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Image: neemarawr.jpg   320x370 57251 bytes 2004.10.07

Neema is a tough evil bitch the end.

Image: neemasandtriad.jpg   605x674 131237 bytes 2008.03.03

So my art is mostly just doodles now, I don't have as much time to draw finished stuff anymore. I never uploaded anything from last semester really, so here's a pic from September or so of Neema and Triad.. when Neema decided to cut her hair.

Image: neemawalk.jpg   441x694 39846 bytes 2001.12.19

Neema walking nearby to her school. She's probably snuck off during lunch to go smoke. Smoking is bad, I hate it. I just make some of my characters do it.

Image: Nerd.jpg   427x440 59476 bytes 2009.06.01

Based on a conversation Angel and I had the other night. And it's really very true. XD I love him so much.\r\n\r\nAngel (c) himself\r\nSW + Art (c) JGF 09

Image: NightCollab.jpg   800x1199 189020 bytes 2008.12.20

This is a collab between Kaycee and me! We did this while he was visiting. He did the lines, I did the coloring. This is him as a sheltie that we created together. He's a bi-blue. :3 \r\n\r\nKaycee also made the cute watermark of the two of us. We so fluffy!!\r\n\r\nNight + Lines Kaycee McCrea\r\nColors JGF 08

Image: noloveinfear.jpg   589x763 142926 bytes 2008.03.03

I actually drew this back in July of 2007, but never got around to posting it. I kept thinking, I'll finish it, and wait to post it then! Cause I was actually rather proud of it back when I first did it.. but now, months later, all I can focus on are the flaws and I see no point in finishing this piece...\r\n\r\nThis one's really personal though, and holds a lot of feeling in it. Which is another reason I don't really want to finish it anymore...\r\n\r\nI figured I'd stick it in scraps even though I spent quite a while on it, it's just not good enough to be in the main gallery.. and it is far too angsty.\r\n\r\nAnima (in his Wrath form) and SilverWing JGF 07/08

Image: Nuzzles.jpg   369x278 31561 bytes 2002.09.20

For my NeyNey, since I wuv her good. Yes I do. She wasn't in the best of moods the other day, so I tried to cheer her up some.\r\nLooove.

Image: Obsess.jpg   535x559 172313 bytes 2005.01.21

I like them.\r\nCaricatures of Snoop Dogg, Eminem and of couse my ultimate sexy love beast... Maynard. <3

Image: Obsidian.jpg   482x397 57459 bytes 2008.04.08

My black dragon character, Obsidian. It's been a long time since I've drawn him, and I want to more now. I've been on a huge dragon kick thanks to re-reading a bunch of Dragonlance books. I drew him slightly off; in the past he had no ears but I think I may keep them... and he has a fin/scale down his back I must add in in the future. \r\n\r\nThat's acid dripping down his jaws, seeing as that's the breath weapon of the black dragons in Dragonlance world, which I like to follow. He's not someone you'd like to run into. :| \r\n\r\nObsidian + Art (c) JGF 08

Image: Obsidian2.jpg   504x746 133745 bytes 2008.04.09

Another one of Obsidian, this time looking more like he is supposed to... though I fucked up the back fin thing, that's what I get doodlingn all in pen.\r\nI think I am gonna stick with the more finned ears, to go with the back sail.. what ya'll think?\r\nSiiiigh I love him he's so sexy in a weird, disgusting foul sort of way. He's gross and always reeks of rotting vegetation and acid... kinda smells like a corpse most of the time. Hygiene = not important to this black dragon.\r\n\r\nObsidian + Art JGF 08

Image: Ohgod.jpg   496x539 56316 bytes 2007.01.22

Drawn while watching 24 XD It really makes me feel like this! I'm just like ARRRGGGH *rip out hair wiggle toes bulge out eyes* !!!! Best show ever, as far as intensity goes. One of my favs overall. Season 5 rocks. Dno if anyone remembers but I drew something like this last year, so I tried to make this one sorta similar ;3 \r\n\r\nAnd so ends the sketches I'll upload here I think. The rest will be in my LJ.\r\n\r\nSW + Art (c) JGF 07

Image: oldkanpeki.jpg   349x617 22230 bytes 2001.10.09

Kanpeki, how she used to look. Heh, you can't see it but her hair goes almost to her feet... yeah, she's a Dragonball Z based character. But I modified her to suit me more. Her anthro form is either a squirrel or a squirrel taur. She has been for a long time. I just haven't drawn her in a while. She likes tight clothes and to look like a whore. *gets bitch slapped* Gah! And her theme is "Jerk Off" by Tool... >D~

Image: OMG.jpg   659x783 106178 bytes 2005.08.08

OMG EVERYONE! I am drawing again and this is what happens when I do! Drawing while drinking = strange things. Yay alcohol!!

Image: One.jpg   325x400 31263 bytes 2002.09.27

Well, since the background isn't white I'm sure the admins will move it. Even tho I colored it NOT WHITE and darkened it so it wasn't because I thought it looked better.\r\nAnyway, it's for Leah. It's pretty self explainatory.\r\nHowever, I would really like to emphasize just how difficult it is to find true love these days. Everyone is out to fight it seems.

Image: Oops.jpg   626x551 159070 bytes 2004.11.12

Oops sorry.

Image: OtomeHugs.jpg   329x497 39410 bytes 2002.09.20

SW gives Courtney snugs. Yay for NeyNeys.\r\nEnd.

Image: otomevirus.jpg   581x339 43257 bytes 2002.02.18

I sent this to Courtney. It's Otome and Virus. I like how Otome came out. ^_^ Boogie.

Image: ouch.jpg   332x511 65489 bytes 2002.03.19

Drawn while waiting for dinner at Lonestar on a tiny piece of paper with a shitty pen. Needless to say I was not a happy person. I'm doing well now though, I just... messed up... again. So, Anima taught me a lesson. In real life too.

Image: paulasw.jpg   536x473 105602 bytes 2002.02.10

This is for you Paula. I know the picture sucks, but it's just the message I wanted to get across. I drew this last night right after I got off of the computer from talking with you, and right before falling asleep. I wanted to convey to you how wonderful you are.

Image: PenDoodle.jpg   302x314 30955 bytes 2003.01.11

Doodle of Anima I did in Anatomy and Physiology class in purple pen.

Image: People.jpg   873x634 188487 bytes 2004.06.17

Sketches for some people I adore drawn on a drunken night, and then I ran out of room ; ; So yeah, that's Chiv at the bottom cause her name got cut off, and that's Mab over in the viewer's far right. And the little floaty thing above her is Lindsay. Trala.

Image: people.jpg   699x529 64104 bytes 2001.12.04

Some people in the school RP thingy... yeah. Judeca, Shadow, Mike, Neema and Fera. They... do things. o_O. The little step thing starts where Mike ends or so. He's gunna fall... hehe. He's poking her hair. Cuz it's spikey. The end.

Image: PinkSnow.jpg   441x632 82772 bytes 2002.08.18

Inside joke with my Lee Lee. We have.... ... issues. PINK SNOW and HEADWOUNDS for all! *skips around* Yknow, perhaps there are some things that people shouldn't share with each other, even if they are best best best best best best beeeeeesssssssstttt super friends. \r\n\r\n..nah. >D I LOVE YOU LEE LEE.

Image: PokeyAni.jpg   307x484 106823 bytes 2005.01.26

Another one of those little pokeythings... this time of Anima. He doesn't look so happy to be made all cute and little. Hehe ^^;;

Image: PokeyDevon.jpg   246x424 62058 bytes 2005.01.21

Little pokey doodle I did of Devon after seeing Chiv's cute pokeys. <3

Image: possiblelucbat.jpg   482x649 37958 bytes 2001.10.21

A sketch of Lucreito as an anthro bat as reference for Lee Lee. However, I don't know if this is how Sarah wants him to look, so I'm going to check with her as soon as I talk to her again.

Image: psycho.jpg   319x473 57148 bytes 2004.09.02

Lekura lookin' all psycho cause um... he is. c__c Wolf. Pen.

Image: pushit.jpg   536x639 179599 bytes 2007.09.16

Doodles from my medical terminology class.. this one day I was driving around and had the most amazing video in my head of Anima and SilverWing while listening to "Pushit" by Tool.. I've been listening to that song so much lately... anyway.. this was a bit from what I saw, SW attacking Ani as best she can which leads to them beating the shit out of each other.\r\n\r\nAnd then we have a weird SW face up there I had a headache.. and a Mari popped in there for some reason.\r\n\r\nMari, Ani, SW and Art JGF 07

Image: RedKaz.jpg   295x294 74858 bytes 2005.01.21

Little sketch of Kaz. <3

Image: Riven.jpg   530x672 145448 bytes 2004.09.11

Riven, an old Beast Wars character of mine. She's a Transmetal II Deinonychus.

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