laying on my bed one day. I was gonna do more but then he moved, of course.\r\n\r\nAce himself\r\nArt JGF 07

Image: Chivdoodle.jpg   382x594 74824 bytes 2007.06.02

Little naked Chiv doodle I did while at her house.

Image: Coopie.jpg   325x349 28605 bytes 2007.03.17

A little doodle I did of my dog Cooper. :3

Image: Ohgod.jpg   496x539 56316 bytes 2007.01.22

Drawn while watching 24 XD It really makes me feel like this! I'm just like ARRRGGGH *rip out hair wiggle toes bulge out eyes* !!!! Best show ever, as far as intensity goes. One of my favs overall. Season 5 rocks. Dno if anyone remembers but I drew something like this last year, so I tried to make this one sorta similar ;3 \r\n\r\nAnd so ends the sketches I'll upload here I think. The rest will be in my LJ.\r\n\r\nSW + Art (c) JGF 07

Image: SWDreamsketch3.jpg   572x389 55276 bytes 2007.01.22

Another one for Carly, based on a conversation we had >3 \r\n\r\nDream (c) Carly L.\r\nSW + Art (c) JGF 07

Image: SWStrix.jpg   302x446 44873 bytes 2007.01.22

SilverWing and Strix. Dno if anyone remebers him from the early days of my gallery here, but he's my ex-boyfriend Hunter's character, who I got to see while I was in NC. :3 \r\n\r\nStrix (c) Hunter\r\nSW + Art (c) JGF 07

Image: MissYou.jpg   548x235 40123 bytes 2007.01.22

Drawn while I was gone on vacation for a little over 3 weeks without my kitty. I missed him so much, and needless to say, when I got home I got much loving. Ace is the best. <3

Image: LoveCodys.jpg   446x319 49687 bytes 2007.01.22

Then I was like omg I need to draw something for Cody. And I did. Badly, but I did. Drawn in my sketchbook pretty quickly in pen.\r\n\r\nComa (c) Cody M.\r\nSW + Art (c) JGF 07

Image: LoveBungles.jpg   374x401 57258 bytes 2007.01.22

I love me some bungles.\r\n\r\nChiv (c) herself\r\nSW + Art (c) JGF 07

Image: SWDreamsketch2.jpg   420x420 53674 bytes 2007.01.22

One of a few doodles I did for Carly. I sort of like how this one came out.\r\n\r\nDream (c) Carly L.\r\nSW + Art (c) JGF 07

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