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Image: WelcomeHome.jpg   870x592 169845 bytes 2003.03.15

My mouse Sugar passed away a couple of days ago. She died in my hands, while I was preparing to take her to the vet. She was really old for a mouse, but... it just... it hurts so much losing them both in such close proximity of each other. Sugar was my first mouse ever... and she was doing so well and then... she just suddenly... left me. \r\nI'll miss her, but now she's with Onyx.\r\nAnd they can be together again. They loved each other a lot... they really did.\r\nI love you both, Sugar and Onyx.

Image: ScarletMeetsKindle.jpg   608x747 150545 bytes 2003.03.15

When Scarlet met Kindle... Scarlet's life just got a whole lot more interesting. ~^ Kindle is Sarah's character, she's the daughter of FlameStrike (who is Satan in our RPs o_o ) and Kisei, from a rape FS did to her a few years ago IRP, but obviously Kindle's aging was increased... Donnath was not happy with FS for quite some time after that. But things are ok now. ^^\r\n\r\nAnyway, they go to a Catholic school. Do you feel the irony? Kindle just loves tormenting the Jesus-worshipers, sorry I don't mean to offend anyone. But. Kindle is the daughter of SATAN, ok? Yeah. \r\n\r\nScarlet is Wiccan or something, and well... yeah, Kindle stuck up for her in class so now they have met, and Kindle is already pondering the wild lesbian sex they will have.\r\n...seriously.\r\nLove them.\r\n\r\nOh, Scarlet is a red ring tailed mongoose. o_o They exist! I have a plushie of one. I created Scarlet FOREVER ago, she just never got a purpose IRP till now. WOOT. I think I made Kindle's hair a little too blonde, it should be more orangey. x_x

Image: Die.jpg   638x848 149349 bytes 2003.03.13

FINALLY. Something I'm sort of satisfied with. I don't really like the background I added to it, but aside from that, I do like this.\r\nI needed a good picture of Anima - you know, a nice reference picture for his colors and such - so here we go! The mighty Anima. Who's last name is now BlotKiess (Bloodkiss) because he is now married to his lover Lucreito.\r\nI'd be afraid if I were you. o_O Hm.\r\nAnyway, hi Anima. \r\nMarkers on Bristol Board with a bit of white gel pen.

Image: JudiahMeetsSariyah2.jpg   472x646 87235 bytes 2003.03.13

My character Judiah, my shy, depressive and incredibly masochistic fennec fox character meeting Sariyah, Lindsay's character of similar representation. \r\nI figured they would get along very well, since they symbolize very similar parts in our minds.\r\nThen, I thought of Libriah, Judiah's sister... and I think Libriah would get along with Sariyah even better, so I'm drawing them together, and now Lindsay and I are going to make them a couple. ^^\r\nSo maybe Sariyah can meet Libriah through Judiah. So many IAHs, lol. \r\nAnyway... I miss drawing Judiah. She usually wears all black, but I was feeling lazy. XP \r\n\r\nCRAPPY MARKER JOB ON STUPID PAPER. LSdjglajlsERG.

Image: ComeToMe2.jpg   536x692 78894 bytes 2003.03.13

I drew this while I was in Dallas almost 3 weeks ago, inked it there, too. Wyrm is Paula's character, and he's the one person that can actually harm Anima (besides FlameStrike)... he symbolizes Corruption, and when Anima finds himself near him he cannot fight, he is too AFRAID. Because Wyrm is corruption, and Wyrm... will rape Anima. It hasn't happened yet IRP, but it's about to... because there really isn't anyway Anima can get away, or that Lucreito can get to him.\r\nAnd Anima's worst fear is rape.\r\nAnd he finds himself weak and at the mercy of this creature, and he is afraid. \r\n\r\nWyrm is Paula Whitney's, Anima is mine.

Image: LoveForWoofie.jpg   330x537 98587 bytes 2003.03.12

Cheer up Hannah. You're very loved, and you've got plenty of friends that absolutely adore you and will always repsect you. \r\nBe strong. Hang in there. *kissu*

Image: LoveForVal.jpg   335x574 99293 bytes 2003.03.09

One of my good friends, Val, has been going through a rather rough time lately. And she always draws me these sweet caring pictures, and I wanted to draw her something to let her know I'm thinking of her. :heart: Sorry if I screwed up your hair, Val. ; ; I heart theee.

Image: DonTonGirls.jpg   539x499 119407 bytes 2003.03.09

Um, this is scary. It's Don and Ton, as GIRLS. AAHAHAA. They're like, staring at each other's boobs drooling. They're such pervs. But I love them both oh so much. X3 So yeah, Don the pretty blonde elf boy WHO WAS CREATED 5 YEARS AGO AND IS BETTER THAN LEGOLAS ANYWAY - is mine, and Tonoso is Kay's. GLEE.

Image: OnyxsAscent.jpg   516x584 149006 bytes 2003.03.07

Last night my pet mouse, Onyx, passed away. She'd been sick all of her life, probably due to poor breeding. I found her in a cage of feeder mice, and she's a fancy mouse. That shouldn't have been so. I usually am not one to be biased towards my pets, but out of my mouse family Onyx was my favorite, because of her personality, her love, her kindness. I wish I could have done something for her, maybe if I had taken her to the vet sooner... I'll miss my little mouse. She was SO much more than a mouse to me. She was like a child. \r\n\r\nSo, here's my dog Travis, who died from a car accident when I was only 10 or so, welcoming Onyx to whatever lies after death (if anything). I'm not a spiritual person, but I like to hope that my little mouse's spirit will somehow live on. Goodbye Onyx. I love you.

Image: ShowMe.jpg   440x633 140329 bytes 2003.03.06

Please allow me this long descrip admins? This picture means something to me. ;_; You can delete it if you feel the need, though.\r\n\r\nHi Inhix.\r\nHappy early birthday! I know I know, it's not until Saturday but this shall be my birthday present to you.. since I actually sorta like it. \r\nI used to have some problems with masochism, but that's not the topic here - the point of the cuts and such is to symbolize that when you love someone deeply, you'll do anything for them. Even if it means getting yourself phsyically and/or mentally hurt.\r\nSo, I don't know her as well as I'd like, but from the brief times that we've communicated I find myself loving her more and more as each day goes by. Not like that, silly people... but in a way that's deeper than mere friendship or romance. Does that make sense? Probably not.\r\nANYWAY.\r\nThere are others that mean just as much to me, I've just never portrayed it quite so well as I have in this image. To those of you - you know who you are, this would apply to you.\r\nBut Liisa, hello! I love you, girl. You are beautiful inside and out, with a beauty that is blinding to me. (god I sound cheesy)\r\nAnyway, here you are - happy birthday, and I love you!

Image: AllInTheFamily.jpg   567x759 178135 bytes 2003.03.02

Neema and her brother Dashande! Paula created Dashande for a story she's writing, and just cuz she likes Neema I think. ~^ Anyhoo, Dashande is Neema's older brother, one she doesn't know she has. They have VERY similar personalities and grew up similarly. So, here they finally meet... and Neema's all "bitch bitch bitch why didn't you contact me sooner? bitch bitch" and he's all "heh, she's funny" and so on. c_c I don't think I drew Shande's mane right, as far as colors go. *pokes Paula* I sorry. ;_; \r\nShande's scars are mainly from knife fights and such in gangs, Neema's are a combo of fights and self mutilation.\r\nI missed Neema. o_o;\r\nSo, Dashande is Paula's!

Image: LoveForMalice.jpg   387x469 75056 bytes 2003.03.02

Crappy sharpie doodle for Malice - but love for her nontheless, because she is beautiful and perfect inside and out. :3

Image: WesMarilynLove.jpg   454x699 95831 bytes 2003.03.02

(watch me copy/paste from DA)\r\nSEE KAZ. I told you this sucks. ;_; I messed it up because I forgot Marilyn's markings because my brain died. I told you I can't multitask. XD But, I shall upload this anyway! I messed up the original drawing since I made Marilyn too short. He's taller, since he's an afghan hound and all. But oh well! This will have to do. ^^ I'm trying to draw them again (watch me fail).\r\nAnyway, I love you Karen!

Image: SheMopesTooMuch.jpg   429x392 64038 bytes 2003.02.25

...well, she does.

Image: HelpMe.jpg   381x444 77412 bytes 2003.02.25

Jolyn was unhappy. Jolyn thought of Lindsay.... and cheered up a wee bit. This was doodled. Sariyah is lovely, yes?

Image: OnyxAndCaine.jpg   461x687 103510 bytes 2003.02.25

Onyx my mouse character and Caine, Paula's rat character. Caine has a thing for Onyx, and if it isn't insanely obvious - she has one for him. She's got bald patches in her fur since she's based off of my pet mouse Onyx... who has the same. Aw. I redesigned Onyx a LOT since I last drew her, but I like her this way. Caine has a goatee I think. ERG. x_x Jolyn loves Paula! :heart:

Image: EarMunch.jpg   507x522 93073 bytes 2003.02.25

Because Mab and Meg have this habit of chewing on ears. c_c SilverWing's acting like she doesn't like it, but we all know she does. XD I love you both! :heart: I want to live in Canada in a big happy house with Meg and Mab. And Lindsay and Paula and Kayla and Leah and Ney- *Anima drags Jolyn off*

Image: BleedForMe.jpg   463x741 134057 bytes 2003.02.22

An older character of mine that's long been a favorite. I never really knew what she represented inside of me, but now I think I understand her. She makes up a part of me that Triad, Devon, Donnath, Anima and Neema can't cover. Her name is Judiah Val Orestia. She's a purple fennec... about time I drew her again.

Image: FeraAndOreo.jpg   379x747 120240 bytes 2003.02.12

Oreo and Fera. ^_^ Oreo is my mouse character based off of my actual mouse Oreo - Fera is Paula's. Aren't they a cute couple? GLEE. Fera has always been one of my favorite charas of Paula's, and now one of my charas gets to be with her! *dies*

Image: AniLuccyLove.jpg   407x721 97099 bytes 2003.02.11

Anima loves Lucreito, and that's all there is to it. END.

Image: HereForYou.jpg   492x693 125870 bytes 2003.02.11

For you Lindsay. ^^ I hope you like it alright... your fennec boy, and SilverWing stitching up his wounds... I think this probably speaks for itself.

Image: SWHeartsTome.jpg   396x659 78180 bytes 2003.02.10

SilverWing loves Otome, that she does. Hi Courtney. <3

Image: KaylynJola.jpg   525x533 51866 bytes 2003.02.10

It's a Kaylyn and a Jola! Products of Jolyn and Kayla offspring. You know you're afraid.

Image: JolynsJawPopped.jpg   436x654 109519 bytes 2003.02.10

This was drawn about a year ago - Paula drew Sam - the pink poodle, and I drew Joseph - male SilverWing. This was Joseph's first appearance. ^^ We drew this when she visited me! I don't know why I never uploaded it, I just found it on my computer today and saw I hadn't uploaded it, so of course I had to. ^^ Sam is a pink poodle that is straight, Joseph is a flaming gay sheltie. He likes pink. Eehe. Paula colored, I just drew Joseph's pose!

Image: Zauberei.jpg   371x689 78179 bytes 2003.02.08

Zauberei. Lindsay and my cute little gay dragon based off of a plushie. Don't ask.

Image: CoreyLubbsMike.jpg   398x681 131940 bytes 2003.02.08

Mike and Corey. Aw.

Image: PiggyBack.jpg   367x759 60052 bytes 2003.02.05

I'm going to go visit Paula soon and I remembered her fetish of giving me piggy back rides so this was spawned. SilverWing is on Camille's back being the doofus she is. Wee! Shaded with pencil. I had to spray hair spray on this to keep it from smearing. I find this funny. Because... now it smells good. *eats it*

Image: AniMiyoMope.jpg   577x780 99033 bytes 2003.02.05

Anima and Miyoko. Miyo is Kayla's character, and oddly when he's up to himself he's the happiest and sweetest of her characters - a complete contrast to my Anima, for obvious reasons. However, both of them have lovers that mean the world to them and haven't talked to them in forever. Cantor and Lucreito - Sarah's characters. They are sad. They mope a lot. So why not mope together Miyo and Anima?

Image: TimatsiSlurpsJeremiah.jpg   413x527 54608 bytes 2003.02.05

My character Timatsi (brother of LeeLee's Eddy... I think his name was, her blue merle character) slupring a surprised Jeremiah - who is Paula's character. We created this couple a LONG time ago and I never drew them enough. So here you go Paula! I also did a crappy other sketch that I'll upload to VCL since I'm ashamed of it. Ew. :heart:

Image: FluffyPuppies.jpg   524x665 146116 bytes 2003.01.31

FLUFFY PUPPIES! The orange boy is Kaz's new papillon character who is unnamed as of now - and the afghan hound is my boy Marilyn. They end up getting together. AW. Purple and orange... eee. I dno if that's how Kaz wants his fur, I just took a guess. And Marilyn... well, I didn't know if I wanted to make his muzzle dark blue or that shade of purple. What do you guys think?

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