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Image: animamikeheadshot.jpg   458x590 55296 bytes 2001.07.19

I'm reuploading this cuz it's not in my directory anymore. I REALLY don't remember deleting it either. o.O Urm... meef.

Image: judiahjudio.jpg   527x666 53922 bytes 2001.07.14

See, no matter where I am my main 6 egos are there too. So while I was at the beach Judio and Judiah paired off and went for walks, while Burll, Kan and Don swam or walked, and Anima flew around by himself. I hate warm weather, HATE IT! I WANT COLD. Sdljalgjdklalksjdlgkjad!

Image: animamike.jpg   553x751 49057 bytes 2001.07.14

Anima conforts Mike while they sit up someplace that is very high. Daaawww... poor little sad Mikie. *clings to Lee Lee*

Image: swcliff.jpg   482x646 67201 bytes 2001.06.23

I really really REALLY like this picture, and I'm going to color it, but I'm leaving Sunday for a week at the beach, and I'm not gonna have time to on Saturday. So I'm uploading the sketch. I was feeling odd, and this was just.. spawned, while listening to A Perfect Circle's "Brena". I also had going to the beach on my mind... so.. I may upload something tomorrow, if not... bye everyone, till June 30th or so! ...not like anyone will notice I'm gone. =P

Image: anluccycute.jpg   541x704 42376 bytes 2001.06.09

Anima (in his human form) and Lucreito. They so cute. So so soooooooo cute. *slobbers* So.. everyone look at Anima's ugly scarred arms, ugly ugly! There are scars lottsa other places too =P Cut cut cut! ...bad Anima, bad. Luccy bite you. Ooooo... ehe.. Luc (c) Sarah, Anima and art (c) me. Lookit Luccy's baggy black leather flares, cute cute... *convulse*\r\n

Image: kinff.jpg   679x543 46236 bytes 2001.06.07

Kinath meets Firefang for the very first time. Sarah pointed out they're like Romeo and Juliet, they come from families that hate each other.. yet they fall in love. Aw. *waves to Metory who will probably get caught up in the middle of all this*

Image: gingerschool.jpg   527x699 37691 bytes 2001.05.22

I LOVE this picture. Too bad I scanned it crappily. Doesn't matter, gonna color it soon. ^_^ Ginger is so much fun! Those are the lockers outside my Humanities class. Don't you ever just sit there in class, staring at the door just yearning to get up and walk out? ...poo. Ginger's (c) me.

Image: upsidedown.jpg   538x692 44016 bytes 2001.05.22

Fun sketch of Mantra, my bat character, hanging upside down as all bats do. He's got his pet lemur with him, named Speed. It's a hyperactive lemur that is proned to very large jolts of excessive energy. Why lemur? Lemurs are cute, and are tree climbers, and I could see one as being hyper. Moo. They're (c) me.

Image: watchtheweatherchange.jpg   746x539 34574 bytes 2001.05.19

"Watch the weather change" is a quote from the song "Disposition" by Tool, off of their new CD Lateralus. (GO BUY IT! IT IZ GOOOOD!) It suits me/SW so much, love the song.. good song.. "Ticks and Leeches" is prolly my fav on the CD tho. Java, I'll get your piccy colored soon hopefully! ...and that's all. I'm tired. Oh, SW (c) me. Lyric (c) Tool.

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