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Image: SwinthaEva.jpg   336x278 42213 bytes 2008.03.03

A little something for Swintha, that I realize is not so good. But alas, I wanted to give her some loves. I realize she's not a full hyena now, but hey hyenas still rock Eva says so. *loveson*\r\n\r\nSwintha Abby B.\r\nEva + Art JGF 08

Image: swkittychiv.jpg   482x459 90624 bytes 2004.10.07

SW, Kitty and Chiv. Soon Kitty will be visiting Chiv, and I will have bungles AND kittys! MUAHA!

Image: SWLacitorComic.jpg   585x843 258192 bytes 2004.09.11

Little sketch of Mr.Lacitor and SilverWing, with a Sugar around. Those of you that have seen my old old art outta recognize him ;3

Image: swmikepen.jpg   402x668 52365 bytes 2001.12.09

SilverWing and Mike! I did this in blue pen. It was fun too, did it during Environmental Science (when I get most of my drawing done now... heh). Unfortunately... my scanner killed it when I scanned it. The paper looked yellow, so I tried to fix and it wouldn't, so I made it greyscale. Cope. >P

Image: swnewyork.jpg   305x625 40383 bytes 2002.01.21

Just imagining what it's going to be like walking around New York City. I'm going this Thursday through Monday to visit with Dad in his new office place, so are Mom and my sister. Then we'll come back here while he stays there. Things are so odd now.

Image: SWRefEdited2.jpg   680x935 169029 bytes 2005.11.21

Edited ref of SilverWing. Changed her hair to black since mine is now.

Image: SWScared.jpg   246x359 15015 bytes 2002.04.27

How I felt, how I still feel.

Image: SWScorpiusDoll.jpg   508x617 72380 bytes 2006.02.10

Sketch of SW with a Scorpius doll and a little Mo head. Farscape looove.

Image: SWSPSketch.jpg   555x772 60540 bytes 2003.06.09

Just a sketch I did that I don't like so I probably won't ever finish it, which is why I'm uploading it.\r\nSilverWing and her sister Snowpaw (only in Beast Wars land not the Anthro SW). So yeah... SW is a sheltie/bald eagle transformer, and Snowpaw is an arctic wolf. SW transforms kinda like Cheetor and Tigatron, while Snowpaw transforms like Transmetal Cheetor.. wolf head halves on hands.\r\nSW's "skin" is black, SP's white. SW's armor is violet, SP's blue. Mrow. Anyway. Maybe I'll color this eventually.\r\n\r\nSHE HAS SILVER WINGS. Hah.

Image: SWStrix.jpg   302x446 44873 bytes 2007.01.22

SilverWing and Strix. Dno if anyone remebers him from the early days of my gallery here, but he's my ex-boyfriend Hunter's character, who I got to see while I was in NC. :3 \r\n\r\nStrix (c) Hunter\r\nSW + Art (c) JGF 07

Image: SWSulks.jpg   439x213 30623 bytes 2002.07.24

Blah Blah Life Sucks Blah Blah Teenage Angst Blah Blah Shut Up Jolyn

Image: swsulks.jpg   394x677 24031 bytes 2001.08.14

SilverWing sulks. What a surprise. Please save me from the Hell that is skool. *cries* Ug. I want it to be cold again. It's so humid here that when I walk outside my glasses fog up. -.-

Image: swwere.jpg   424x401 23367 bytes 2002.01.29

SilverWing the weresheltie.

Image: TakeMyHand.jpg   511x686 55153 bytes 2002.10.01

Relax.. turn around and take my hand. \r\nThis is self explainatory - it's to Sarah and Kayla.

Image: Thing.jpg   357x345 36086 bytes 2007.08.31

A little sketch I did really quickly at work one day of my coworker's dog, Thing. He's an adorable little papillon that she always brings with her to work, I just love him.\r\nI hope this looks ok? I am working on my nonanthros.\r\n\r\nThing (c) himself\r\nArt (c) JGF 07

Image: tired.jpg   494x377 59945 bytes 2007.08.08

Just a simple shitty doodle done in about a minute or two last Tuesday when I got home from work. Tuesdays are my long day at the animal clinic and while fun, are quite tiring.\r\nSW has collapsed and Ani's just like um? *poke*\r\nStopit dragon that tickles! Except I am too tired to notice. :|

Image: together.jpg   486x645 44170 bytes 2001.12.19

Donnath and Kisei, together, always and forever... sheesh, they've been together... almost 4 years now Sarah?? Woah! o.o Bleh... just a sketchy. My friend Liora likes Don's face, says he looks angelic. How silly, Don isn't an angel. >D

Image: TonButterfly.jpg   441x597 35711 bytes 2002.10.01

It is the Tonoso Butterfly! >D I cackle. *pokes Kayla* Dance Ton, DANCE!

Image: TorrinHugsDevon.jpg   432x311 40304 bytes 2002.10.31

I doodled this in class a couple of days ago, and haven't gotten a chance to upload... I was debating on uploading it at all since it's such a cruddy sketch, but then I saw all the sketches Aya's uploaded for me and I just had to. ^^ Aya is the most amazingly sweet person ever, and she always manages to say things that make me feel better... and Torrin, being a part of her is able to have the same effect, so here he is holding Devon, trying to help him to feel safe again. \r\nI doodled some other stuff for you Aya-chan, but I haven't finished the sketchies yet. Hopefully soon.. I guess I'll upload 'em if you wanna see 'em. ^^ I doodle a lot during school. o_O;

Image: ToTheStars.jpg   491x606 41270 bytes 2003.04.10

Another cruddy scan, but being uploaded before I go. Lindsay gave me the purple pencils I drew this with :3 I wanted to draw us, and she loves tummy cuddles, so I'm on her lap or something. And I was planning on coloring this in photoshop and having stars all around and flowers and grass... like sitting on a hilltop. I dno if I will tho, since I won't have net access while I'm gone.May just color pencil it.\r\nLove you Lindsay.

Image: Tranquility.jpg   680x699 81835 bytes 2006.01.15

Sketchy thing all in marker of Gravity.

Image: triad.jpg   350x661 22718 bytes 2001.09.11

Triad Equinox, a new character who's creativity jolt from me was inspired by hearing Tool's "Prison Sex" live, oh how good it is... and.. and.. I'LL GET TO HEAR IT. *convulses* Row 10... so close.. so close. *dies* I may change his name, I was thinking Undertow, but I seem to remember anuther chara with that name, altho, it's possible for someone to have the same name. *shrug* He's a basenji, but he's not gunna be normal colored.

Image: TriadJasesketch.jpg   296x386 70221 bytes 2004.09.11

Triad and Jase sketch for Paula. <3

Image: triadroom.jpg   703x520 47529 bytes 2001.11.02

Triad, in his room, which is only a bed, boarded up window, and an old wooden dresser he built. He has his CD player, some candles he made, and that's about it. Some posters and stickers he got from "friends" and stuff. A lot of the scars on his body are from his Dad, he carves them into him when/during/after he rapes him. \r\n\r\nPoor Triad. I'm still thinking up more for his history. I love him so. \r\n\r\nPoofy! Yer piccyture ish coming. As is yer's Jadey. I think.. that's all the art trades I'm doing. o_O; (Well, Poofy's an mine isn't reallyish one, but still)

Image: TriadSad.jpg   149x300 12025 bytes 2002.04.27

Aw, he's sad. So am I. See, it works.

Image: TroiDevonFrostNeemaMitriHeads.jpg   746x515 100014 bytes 2005.08.22

Some headshots of a few of my main characters I drew totally in pen. Troi, Devon, Frostbite, Neema and Dimitri.

Image: um.jpg   527x729 52705 bytes 2002.01.17

This just appeared on my paper. Paula trying to get to Zer, while SW sits on her back and Lee Lee picks out from behind a tree while Courtney tries not to fall off of the branch. Wolves were not meant to climb trees.\r\n\r\nEbby! My art tradey for you is coming! I've had absolutely NO free time this week. These weren't even drawn this week (these past two uploads). Your picture is being colored in a really fun way... and I'm actually liking it! I'll get it done this weekend. :D

Image: ummm.jpg   517x658 188804 bytes 2001.12.12

I drew this during English class today... o.O Left it in blue pen. See the nasty yellow spots, SEE THEM?! *twitch* I tried to draw a SW sheltie. It looks ugly. Mike, SW, Riz, Virus, Devon, Paula, Ton and a stoned looking Slip... c.c Sorry Emily. x_x

Image: upsidedown.jpg   538x692 44016 bytes 2001.05.22

Fun sketch of Mantra, my bat character, hanging upside down as all bats do. He's got his pet lemur with him, named Speed. It's a hyperactive lemur that is proned to very large jolts of excessive energy. Why lemur? Lemurs are cute, and are tree climbers, and I could see one as being hyper. Moo. They're (c) me.

Image: vincent.jpg   604x341 99979 bytes 2003.11.09

Another new character. His name is Vincent, and he's a doctor/surgeon/healer in Paula's story. He's based off of Dr. Greene from ER, and from Detective Goren on Law and Order: Criminal Intent (Vincent D'Onofrio... MIB, The Salton Sea...). He's mainly like Goren, cause he's very... strange and eccentric, tall, lithe, strangely attractive for a 30 year old...\r\n\r\nSo yeah... there's a lot to him. He's one of my fav charas out of mine so far. :3 Paula knows bout him, maybe I'll post more later. This is just a sketch.

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