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Image: cielodoodle.jpg   492x770 165194 bytes 2003.10.17

A doodle I did of my newest character Cielo. Ok so he's not the newest I have lots more being worked on. \r\n\r\nBut, he's a cloud dragon. And he's mute... and he's gonna be with Lindsay's Mauja. :3

Image: CieloLucasSketch.jpg   405x363 84522 bytes 2004.09.11

Crappy Cielo+Lucas sketch I did for Paula. x_x Pen.

Image: Cookies.jpg   579x518 119991 bytes 2009.06.01

Ols IS the Top Chef. He makes the best food ever, and he baked cookies last time we hung out. They was delicious. \r\n\r\nGo here to get some!!:\r\n\r\nBombat (c) Azzy\r\nComa (c) Oliver M.\r\nSW + Art (c) JGF 09

Image: Coopie.jpg   325x349 28605 bytes 2007.03.17

A little doodle I did of my dog Cooper. :3

Image: CrapSketch.jpg   729x500 76105 bytes 2002.10.11

Sarah's birthday is coming up and I've been trying to draw her something to send along with her present, however, this was my second attempt at this image and it SUCKS. I've drawn her something else instead. I guess I just.. couldn't draw that day or something. Bleh.

Image: crazeecanadiansand2americans.jpg   549x701 87616 bytes 2001.08.10

Another friends piccy! This time wif 4 of my greaaaat Canadian buddies, and J-Chan and SL, who live waaaaaaaaaay over in Arizona and Utah. Why must all my friends be so far away?! ;.; Well... I didn't know what a pharoah hound looked like really, and I didn't know what SL's anthro would be and whut her hair looked like.. but I guessed. So: RW (c) Sarah, J-Chan (c) Jess, Vero (c) herself, SL (c) Sammy, Kay (c) herself, and Idanisty (c) Kel!

Image: Crowloves.jpg   512x354 69095 bytes 2008.03.03

\r\nJust a little doodle I did during math class for the lovely miss Crow cause I was thinking about her. I am sorry that this well, sucks... I will draw you something better soon I swear. I love you sexy lady! <33\r\n\r\nCrow Laura C.\r\nSW + Art JGF 08

Image: DanceAndDrown.jpg   471x431 64088 bytes 2003.02.06

Inspired by Jack Off Jill's "When I am Queen" of SW and Camille.

Image: daniswplushies.jpg   501x706 50687 bytes 2001.08.18

I wanted to draw Dani but I didn't really remember what she looked like, so I hope this is kinda it Courtney. x.x Uh, I put Dani (c) herself.. I meant Courtney, I'm tired. Lemme alone. Moogle. Uh, then I was bored and drew SW, and then I was still bored and was thinking of the Mike plushie and his boyfriend (lol!) so I drew the Mike plushie and Anima plushie.. mwahhaaaaa... and they uh.. float or something. Yeah.

Image: Donner.jpg   505x433 62733 bytes 2003.11.09

Drawn for Paula last night... because... her rat Donner... passed away. I loved that little rat, he was so insanely sweet. There's a picture of him up on the aberrant-visions account... god. I loved him. I'm so sorry Paula, I love you, be strong... we'll miss him...

Image: donnori.jpg   325x517 58195 bytes 2004.09.02

Pen doodle of Nori and Don sharing headphones, Nori being Karens Don being mine, both of them representing our love of music to an extent... and then a Kraven who is Kaz's also looking angry with a floaty Frostbite beside him.

Image: DonSketch.jpg   228x330 54417 bytes 2005.01.21

Sketch of my beautiful elf, Donnath. <3 I can't draw humanoids x_x

Image: donverosing.jpg   522x696 82574 bytes 2001.10.30

This was one of those images I really liked for a bit then soon came to hate. It's Donnath singing onstage, letting his guitar swing around him since the part of "Intolerance" he's singing has the neat bass noises, hence Vero in the background playing the bass! Yay for weird imaginary bands inside my head.

Image: doodles.jpg   489x645 58766 bytes 2002.03.21

Lalala. Doodles done during French. The main character in this is Mr. Lacitor's half sister, who's name I don't know yet. Anyone wanna help me out? Percival (Mr. Lacitor) and she have the same Mom, but her Dad was a blue merle sheltie. So, she's basically a blue merle doberman with areas of poofy sheltie fur-ness. She's -REALLY- beautiful. Rah. She's in her mid 20s and is a full time vet. She looks too young here, and is obviously in her going out outfit. Percival despises her because she got all the looooooveee growing up, and got the job of her (and his) dreams. However, she doesn't act like a spoiled brat at all, she's really awesome and is always there for him. Poor Percival. His mean step-daddy did bad things to him when he was little and scarred him for life.

Image: dragons.jpg   593x616 123461 bytes 2008.04.09

This is really terrible and sketchy and looks kinda like a 5 year old drew it but I upload it anyway to show off some of my dragons. These are but a few of my dragons, doodled today during school.\r\n\r\nThey aren't to scale, though I wrote beside them who would be largest etc.. that is when they are in their full non-anthro dragon forms. I like how Ani came out but that's about it.\r\nAnd yes Frostbite is supposed to be without wings, there are scars where they were - she had them ripped off when she was a child.\r\n\r\nAll my dragon characters are based off of the Dragonlance dragons, though some I modified more than others.\r\n\r\nAnima (blue), Obsidian (black), Frostbite (white), Donnath (gold), Blayze (copper) + "Art" (c) JGF 08

Image: drcoxdance.jpg   415x567 46135 bytes 2007.08.17

Drawn while watching Scrubs one day. I freaking love that show and Dr. Cox is the man! I was watching this episode where he totally pwnd Elliot and did this great excited dance of victory filled with evil hateful mockery. So here we have SW dressed up like a doctor giving it a go. \r\n\r\nI want to go to Sacred Heart to get my nursing degree so Dr. Cox can teach me :C \r\n\r\nSW + Art (c) JGF 07

Image: Dreamlove.jpg   475x765 113284 bytes 2007.06.02

Well they DO ok.\r\n\r\nThis is terrible terrible terrible and I wasn't gonna upload it but then realized of all the other scraps I've scanned so far this is the only relatively descent Dream one so I must put it up here.\r\nMore doodles that I don't consider good enough to be up here will be being posted in my LJ when I get around to it.\r\n\r\nSo yeah what's that in your hand Carly? Why it's supposed to be Watermelon Vodka of course. That's how you ROLL. I shoulda had you smoking in this oh well.\r\nOlder style horse face that sucks >:|\r\n\r\nI love you my Carlys <3\r\n\r\nDream Carly L.\r\n"Art" JGF 07

Image: DreyaFeral.jpg   592x682 118523 bytes 2005.09.12

Ballpoint pen sketch of Dreya in some weird feral form and Verik.

Image: DreyaKashiPhantom.jpg   555x789 114569 bytes 2005.09.12

Picture I'll never finish of Dreya and Verik after I saw Phantom of the Opera on Broadway. Sigh.

Image: DreyaKashiPoke.jpg   375x284 72003 bytes 2005.03.16

Little dorky pokey thing of Dreya and Akashi that I thought was oddly cute for something that took me two seconds. ^^;

Image: EvaAngels.jpg   608x374 74460 bytes 2008.03.03

More doodles from math class.\r\nThis time a scowly looking Eva, and then some love for my Angels. And that is all.\r\n\r\nAngel himself\r\nEva, SW + Art JGF 08

Image: evasw.jpg   699x432 42106 bytes 2001.10.15

Eva and SilverWing... smoking. (Please note, I'm very against any sort of drug uses, cigarettes included. I just draw it) I love Eva's pose! And SW's isn't too bad either! I can't believe it, I'm actually sorta pleased with this. I'll hate it tomorrow. >.< But hey, I'm putting it in the sketches section so I'll have the motivation to color it. \r\n

Image: Everyone2.jpg   585x890 146896 bytes 2007.01.22

A pen sketch I did of headshots of all my main characters. Some of them came out really bad, some are ok I guess. *shrugs*\r\n\r\nAll (c) JGF 07

Image: evilextranyasketchypoo.jpg   328x469 40748 bytes 2001.09.26

Two can play at this game I say! ...altho her "sketch" looked liked a finished picture to me. x.@ Drawn during US History, I spose I had crazy Extranya-ness on the mind??

Image: FaggyChivs.jpg   527x805 173946 bytes 2004.11.12

<3 Chivs

Image: family.jpg   567x681 173585 bytes 2004.10.07

Frostbite and Kraven, with their two new twin girls Starlite and Sabrie.

Image: foxies.jpg   534x703 69653 bytes 2001.07.27

Lookat all the FOXIES!! I forgot my chara Acheron, but oh well. He's undead, so blah. Anyhoo, Judio and Zauriel are in the back, cuz they're tall, and they aren't full breed foxies, they have other aminals in theeeeem. Yep. And in the front left are Judiah and Libriah the sisteeers.. and theeeeeen.. Mayka and Mike! Mayka is dancing with Mike.. probably because she's stoned, and Mike.. he just did for some reason, even tho poor Mikie fears the living people. FEAAAAAAARRR. *Anima gnaws on Mike's ear. Gets stabbed in mouth from many piercings. Laughs* V-Chan's comp is deaaaaaad! *sobs*

Image: friends.jpg   545x699 65143 bytes 2001.08.10

Another friends picture.. this time featuring: Baxter (c) Allison, Scryren (c) Ashley, Nemuko (c) Courtney, and Kitty (c) hurself! Mwaaaarg.. I tried to draw Kitty holding a Zalf plushie, but I kinda fergot whut he lookied like.. moof.

Image: Frosts.jpg   497x807 117470 bytes 2008.03.03

Just a doodle of Frostbite sitting around. I missed drawing her so I figured it was time I did.\r\n\r\nFrost + Art JGF 08

Image: Frostsketch.jpg   415x387 57363 bytes 2007.06.02

More stuff for scraps, yay.\r\n\r\nMy dragon character, Frostbite. I've been working on emphasizing the difference in her muzzle versus Anima's - her's is more blunt and jagged. And also, she has the bull nose-ring, whereas Anima now has a horseshoe one - again to differientiate a bit between my two key dragons.\r\n\r\nFrost has let herself go even moreso than before. Her hair is long and messy now, and looks a bit like a mane. (I hope). Sigh I love my Frosts so much... I must draw a nice finished picture of her soon.\r\n\r\nAnd yes she's not a Gargoyle Chiv >:| I need to make Chiv upload the little Hunchback of Notre Dame style Frost she drew at the bottom of this.\r\n\r\nFrostbite Snowhaven + Art JGF 07\r\n

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