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Image: BirthdayCrows.jpg   531x526 101932 bytes 2010.02.10

Tomorrow is Crow's birthday and so I am uploading this for her now! I don't have much time to work on art but I squeezed this in today cause I love my Crows. Those beer cans look retarded I don't know what I was doing.\r\n\r\nI love you so much Laura!!! Hope you have a great 21st!! Party extra hard! XD\r\n\r\nCrow (c) Laura Clasing, SW + Art (c) JGF 10

Image: BisterAndZodi.jpg   558x816 140386 bytes 2003.07.16

For Bister and Zodi because they are two of the sweetest people I've ever met... and I adore them both so much. I've been wanting to draw something for both of them for a while, then since they're both good friends I figured I'd draw them together. ^^ I hope I got both of your markings right and things... I hate the paper I drew that on. x_x It's evil... but, oh well. \r\n\r\nLove for both of you! <3

Image: BlayzeObsidian.jpg   765x511 125288 bytes 2008.09.01

Two of my dragon characters, Blayze the copper metallic dragon, and Obsidian the black chromatic dragon. All based off of the Dragonlance dragons, as are all my dragon charas! \r\n\r\nBlayze, Obsidian and Art (c) JGF 08

Image: BleedForMe.jpg   463x741 134057 bytes 2003.02.22

An older character of mine that's long been a favorite. I never really knew what she represented inside of me, but now I think I understand her. She makes up a part of me that Triad, Devon, Donnath, Anima and Neema can't cover. Her name is Judiah Val Orestia. She's a purple fennec... about time I drew her again.

Image: BluesidesTroi.jpg   704x847 177459 bytes 2009.01.08

So Kaycee recently made up a Kernel fox and this is her - Bluesides. She wanted someone to draw her and I wanted to draw her so we is doing a trade. I have been wanting to draw more of my characters and I thought I'd put one of my foxes in here with her, so I added in Troi my albino fennec. I haven't done a finished Troi pic since 06 it is about time o_o\r\n\r\nBluesides is so adorable I love her. I hope I got the grays right Kaycee! <3\r\n\r\nBluesides (c) J. Burns, Troi + Art (c) JGF 09

Image: BlueVCL.jpg   929x622 144581 bytes 2003.12.01

Lindsay is very important to me. She's been one of my best friends for the past year and a half I think Lindsay? I confide in her with everything. She knows everything about me, and while it scares me I am thankful to have her. We're extremely close friends, but not like that *pokes Paula* \r\n\r\nAnyway... I love her very much. And wanted to draw us. And. Well even tho it may seem strange it's a happy picture. We're connected in even the most painful of ways. \r\n\r\nSo I tried computer coloring. DO YA'LL SEE WHY I DON'T EVER COMPUTER COLOR I SUCK THE END. >|

Image: BoneForZer.jpg   330x351 31917 bytes 2002.12.06

Why did I put this in the anthro catergory? o_O Just a little pen doodle I did at school today while thinking about Holly. I hope you cheer up, hun. *attempts to hug*

Image: BostonTerrier.jpg   265x284 18532 bytes 2002.04.08

Working at the Animal Medical Hospital and seeing so many dog breeds has made me read my dog book over and over and over. And, after being inspired by Jaime Sidor I decided I'd draw a few dogs from it. I drew three - a sheltie, springer spaniel and this boston terrier. I only like how he came out. I took the most time on him. Must create more dog characters... c_c

Image: Bottom.jpg   696x575 145551 bytes 2005.11.21

Blah blah SilverWing angst. <3 Tool.

Image: BourbonNeema.jpg   619x708 142235 bytes 2010.11.03

A birthday gift for my good friend, Kim/Caishide. Featuring our favorite characters of each other (who happen to get along coincidentally) - her character Bourbon the Nutria and my character Neema the white lioness. <3

Tags: bourbon nutria neema lion caishide  
Image: ButchOiglyVCL.jpg   748x677 231054 bytes 2004.12.05

Butch and Oigly the pugs, for Chiv's contest. ^_^ <3

Image: ButchShinquan.jpg   499x671 94493 bytes 2002.04.29

Butch gives Shinquan a huuuuge SMOOSH of a hug! Waha! >D Thanks for the picture of him Shinny! I like his colors ya gave him, so guess what? I kept them! *snugs*

Image: CamilleGray.jpg   400x727 127805 bytes 2003.01.17

Camille Gray - Paula's new fursona! I drew this right when she told me about her, but I didn't get around until coloring it until now. I hope I got all of her markings right, Paula! If you can't tell why her new fursona is what it is then you're a stupid head. BAP. That's a little nonanthro SW and LeeLee crouched beside her... added a cruddy bg in photoshop. You said her hair could have unnatural tips/streaks right Paula? Mruu! Purple. XD Loveyou!\r\nJOLYN IS GOING TO VISIT PAULA SOON. *glee*\r\nLindsay, I'm drawing you somethin' soon.

Image: CassiAscettiVCL.jpg   677x570 123184 bytes 2004.01.31

*flails* cassiel and ascetti kiiisssiiinnng.. cause, they are a couple now. :3 i love malii so much and i love cassiel. *possessive grabby hands* mineminemiinneee *froth* <3 you malii. o_o

Image: Celestine.jpg   595x818 158495 bytes 2004.01.26

So, I made Celestine up... um... sometime last year, cause Paula let me create the first other Grimmorph besides Grimmy. :3 I've drawn her once, and Paula's saying how she's drawing a pic of all the Grimmys, and she needs a good ref for Celestine... so here she is.\r\n\r\nShe is the goddess of weather, and quite the trickster. She's um. Odd. And very. Flamboyant. Ehe... \r\n

Image: cellvsanima.jpg   679x536 53465 bytes 2001.07.14

Cellekra fights Anima, who randomly decided with Lytalia to attack Cell, Burll and Metory while they were out walking one night. A fierce battle insued... and Burll kicked Anima and Lihure's asses! ...well, after Anima knocked him off a cliff and almost killed him... but still! I like this. *gasp* Hey, I liked the Anima Mike piccy too... so.. MWAH!! \r\n

Image: CeraVCL.jpg   536x498 55726 bytes 2004.07.21

Cera the white black bear. Yes, it IS possible. 1 out of 10 bear cubs are born in such a fashion, yes.

Image: charasheet01.jpg   900x677 254667 bytes 2003.10.28

First sketch of one of my character sheets I'm working on. I'm drawing 2 of these - 1 of Devon, Neema, Delu and Triad; the other with Donnath, Anima and Marilyn. I've had this sketched for forever. I've inked it, and it looks much better IRL. So, I have a lot to do.... and I doubt I'll be getting this done anytime soon. I want to take my time on it anyways, cause I kinda like it so far.\r\nSo I figured I'd upload the sketch.\r\nI added an overlay in photoshop, it looked better than plain black and white.\r\n\r\nDevon - Doberman - Heartbreak/Love/Innocence\r\nNeema - White Lioness - Anger/Rebellion/Self-Esteem\r\nDelu - Grey Mouse Lemur - Depression/Self-Hatred/Masochism/Mental Illness\r\nTriad - Basenji - Nature/Detachment/Shyness\r\n\r\nLala. I hope they look kinda like their species. :|

Image: cheetahfalcon.jpg   513x651 36143 bytes 2002.01.08

I saw a show on Animal Planet the other night about the world's fastest killers, two of which were the cheetah and the peregrine falcon. This girl (yes, she's a girl) just created herself on my paper today during Environmental Science class. I really like her. I've already started drawing her again, and she seems to jump out at me - already having a personality of her own. Which amazes me. It hardly ever happens. \r\n\r\nThere are quite a few flaws in this picture - the most annoying of them being the fact that she has a wrist guard on but her feathers seem to be just ignoring it - I meant them to be coming out of holes in the guard, but it doesn't look that way. I'll fix it up when I get this colored. ^^\r\n\r\nRight now I'm working on a picture that I'm spending a lot of time on, with two of my favorite characters - one my own and one not. ^_^

Image: choke.jpg   627x812 185588 bytes 2004.05.01

um... i was angry?\r\n\r\nanima.

Image: ColdandUglyVCL.jpg   588x635 76083 bytes 2006.03.30

Doodle of my character Delu.

Image: ComeToMe2.jpg   536x692 78894 bytes 2003.03.13

I drew this while I was in Dallas almost 3 weeks ago, inked it there, too. Wyrm is Paula's character, and he's the one person that can actually harm Anima (besides FlameStrike)... he symbolizes Corruption, and when Anima finds himself near him he cannot fight, he is too AFRAID. Because Wyrm is corruption, and Wyrm... will rape Anima. It hasn't happened yet IRP, but it's about to... because there really isn't anyway Anima can get away, or that Lucreito can get to him.\r\nAnd Anima's worst fear is rape.\r\nAnd he finds himself weak and at the mercy of this creature, and he is afraid. \r\n\r\nWyrm is Paula Whitney's, Anima is mine.

Image: CoreyLubbsMike.jpg   398x681 131940 bytes 2003.02.08

Mike and Corey. Aw.

Image: CrowChristmas.jpg   601x453 108578 bytes 2008.12.20

A little Christmas gift for my lovely Crows! I love this girl so much and my Christmas wish is that she finds some well deserved happiness this new year. SW thinks she is being crafty with that mistletoe.\r\n\r\nAnd oops accidentally made SW's hair all black. Force of habit I guess.\r\n\r\nCrow Laura C.\r\nSW + Art JGF 08

Image: CuddlesVCL.jpg   552x564 111677 bytes 2003.06.18

Devon and Hayden cuddling under moonlight in the forest. The forest is such an overused setting for me, but I just love being out in the trees... except when there are tons of ticks around. -_- Anyhoo, drew this a while ago but just now got to scan it. Devon and Hayden cuddling... bleeding. Some people will probably be like "Omg wtf is wrong with her that's sick!" and I'll just laugh in your face. :)\r\n\r\nAnyhooooo... um. That's about all. This sucks. I messed up Devon's head and Hayden's feet. Poo. Oh, and I made Hayden's nose grey since there was so much black there I was afraid I wouldn't be able to show it otherwise. <3 you Lindsay!

Image: CuteBoys.jpg   619x492 163933 bytes 2003.03.18

Rar! Doodled this today because I was inspired. I got a letter from KAREN today!! And GAH. Her artwork is so much more amazing in real life than on the computer. The scanner does it no justice! *waves fist* So, I got insanely inspired and drew Sariyah, Kiley, Devon and Lucas. It was just kind of random. I wanted to draw Kiley and the others just appeared there. o_o I hope I colored everyone alright.. I have a feeling I messed Lucas up. x_x Blar. And I got a letter from Jess a few days ago that inspired me to try coloring a little... well, better. Thank you both. \r\n\r\nEEEEEEEEe. I LOVE YOU KAREN. O__________O *dies* Hi Lindsay, Paula, Karen \r\n\r\n(i just got off the phone with malice. sheissosweet. *dies* )

Image: Dance.jpg   614x980 115332 bytes 2006.01.15

Eva my hyena character, doing... something.

Image: DanceWithMe.jpg   386x536 35608 bytes 2002.11.06

Last night I got the wonderful privledge of Role Playing with the beautiful Savannah Horrocks for the third or fourth time. Aya, you make me feel so beautiful, loved, cared for, strong, and confident inside.. I can't even begin to explain to you how much you mean to me. When Torrin was singing to Devon, like you would be singing to me... I was... crying. Yeahyeah.. so Jolyn's a little bit sappy when it comes to people giving a crap about her.\r\nI love you Savannah.\r\nDevon loves you Torrin, for being so kind to him. Maybe not a strong love - not yet, because he's afraid. But when you helped him to dance on his blind feet he felt so at peace.

Image: Deadnettle.jpg   640x860 155954 bytes 2008.12.31

And another new character thanks to Kaycee! This is Deadnettle, one of my only dragons NOT of D&D origin! *gasp* I have always wanted a purple dragon and D&D does not have these, but Kaycee needed a dragon not based off of any other storyline so here we go! He is to be RPed with her in a private forum that Swift, Whisper and he are creating. As per policy of this forum he has no magical powers or breath weapon, but that doesn't mean he's not a badass. \r\n\r\nHe is going to be with his Cocker Spaniel character Nightshade. :3 Thanks to Kaycee for the name, Deadnettle is a type of purple flower. \r\n\r\nDeadnettle + Art JGF 08

Image: Deanna.jpg   338x486 29998 bytes 2003.01.24

Portrait of Marina Sirtis, or Deanna Troi from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Practicing my humans.

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