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Image: TearOutMyHeart.jpg   392x396 30995 bytes 2002.04.15

I just wish I could tear it out so that I could stop feeling. I don't care about the whole "teenage angst" thing. I'm hurting more right now than I ever have in my entire life, and if you think catergorizing me with a bunch of other sad teenagers will make me feel better, you're wrong.

Image: WhatHaveIDone.jpg   448x553 69709 bytes 2002.04.14

Please. Someone just make this all go away. I just wish things could be how they were.

Image: yuck.jpg   365x628 46900 bytes 2002.04.13

I'm in an art slump. I have no motivation whatsoever to draw, even the deep depression I'm in isn't helping. Trust me kiddos, going to a hospital because you almost committed suicide isn't fun. It really turns your life upside-down. So, SW goes YUCK at those people. Or something.

Image: summon.jpg   509x682 57526 bytes 2002.04.08

My favorite picture out of my recently drawn ones. Anima is summoning a storm - a fun power of his. I must color this, whenever I get the STUPID time. x_@ *flail*

Image: TriadAndMetafor.jpg   348x413 51369 bytes 2002.04.08

Triad and Metafor! I saw how much Metafor likes long dresses, and then I figured - hey, Triad likes long dresses - they'd get along really well! So. This happened. c_O; HI SHINNY!! :D

Image: BostonTerrier.jpg   265x284 18532 bytes 2002.04.08

Working at the Animal Medical Hospital and seeing so many dog breeds has made me read my dog book over and over and over. And, after being inspired by Jaime Sidor I decided I'd draw a few dogs from it. I drew three - a sheltie, springer spaniel and this boston terrier. I only like how he came out. I took the most time on him. Must create more dog characters... c_c

Image: LeveeOnyx.jpg   435x557 45034 bytes 2002.03.26

It's Sugar's sister Onyx (my character) and Sarah's bun-bun chara Levee! They stand there all SD like. Poor Levee looks like she's about to fall over. x_x Sorry I made Levee's ears all floppy and stuff Sarah, I didn't realize they weren't supposed to be. \r\n\r\nMOO.

Image: SheltieLoveForLeeLee.jpg   394x224 53898 bytes 2002.03.22

Sheltie love for the Lee Lee Fox. *snugs* Thanks for the picture Lee Lee. :D I like your new text thing. I worship you. *cling*

Image: animaflies.jpg   703x467 33718 bytes 2002.03.21

I got inspiration after a history test on WWII o.O It's Anima. He flies. My scanner ate a bunch of the really light lines, like the scars all over his wingies. \r\n\r\nI did a bit of revamping on my vampire-dragon. He now has horns, as you can obviously see. And his underbelly is a lighter blue than the rest of his body. And... that's about it.

Image: neemazermikeleelee.jpg   564x626 84831 bytes 2002.03.19

Drawn in pen today during school. It's Neema and a lioness Zer with floaty Mikes and Lee Lees around them. I'm scared.

Image: judiahafraid.jpg   401x666 21835 bytes 2002.03.19

Doodled during Environmental Science today, it's... JUDIAH! I don't draw her enough at all, I love my purple vixen to pieces. Rawr. I love how her face turned out because it's so very... Judiah-ish. The height in this is 666 pixels. CREEPY. And my foot is asleep. *kicks it into wall*

Image: sugaronyxlacitor.jpg   548x734 87119 bytes 2002.03.19

Mr. Lacitor has a student in one of his classes with the same last name as Sugar and thinks it merely a coincidence at first. However, he does some looking into it and finds out that it's her twin sister (not identical twin, mind you) Onyx. He proceeds to reuinte them.. isn't he sweet? (And no, he's not smoking a joint. He's smoking pure tobacco wrapped in paper. Hey - he's a teacher, he doesn't get much money >P)

Image: neemalacitor.jpg   516x526 91003 bytes 2002.03.06

In all actuality Mr. Lacitor is not a bad guy, he doesn't mean to make the kids hate him, in fact some don't. (*cough*Sugar*cough*) He went to visit Neema in the hospital after Sugar told him about her attempt at suicide. Neema didn't open her mouth, in fact she barely acknowledged his existence. Yet, his reaching out sort of brought reality back...\r\n\r\nShe's living with Sugar right now. Being forced to take medication, yet is still very, very silent. \r\n\r\nShe misses Mike, and thinks he hates her. And she's deathly afraid that her father will come after her... That's part of the reason she tried to commit suicide, to get away from him.\r\n\r\nSo, there's the story for this picture. I hope this description can be left up this time.

Image: tfsw.jpg   525x751 178690 bytes 2002.03.04

OH MY GOD. I DREW TRANSFORMER SILVERWING. *faints* She was my first chara... EVAR! And, she went thru lots of changes... c.c But, ultimately she was a sheltie/eagle, and remained so for... about 5 years. And still is! In transformer form that is... She's a maxi gone pred. Oh the terror. \r\n\r\nAnyhoo, I did a slight revamp. Instead of the blue armor I made it purple. And her hair is my color. It is black now. MWAH. \r\n\r\nFear the scary background.

Image: WhatAboutMe.jpg   520x649 147355 bytes 2002.02.27

I'm glad you're back Lee Lee! Maybe I don't know you like I think I do, but I still love you, and that's what matters to me. I missed you so much. You have no idea how glad I am to know you're here again.

Image: wingsofrazorandsilver.jpg   493x643 126713 bytes 2002.02.23

I guess this could be considered a sketch, so I understand if it's moved - anyway. I had this picture idea, and I wanted to jot it out when I had the actual free time during class. I have this image in my mind of SilverWing and RazorWing curled about on each other, each with wings overlayed on each other - wings of Razor and Silver you see. \r\n\r\nSarah has been my best friend for almost 5 years now. Well, we met 5 years ago. And stuff. I love you Sarah. Thank you for putting up with stupid me.

Image: shinsw.jpg   473x615 73219 bytes 2002.02.16

SilverWing would like to inform the world that she hates EVERY FUCKING ONE OF YOU. Almost. I despise the people that THROW things at Hannah because of how she DRESSES. What kind of people are they?! Where is their maturity? Do they truly think that just when you dress differently you don't feel anything? GOD DAMNIT. Sorry for the foul language, but this pisses me off. I HATE PEOPLE. SO SO SO MUCH. Love to you Hannah. Ignore those bastards. They are complete idiots. \r\n\r\n(And a side note. I've drawn my trade for you Jack and you Reno! I'll try to get 'em colored this weekend. And Natalie! I've drawn Poof. Gunna color her soon and mail her and the CD thing soon!!) \r\n

Image: janetriad.jpg   476x688 56470 bytes 2002.02.16

I wanted to draw for Grimmy, so I asked her what to draw. She said to draw Jane hitting on one of my guy characters, and unforunately... Triad got chosen! >D He's gay, and hasn't ever liked girls, to be quite honest, having them touch him and such is gross to him, he can't stand it. So, he's spazing since everyone knows he's gay and usually leave him alone. MWAHAHAHA.\r\n\r\nI will try to color this eventually Paula!\r\n\r\nJane the ferret Paula, Triad the basenji and art me.

Image: swkadabra.jpg   321x541 30454 bytes 2002.02.16

SilverWing as my favorite Pokemon - a Kadabra. SHUT UP. There was going to be a Lee Lee Vulpix in that picture, and yet might be one. SW, even as a Kadabra, is me, Pokemon is those Pokemon people.

Image: insignificant.jpg   453x507 56037 bytes 2002.02.11

Feeling pretty down today. It's no surprise, considering the only reason I get happy at all is because of medication. I feel so ... fake.

Image: mikezerneema.jpg   448x555 145986 bytes 2002.02.07

Neema and Zer fight over big Mikie.. c.c I read in Lee Lee's journal that Zer said she loves big Mike and Lee Lee needs to stop making Neema all lovey dovey over him so she can have a turn. Well. Neema says, "FUCK YOU BITCH. I HOPE YOU DIE. I'M GUNNA KICK YER FUCKING ASS. HE'S MINE. MINE I SAY!!!" \r\n\r\n...and Jolyn runs in fear from angry lionness. o_o; \r\n\r\nYour picture is drawn Courtney! I will color soon. Tomorrow probably, since I'm staying home sick again. I've bee home ALL week. Damn fever. Damn cough. Damn head. Damnit.

Image: oldermikeneema.jpg   453x675 46635 bytes 2002.02.03

Older Mike and Neema. Lee Lee and I both had really similar picture ideas without even knowing it. o.o I didn't know if he still had his stripes or not, so I guessed.

Image: neemamike2.jpg   355x360 132440 bytes 2002.02.03

Neema and Mike. Cropped from an older ugly picture I drew, but I still feel like uploading it, since I like how they came out. It's a little Mikie. Aw.

Image: faggots.jpg   484x668 57433 bytes 2002.01.29

They're faggots. And very proud of it. This was inspired by a restaurant I ate at with my family in New York City, in Manhattan. It was a gay restaurant, we found out after we went in - all male/male couples, except for a us and one other couple. My Mom doesn't understand gay people, and never will. She's very prejudice, and blames it on how she's raised. Which is part of the problem - but I wish people could see beyond those trivial things.\r\n\r\nThis was drawn when I got home. I was angry at her and the way she singled out all gay men as though they were these odd creatures, and unhuman like. Heh, we saw a transvestite walk by us on the way home. He wasn't even CLOSE to as pretty as Anima. Anima far exceeds anyone. \r\n\r\nEnd long description.

Image: swpauladance.jpg   437x614 44203 bytes 2002.01.29

Drawn while I was listening to the new Nine Inch Nails album - And All That Could Have Been. SilverWing and Paula boogy-ing. \r\n\r\n"It didn't turn out the way you wanted it to, it didn't turn out the way you wanted it, did it?"\r\n\r\nI hate myself.

Image: animahuman.jpg   354x380 141109 bytes 2002.01.23

I tried to draw a human. Be oh so very afraid. Anyway... it's Anima. Um. The end.

Image: swleelee.jpg   459x711 64340 bytes 2002.01.14

There's an ugly SW thing growing on Lee Lee's back. Someone go get a doctor to remove it. Or better yet, just get Mike too. It shouldn't hurt too much. \r\n\r\nI luff you Lee Lee! And your pink bat-eared foxiness too. >D Sorry if I made you *too* pink, but those're the only colored markers I had, and I tried using some colored pencil to help.\r\n\r\nI got Bristol Board. w00t.\r\n\r\nHehe... Otome and Paula emblems on our shits and pants... woooooooooooop.

Image: neemamikecolor2.jpg   570x516 94592 bytes 2002.01.11

I attempted to draw a couch. I attempted to give this picture meaning. All that I end up with still - is a failed attempt that makes me angry. I wish I had some sort of skill at this drawing thing I so love. Oh... and...\r\n\r\nLee Lee! I love the Mike and Neema picture! And Michi. THANKYEWTHANKYEW FOR THE SW PICCY!! :D \r\n

Image: ellie2.jpg   469x644 40269 bytes 2002.01.09

It's Ellie again! Thanks goes to Beth (Silvertiger) for making up the name for me! :D She's SO SO SOOOOOOO fun to draw. Mwahaha. But the spots. THE SPOTS. They cramp up my hand.

Image: cheetahfalcon.jpg   513x651 36143 bytes 2002.01.08

I saw a show on Animal Planet the other night about the world's fastest killers, two of which were the cheetah and the peregrine falcon. This girl (yes, she's a girl) just created herself on my paper today during Environmental Science class. I really like her. I've already started drawing her again, and she seems to jump out at me - already having a personality of her own. Which amazes me. It hardly ever happens. \r\n\r\nThere are quite a few flaws in this picture - the most annoying of them being the fact that she has a wrist guard on but her feathers seem to be just ignoring it - I meant them to be coming out of holes in the guard, but it doesn't look that way. I'll fix it up when I get this colored. ^^\r\n\r\nRight now I'm working on a picture that I'm spending a lot of time on, with two of my favorite characters - one my own and one not. ^_^

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