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Image: judiorizkissy.jpg   469x707 36587 bytes 2001.07.14

DaaaaaaawWWwWwwwww! They kisssiiiiiiiing! SMEE! Everyone go see the CUTE CUTE CUUUUUUUUUTE piccy Grimmy drewed of Rizzy and Judio!! SMEE!! ^________^ *randomly gnaws on Mike's tail*

Image: judiosw.jpg   520x699 82272 bytes 2001.05.08

SilverWing clings relentlessly to Judio in a momentary (yet reoccuring) convulsion due to the fact that Judio and Rizvin (Risata, *cackles*) are so adoreable. The shitty purple stuff looks A LOT better on paper.. my scanner stole it. It's hiding in it, I swear.

Image: judreflection.jpg   541x690 89641 bytes 2001.10.30

Drawn today, while I was (and still am) in a rather morose mood. I was listening to my Lateralus CD, since we were sitting around a park for 2 hours. (Took a field trip to the Waste Treatment Center, where they purify your poo poo water... it was... interesting. O_o) It was fer Environmental Science.. anyway, while other groups (since there were about 120 of us) went the others sat in the park right near the plant. And I of course shyed away from everyone and was by herself Jolyn that hates being by herself yet wants to be. I don't know. I'm a walking oxymoron.

Image: Juxtaposed.jpg   549x765 239597 bytes 2004.11.12

Hayden, Devon and Kiley.

Image: KanTonNormal.jpg   455x494 121118 bytes 2003.03.23

Kanpeki and Tonoso... I drew this directly onto my tablet in Photoshop. I'm trying to draw humans better I swear. So, yeah... Kanpeki is one of my oldest characters, and I neglect her terribly... I love my psycho bitch. Kan and Ton have NEVER gotten along, or moreso, their personalities are so similar that they're always bitching at each other. \r\nHowever, Ton just randomly one night told Kan he wanted to sleep with her.\r\nOf course Kan is like "wtf?" because she's married to Koroshinya. \r\nHowever, Koro and Ton are best friends and they sleep together all the time... yknow, they're like a couple, even though Ton is also married to Kateara... however, our characters are quite polyamorous, isn't that the word?\r\n\r\nAnyway, the point of this is that Kan and Ton have long been "enemies" even tho they secretly care about each other. It's funny because, Kan was expecting this to be a one night fling so he could gloat that he "conquered" Kan, but it wasn't... and... well, Kan's quite infatuated with the cutie. (don't worry Koro, she loves you)\r\n\r\ yeah.

Image: KariKhoruVCL.jpg   512x730 104323 bytes 2003.05.18

Kari and Khoru all clingy and cutelike... Kari is my newest character, created in a random act of craving yaoiness between Courtney and I XD So, Khoru is Courtney's! I love my NeyNey :3 SHE IS MINE BACK OFF BIZZNATCHES. lmao.\r\n\r\nOkso yes. They are cute together. Kari is the hyper raver character who is quite... slutty to an extent, though he really isn't, just acts like it. Khoru is the quiet new guy gothy boy. They are cute. \r\n\r\nLove ya Ney! I think you said his hair would be blue, right? Mrr.\r\nI am so sorry I suck so badly at humans x_x\r\nI hate this. *sob*

Image: KayceeChristmas.jpg   599x441 110235 bytes 2008.12.20

A Christmas gift for my lovely Kaycees of kitty versions of us that he made up. On the left is Silky, SW kitty who is a Turkish Angora. And on the right is Corin, Kaycee's special kitty version for Silky who is a Scottish Fold.\r\n\r\nCorin (c) Kaycee McCrea\r\nSilky + Art (c) JGF 08

Image: KaylynJola.jpg   525x533 51866 bytes 2003.02.10

It's a Kaylyn and a Jola! Products of Jolyn and Kayla offspring. You know you're afraid.

Image: kaysw.jpg   696x414 143018 bytes 2001.11.20

For Kayla. Just cuz I love her. ^_^ *clingsto* :D

Image: KellyChristmas.jpg   571x454 109110 bytes 2008.12.20

And Merry Christmas to my lovely Kellys! I will be seeing her while I am in Charlotte, I'm so excited!! \r\n\r\nI seriously have that shirt it rocks right? \r\n\r\nAnd I won't be posting anymore until the 30th when I get home. Merry Christmas everyone!!\r\n\r\nChagrin (c) Kelly \r\nSW + Art (c) JGF 08

Image: khandi_the_white_tigress.jpg   527x858 101676 bytes 2004.07.23

Khandi, the white bengal tiger.

Image: KileyAndDevon.jpg   252x338 35306 bytes 2002.11.24

From an RP I had with Karen. I just.. doodled a scene from it, altho Kiley wasn't wearing this... I didn't realize that till after I drew it. I hope I got Kiley's markings right... feh. So, I traced this on my lightbox from a sketch and colored it with colored pencils.\r\nUh. Devon is blind, that's why he's feeling Kiley's face... to see what kind of animal he is, and to see what his expression is saying.\r\nI heart you Karen.\r\nEnd.

Image: KillMePls.jpg   634x830 192421 bytes 2003.10.08

....give it up.\r\n\r\nI dno, art therapy. I have things I need to finish drawing, and things I need to color.. things I want to do. Like Paula's bday gift, and stuff... but I haven't been feeling well lately, so I took it out in my art. \r\n\r\nAnima sticks his hand through SilverPaw and laughs, while she screams and cries.\r\n\r\nDragon and arctic fox. This is very symbolic but bleh no one cares. \r\n\r\n(ps: i don't care how much this sucks it was just venting so stfu)

Image: KissyKissy.jpg   515x522 95441 bytes 2003.07.16

Ton and Don! Kayla :iconzirattia: drew this forever ago and mailed it to me in a letter. I then proceeded to color it... I added in some parts, like the shitty arms and shoulder blade lines and stuff since I just... did. Um. I added in more but I didn't like it so I just cropped it off at about where Kayla ended the picture.\r\n\r\nSo yes, Kayla drew this! I colored. Don and Ton are such a cute couple they love each other so much omg I think I'll die now.\r\n\r\n<3 you Kay-chan!

Image: KittySWChivVCL.jpg   595x818 223460 bytes 2004.10.18

I drew this for two very special girls - Kitty and Chiv, because they both mean SO VERY much to me. They've been helping me through some rough times, and I'm getting to see them on WEDNESDAY!! They're coming to visit and I am a very excited sheltie. I've met Chiv in person before, but it wasn't for long enough >:| and now I get to meet my Kittys! <3 I've wanted to for so long.\r\n\r\nI love both of you so very much! I can't wait to see ya'll on Wednesday! My scanner ate the shading on this very badly, and I attempted a shittyass photoshop bg. SO YEAH. You two can fight over who keeps it when I see you... c__c <3

Image: Kizzylove.jpg   494x591 71539 bytes 2007.07.30

I wanted to draw some love for Kizzy. So one night I was drinking and was like omg art so I drew this for her. Sorry if it looks kinda bad, I was.. kinda tipsy yes. Anyway. I really love this girl and she deserves to be happy, I hope she gets that soon.\r\n\r\nJolyn you fail at goats :C Need to look at a ref next time. \r\n\r\nKizzy (c) herself\r\nSW + Art (c) JGF 07\r\n

Image: lacitorshadow.jpg   450x656 69881 bytes 2001.10.25

Yet more new characters. This new RP thing in my head is going to be so much fun... anyhoo, it's Shadow (I've always wanted a chara named that) the black caiman squaring off with her teacher Mr. Lacitor the doberman. I didn't know what color to make Shadow's hair, so I asked Mom. (It was either green, blue or perple) and she said green, and it goes good with the yellow... so hah. She buttons up her vest occasionally to not get suspended from school, she goes so she can see her friends and shit and to get away from home. I don't know much about her otherwise yet.\r\n\r\nMr. Percival (HI MATRICES! >D) Lacitor is a young teacher that's really strict and seems mean, but only wants the best for his students. He's gunna teach some science class that people HAVE to take, so he gets lots of those people who don't want to be there. Eventually... one student of his (Sugar, probably, cuz she's so nice and sweet and naive-ish) stays after to get help a lot and they develop a relationship. Oooooooo. Haw. \r\n\r\nSilhouette is going to be really fun, I must color piccy I drew of him... and I'm going to shut up.

Image: LacitorSugarNonAnthro.jpg   466x284 26748 bytes 2002.06.26

Sugar and Mr. Lacitor as non-anthros. They were on a page with a bunch of other characters, but I didn't like how the others turned out.

Image: lacitortwitch.jpg   335x604 31514 bytes 2001.11.04

Mr. Lacitor has a spazem. Look at him spaz. Spaz Lacitor! SPAZ! I drew this with some Portfolio pencils in art class when I finished part of my project and had left my prismas at home. I had to color the jacket, shirt and pants in about.. 5 minutes, that's why they suck so. Bell was about to ring.

Image: LekStand.jpg   562x730 100083 bytes 2006.05.04

My character Lekura Anshoku, the maned wolf... standing there.

Image: lekura_anshoku.jpg   317x469 94488 bytes 2004.03.30

lekura anshoku, an old character revised for a new roleplay.

Image: LetGoNoLyrics.jpg   580x745 154278 bytes 2003.09.13

Sometimes you've just got to let go of the grudge you hold. Let go of some of that flaming jealousy. You have to hold onto what you have - friends, and lovers... to live in harmony.\r\n\r\nTo two beautiful girls, that I love more than anything. Paula (Grimmorph) my gorgeous girlfriend, and Lindsay (Collision) one of my best friends.\r\n\r\nKnow I love you both.\r\nNow I just want you both... to love each other. \r\n

Image: LeveeOnyx.jpg   435x557 45034 bytes 2002.03.26

It's Sugar's sister Onyx (my character) and Sarah's bun-bun chara Levee! They stand there all SD like. Poor Levee looks like she's about to fall over. x_x Sorry I made Levee's ears all floppy and stuff Sarah, I didn't realize they weren't supposed to be. \r\n\r\nMOO.

Image: lift_me_back_up_to_the_sun2.jpg   590x818 103842 bytes 2004.03.30

devon my blind doberman pinscher and gravity my albino smooth collie. really representative, etc... blahblah.

Image: LightUpTheSkyVCL.jpg   535x660 99268 bytes 2003.04.01

Hi again Lindsay... I wanted to draw your new fursona. I had no ref at the time, so I hope I got it sorta right. Well, I sorta just wanted to draw your new fursona - moreso I wanted to draw us.\r\nSo I doodled this in my sketchbook, inked it and used some colored pencils on it. I murdered it, didn't I? See, Jolyn is about out of Bristol board. Pooooo.... so, I'm trying to work on color penciling things... and this paper is REALLY rough, which is ok if you want a rough look - but I prefer smooth. x___x\r\n\r\nI hope you like it anyway Lindsay... I love you. :heart:

Image: LillyIcebeam.jpg   586x864 154237 bytes 2003.04.22

Lilly Icebeam - half brother of Devon, unbeknown to him until a day or so ago. I'll go through the story in his journal: <a href="">Here</a> when I get a chance. Which probably won't be tonight. Gotta go watch my CSI. Mrruu..\r\n\r\nAnyway, she's the daughter of Sleet Icebeam, one of my older characters. She was born before Sleet met Korzinath Sarah ~^ And her Father is the same as Devon's, but they parted and went on their ways, and it wasn't until Lilly became more fluent in her magic that she felt a drawing to Devon for an unknown reason to her.\r\n\r\nShe lives in the forest, in the caves with her Mother and Burll and Dynath and them... she is the guardian of the forest, a shared job with her Mother - but mostly for her now while Sleet raises Kansho, her half brother - therefore Kansho has no relation to Devon. \r\n\r\nShe controls the weather, protects the forest, can shapeshift into a full wolf morph, werewolf or humanoid. She's very powerful and very stoic - if not in her forest she's in the nearby mountains, running through the snow - protecting things there too. Her elemental power is ice, snow, and wind - while she can summon up powerful spells to change the flow of weather- which she usually doesn't do unless neccessary.\r\n\r\nAnyway, enough rambling.

Image: LindsayAndDevon.jpg   470x761 101180 bytes 2003.01.18

Devon is actually touching a girl!! But only a special girl, hi Lindsay. ^^

Image: Lollani.jpg   885x582 119916 bytes 2007.01.17

This is a Shi'Rah I've created for Moonfeather.\r\n\r\nI just love her Shi'Rahs, they're such an amazing species and Mooner you are so talented and creative - I admire you so.\r\n\r\nSo this is Lollani... named after D'Argo's wife in Farscape, I can't help it. I didn't color it cause I wanted to make sure the color scheme and markings are ok. So let me know what you think Mooners :3 \r\n\r\n(this was also my first time really trying to draw horse hooves... I'm working on it. x_x ) \r\n\r\nShi'Rahs (c) Moonfeather\r\nLollani + Art (c) JGF 06/07

Image: Lonely.jpg   321x380 23457 bytes 2002.09.01

Drawn my first day of school.\r\nNeedless to say, things aren't very good up here in snob-ville Connecticut. They don't particuarly like "different" people, that are individualistic and don't wear tight pastel colored clothing.\r\nUgh.

Image: LoveBungles.jpg   962x674 175146 bytes 2005.12.06

SW loves Chiv so very much. \r\nLoves for my bungle. <3

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