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Image: bdaydon.jpg   338x511 73020 bytes 2004.07.06

Just a quick doodle I did of Don on his Birthday... which was June 18th, but I just now finished coloring it. Real quick obviously... and I messed up the bg in Photoshop and I don't like it that much so it goes here and not to DeviantArt.\r\n\r\nHe's 29 years old.\r\nHe's been around for 7 in my mind. <3 My elf.

Image: aniwrathVCL.jpg   836x544 90741 bytes 2004.06.05

Anima in his Wrath form.

Image: anivennaVCL.jpg   617x870 186049 bytes 2004.06.05

Anima and Venna, for Jaime. Those crazy killers... they just seem to get along with each other for some reason ;3

Image: swtaxi.jpg   578x490 110030 bytes 2004.06.05

SW and Taxiderma... a thank you for a GORGEOUS picture she drew for me of Anima and Gravity.

Image: swkazleelee.jpg   701x639 255774 bytes 2004.06.02

for 2 special girls that have helped me through some of my darkest moments. thank you, i love you both kaz and leelee.

Image: reach.jpg   638x861 294505 bytes 2004.06.02

anima reaching for something... i don't know.

Image: devonkileynew.jpg   664x554 192736 bytes 2004.05.01

devon and kiley. devon with his new hair color, kiley having just dyed it for him and trimmed it up. awww. i hate how devon came out, but at least kiley looks sorta almost ok. or not really. :|

Image: neemaghost.jpg   526x391 78700 bytes 2004.05.01

neema and ghost for my karens <3

Image: choke.jpg   627x812 185588 bytes 2004.05.01

um... i was angry?\r\n\r\nanima.

Image: ithasbegun.jpg   699x508 131520 bytes 2004.05.01

lekura, aleister and silvia.

Image: dimitrinew2.jpg   554x729 140681 bytes 2004.04.11

dimitri redesigned.

Image: anidoodles.jpg   773x630 266001 bytes 2004.04.11


Image: lift_me_back_up_to_the_sun2.jpg   590x818 103842 bytes 2004.03.30

devon my blind doberman pinscher and gravity my albino smooth collie. really representative, etc... blahblah.

Image: name.jpg   506x914 138082 bytes 2004.03.30

silverwing being mopey. what a surprise.

Image: my_disease_my_infection.jpg   642x853 138766 bytes 2004.03.30

dreya and akashi, for my beautiful karens. :3 i messed up kashi's markings, cause they're supposed to be green to blue, but oh well. dreya's a sheltie and akashi is a kirin. :3

Image: three_troublemakers_in_a_row2.jpg   842x507 125563 bytes 2004.03.30

three troublemakers in a row >3 neema, slip and tangerine. all (c) their respective owners on the pic. i messed up tangerine's markings. ; ; *flails* sorry angie. ; ;

Image: lekura_anshoku.jpg   317x469 94488 bytes 2004.03.30

lekura anshoku, an old character revised for a new roleplay.

Image: spork_and_silverwing.jpg   596x619 151865 bytes 2004.03.30

drawn while visiting emily (spork) in new hampshire. i love me some emilys, yes. *kissu*

Image: and_not_to_pull_your_halo_down.jpg   594x822 131856 bytes 2004.03.30

gravity my albino smooth collie. he's godlike, extraterrestrial, ghostlike, spiritual, etc... he represents hope.

Image: PartOfMe.jpg   680x908 190632 bytes 2004.02.17

silverwing with delu wrapped around her while anima and gravity flow out of her, both trying for "dominance" blah blah drawn after paula dumped me.

Image: LoveGrimmys.jpg   588x593 121367 bytes 2004.02.01


Image: LoveTeggnVCL.jpg   990x603 180765 bytes 2004.01.31

love for teggn from framboise and troi...

Image: CassiAscettiVCL.jpg   677x570 123184 bytes 2004.01.31

*flails* cassiel and ascetti kiiisssiiinnng.. cause, they are a couple now. :3 i love malii so much and i love cassiel. *possessive grabby hands* mineminemiinneee *froth* <3 you malii. o_o

Image: AdrienMaynardVCL.jpg   641x454 92596 bytes 2004.01.30

awwwww... they are so cute aren't they? i wish i coulda captured them better. ; ; so, this is for the amazing beautiful wonderfully talented kat (aka looz) cause i love her so much and need to draw her 982309582908308925 more things cause well... i love her. i don't tell her that enough.\r\n\r\nSO CHEER UP KAT. here's some lamb boy lovin' for you.\r\n

Image: ShadowLaramieVCL.jpg   619x595 99176 bytes 2004.01.27

shadow and laramie for savannah :3 black caiman and mouse.

Image: Celestine.jpg   595x818 158495 bytes 2004.01.26

So, I made Celestine up... um... sometime last year, cause Paula let me create the first other Grimmorph besides Grimmy. :3 I've drawn her once, and Paula's saying how she's drawing a pic of all the Grimmys, and she needs a good ref for Celestine... so here she is.\r\n\r\nShe is the goddess of weather, and quite the trickster. She's um. Odd. And very. Flamboyant. Ehe... \r\n

Image: LoveKittyKaz.jpg   538x531 161927 bytes 2004.01.24

i've been a stupidly over emotional jolyn lately... and kaz and kitty have been there putting up with my stupid crap the whole time. loveyouguys.

Image: PUPPIES.jpg   727x518 122001 bytes 2004.01.21

so, i decided to give ginger, pepper and smokey anthro forms. because i realize, that if they ever do leave me (which they inevitably will, but i can pretend they won't) i want them to live on forever through my charas, just like sugar, onyx, and oreo now do. \r\n\r\nsilverwing IS a combination of all 3 of my dogs, and my old dog travis. but still.\r\n\r\nso, smokey the blue merle, ginger and pepper the sables. ginger's the oldest, pepper's second oldest and smokey is youngest. i tried to convey their personalities through their characters, and i think i did a pretty good job. i think i may have them be brothers and sister, even tho they aren't related irl. but neither are the mice... it's just easier that way. \r\n\r\nend.

Image: oops.jpg   542x765 140492 bytes 2004.01.20

anima and delu have a... strange relationship. most people think that anima is just cruel to beat up on delu, because she's childlike, weak, and timid. but most of the hurt he causes her is for a reason, it's because of what they represent in me. \r\n\r\nanima is cruelty, he's everything i hate about myself and he's the one that makes me think "i'm so horrible. i hate myself" etc... then, delu is the one who represents complete and total submission, depression, self hatred. so, anima's what causes those feelings in me, hence his hatred of delu. \r\n\r\n...bleh. no one really understands sorry i can't really explain it well. it makes sense in my head.\r\n\r\nso this is just a sketch. and anima is sort of in his wrath form, hence the curled horns, no hair and spikes all over. trala.

Image: Dreya02VCL.jpg   461x709 82760 bytes 2004.01.18

dreya. diseased. bruised.

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