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Image: getyourboogieon.jpg   529x681 47203 bytes 2001.12.21

SilverWing and Mike boogie. Or something. Drawn in band class when we were having a party and there was music on. The music wasn't good, but the atmosphere was neat. \r\n\r\nZER! I LOVE THE PICCY OF SILVERWING!! *chews on the yummy lemur tail* I've drawn somefin for yew, but it's fer Christmas. >D However... I really wanna draw Freq.. so I'm gunna... when I finish these Christmas pictures. x_x \r\n\r\nLee Lee! HAPPY 2 DAYS EARLY BIRTHDAY! ...yeah.

Image: GhostChristmas.jpg   607x456 117985 bytes 2008.12.20

And a Merry Christmas to my sexy Ghosts! *cheers*\r\n\r\nGhost (c) herself\r\nSW + Art (c) JGF 08

Image: GirlsBeerCigs4.jpg   981x714 255578 bytes 2009.08.19

= lots of chatting until 7 in the morning! This would be my attempt to capture one of my fav moments at AC this year! Wednesday night hanging out chatting till super late with 3 of my favorite ladies <33 I love and miss you all!! \r\n\r\nCrow Laura C.\r\nMo Jordan\r\nHuskie Mayra B.\r\nSW + Art JGF 09

Image: GoBackToSleep.jpg   541x768 266805 bytes 2004.11.12

Ani and Kiley

Image: GoodbyeSandy.jpg   699x499 122345 bytes 2003.07.16

I had to give Sandy to a new owner, to a new home. After she bit my sister and we went to North Carolina, I knew if I returned with her there was a VERY GOOD chance of Animal Control coming and taking her away - and they would euthanize her. So it's either - take a chance of her being killed, or let her live her life in a new home. She's now with a woman that has another female prairie dog, and a huge cage that's filled with dirt for her to dig in, bury in, and make tunnels in. I miss her so much. Her little squeaks, her little love. She was my baby, and I will never forget her.\r\n

Image: GrandaddySW.jpg   706x885 216732 bytes 2007.05.20

This is a very personal piece that I did as an assignment for my Philosophy: Death and the Meaning of Life course I took this past semester.\r\n\r\nThe idea was to make something (I chose art) representing some form of death and dying. We had a variety of subjects to choose from, but I chose to draw something for my Grandfather, my Grandaddy, who passed away 7 years ago.\r\n\r\nI won't go into too much detail, but my Grandaddy was one of the biggest inspirations in my life. He was the artist in the family, the animal lover, the music lover, the leader of the family and a guide to me.. he was my other Father growing up, and we were very close.\r\n\r\nIf you care for more description go to my DA page.\r\n\r\nLyrics (c) Tool\r\nGrandaddy (c) himself\r\nSW + Art (c) JGF 07

Image: GravitySmall.jpg   467x609 84084 bytes 2005.05.22

Dorky little Gravity thing I did cause I cannot draw real things lately ;__; Gravity (c) JGF 04-05

Image: GravityVCL.jpg   443x734 66778 bytes 2004.01.04

Gravity.\r\nAlbino Smooth Collie.\r\nHope.

Image: GravityWeird.jpg   688x619 168487 bytes 2004.12.02

Weirdass Gravity doodle I did when I wasn't even thinking about what I was drawing at all.

Image: GravyLovin.jpg   680x880 178244 bytes 2006.07.16

Picture for Gravy since she won first place in the contest Kaz and I had! <3

Image: GregGilVCL.jpg   627x868 141902 bytes 2003.05.21

CSI slash of Gil and Greg o_O don't lookatmelikethat.\r\n\r\nThey are based completely on the CSI characters, of course in Jolyn's world they'll have some differences, but will primarily stick directly to their character as illustrated in the show. I just anthrofied them... so I guess they are me, in a way... since I have modified them. But MAJOR thank yous to the CSI people for creating such wonderful characters :3 \r\n\r\nGrissom is a Margay/Kit Fox cross, and Greg is a tassel-eared squirrlel.

Image: GrimmyMeetsSandy.jpg   573x605 66215 bytes 2003.01.06

Hehehe.. I can see this happening. Paula meets my pet prairie dog - Sandy, and I just sit there grinning like a moron.

Image: GrimmySW.jpg   425x510 73551 bytes 2003.05.12

i love you paula.\r\n\r\ndoodled this on my tablet today... sorry it sucks. i'm trying to get better with my tablet. i was thinking of her, my girlfriend.. paula whitney. and. i just. had to draw this. it just happened.\r\n\r\nbeware we are hairless. sort of.\r\n\r\n<3

Image: Guilty.jpg   594x632 131045 bytes 2006.08.03

Just some mopey SWs.

Image: HAPPY_ASHLEY_DAY.jpg   707x629 107399 bytes 2004.08.03


Image: HAPPY_BIRTHDAY_KARENS.jpg   590x780 190981 bytes 2004.09.02

Happy birthday present for Karens. She is coming to visit me September 18. THE KAZS WILL BE MIIIINE.

Image: HappyBDayKittyVCL.jpg   678x915 276857 bytes 2004.10.29


Image: HappyBirthdayJerkFace.jpg   505x680 108460 bytes 2002.11.28

Today is his birthday.\r\nHe is 2... er... around 23, except that he's immortal. \r\nUh. Wanted to try drawing a sorta non-anthro Anima.... so this would be him more in his Wrath form, although not completely because he's not bound and his horns aren't changed, he still has his wings and he's not anthro really at all.\r\nSo ok, maybe he's not very Wrath-ish, but hey, he has no hair. Feh.\r\nUh...loveyouAnima. Even though you despise me.\r\nAni> Usually, but I've grown used to you.\r\n*big watery happy eyes*\r\nAni> ...I still want you to go die.\r\n*sobs*

Image: happybirthdaysavannah.jpg   579x794 89287 bytes 2003.04.22

For Savannah! Because her birthday is tomorrow I think? I'm not exactly sure, but I wanted to draw her something. So here's Anima giving Aya a ride in the middle of the night... mrr. I wish that could really happen, but alas. \r\n\r\nSo... hi Savannah, happy birthday!

Image: HappyHolidays.jpg   803x673 211899 bytes 2006.12.18

Happy holidays everyone! From me and all my animals :3

Image: happyVCL.jpg   784x547 122780 bytes 2004.01.08

Sometimes you just gotta sit back and breathe, and revel in everything you have - no matter how insignificant. To take in the things that most take for granted, like the sky, the stars, the forest, the animals. The air. The chance to be alive and breathing... sometimes you don't want to be. Sometimes you REALLY don't want to be, but... sometimes. When you've got great friends it's worth it.\r\n\r\nThat's the kinda feeling I got from seeing Chin and Miette and Mike interacting...\r\nSo... I doodled this up today. I know it's not very good, I just.. can't draw right now for some reason, can you tell? :|\r\n

Image: Headshots.jpg   677x942 183718 bytes 2003.10.05

After getting roughly smacked in the face with my own art today, I tried to draw different characters looking more like their species.... though I like to think I normally do anyways....? I tried a bit extra here.

Image: Headshots1.jpg   620x841 152124 bytes 2008.01.14

The first of my main charas.. a few have had a couple little changes.\r\nNeema's hair is shorter now, as you can see.. and Dreya now has bangs and wavy hair, it's not as matted and stringy anymore.. she's also back to her original blue merle color instead of the green.\r\nAside from that, not many changes.. Delu trimmed her hair cause it was getting kinda long, Mitri grew a bit of chin scruff, and I still suck at drawing humans! *points at Don*\r\n\r\nDreya (sheltie), Dimitri (kit fox/gyrfalcon), Lekura (maned wolf/elf), Anima (blue dragon), Neema (lion), Gravity (smooth collie), Marilyn (afghan hound), Delu (gray mouse lemur), Lullaby (smooth collie), Don (elf), Frostbite (white dragon) and Devon (doberman) + Art © JGF 07/08

Image: Headshots2.jpg   632x602 91275 bytes 2008.01.14

I did this at first to finish off the last of my main 15 voices, Triad, Troi and Eva.. then wanted to draw some more. So I added in Shadow, Sugar and Judeca. It's been SO LONG since I doodled little Sugar, I miss her..\r\nFor some reason the scanner made part of Shadow's hair blurry.. and I totally fucked up Eva's hair in this let's just ignore that maybe.\r\n\r\nTriad (basenji), Troi (fennec fox), Eva (hyena), Shadow (black caiman), Sugar (mouse) and Judeca (black mamba) + Art © JGF 07/08

Image: HearKims3.jpg   680x900 191070 bytes 2009.08.19

A little gift for my lovely Kims. She's been going through a really rough time lately, and I wanted to show her a little extra love through this picture. \r\nIt'd be Chiv and me giving her some loves, with a little Caishy kitty, an Angel Crawfish on my head and Gravity watching over us all.\r\n\r\nLove you Kim <33\r\n\r\nCaishide + Kimberly Kimberly D.\r\nChival Lindsay J.\r\nAngel crawfish lol himself\r\nGravity, SW + Art JGF 09

Image: HeartAngels.jpg   598x834 77206 bytes 2008.01.14

Finally I upload a picture of my boy. Of course I had to make him into a furry, it's what I do. I am a dirty furry you guys, I am compelled.\r\n\r\nSo yeah I made him a Rhodesian Ridgeback cause it seems to suit. He has shaved his beard since shown here but still, I think it looks kinda like him. I try. \r\n\r\nI love him so.\r\n\r\nAngel (c) himself\r\nSW + Art (c) JGF 07/08

Image: Heartbreak.jpg   475x729 75550 bytes 2002.11.19

Do we sense a pattern here? No, I'm ok... just reflecting on things. Devon represents a part of me that I'm not that fond of, yet seeing him makes me want to wrap him up in my arms and hug him. I tried to capture his broken innocense (ican'tspell), emptyness, and the most important thing of all that he is now learning through force - the ability to judge people for who they are, not how they appear. I never really did that, but he did, and he's part of me.. probably doesn't make sense to anyone else. c_c Eh. *flees*

Image: Heartless.jpg   334x619 25504 bytes 2002.05.07

Today has been absolutely horrible - except for one thing: Lee Lee, the picture you drew for me made me cry. It made me smile. Thank you. I've printed it off and can't stop holding it and staring at it.

Image: Hehe.jpg   454x636 124785 bytes 2003.06.04

It's me and Grimmorph. XD We were talking the other day, about how crazy it would be if we RPed with each other... and... something about Anima and Wyrm came up, here's just a little tiny piece of the convo:\r\n\r\nPaula: Fighting over a strapon-- jolyn - "NO! IT'S MY TURN TO BE WYRM!!" paula - "YOU WERE WYRM LAST TIME!"\r\nPaula: asjolynbeinganima: "But I'm ALWAYS Anima!"\r\nJolyn: OH MY GOD! Jolyn as Anima: Uh.... Paula..... Paula... stop looking at me like that....... paula.... AHHHHHELP!!!\r\n\r\n\r\nXD i love you paula <3

Image: HelpMe.jpg   381x444 77412 bytes 2003.02.25

Jolyn was unhappy. Jolyn thought of Lindsay.... and cheered up a wee bit. This was doodled. Sariyah is lovely, yes?

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