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Image: swcourtneymaynarddance.jpg   549x670 97817 bytes 2002.01.06

SilverWing and Courtney attempt to Maynard-dance. After we both saw Tool live and saw how he moved we were infatuated - and we both tried to imitate him. And we both failed, and still fail, miserably. XP Anyway. I don't know what I was thinking when I colored Otome's hair brown. I'm a stupid person.

Image: animayunikon.jpg   480x673 90691 bytes 2002.01.02

Anima and Yunikon. Wee.

Image: animaluccy.jpg   437x621 47383 bytes 2001.12.29

Anima and Lucreito, in gouache. I'm not sure if I got Luccy's markings right. Anima has wings, but they obviously aren't here in this picture, just like Lucreito is a bat and his wings aren't in this picture either. Cuz I say so. The end. \r\n

Image: foxurine.jpg   491x644 55208 bytes 2001.12.27

Today Hunter informed me that fox urine has a VERY potent odor, that refuses to go away, especially after left in someone's car. So I naturally thought of Mike. And this came out. 2nd try at these gouache things, with some colored pencil for the earrings and hair. \r\n

Image: onyx.jpg   413x652 51964 bytes 2001.12.25

This is Onyx, Sugar's sister. She's a black mousey, with dark grey underbelly, dark grey/pink/brownish tail and ears. I did this on black construction paper, just to see. It looks A LOT better IRL. Oh, well. I did this with the new set of prisma color pencils Hunter's mom gave me! I have SO MANY COLORS!! *explodes*

Image: getyourboogieon.jpg   529x681 47203 bytes 2001.12.21

SilverWing and Mike boogie. Or something. Drawn in band class when we were having a party and there was music on. The music wasn't good, but the atmosphere was neat. \r\n\r\nZER! I LOVE THE PICCY OF SILVERWING!! *chews on the yummy lemur tail* I've drawn somefin for yew, but it's fer Christmas. >D However... I really wanna draw Freq.. so I'm gunna... when I finish these Christmas pictures. x_x \r\n\r\nLee Lee! HAPPY 2 DAYS EARLY BIRTHDAY! ...yeah.

Image: animabday.jpg   550x626 125014 bytes 2001.11.28

Today is Anima's birthday! He's 1!, 22. ^^; I forgot it was his bday until this afternoon, so he was really really angry at me, but since I remembered and drew him a picture, tried a new perspective and a new coloring technique he forgave me a little. Now he'll only cut out my liver. ^_^

Image: psychoburll.jpg   400x400 92211 bytes 2001.11.24

Eeeee! My psycho Burlly-sama! *clings* It's been a long long time since I've drawn him. I was doodling in Painter Classic and this is what happened. Now that I'm about to collapse, I must go sleep. 3 am. Who cares. WeeeeeEEeeeeeeeee. *runs to watch TV and eat Reese's*

Image: aleister.jpg   253x623 37619 bytes 2001.11.21

This is Alesiter Rudbeck, a german shepherd based on a plushie I got at the Christmas Show. ^^; He's got a limp in his right leg and he's missing 2 fingers on his right hand. He's unable to learn quickly, so is held back often in his classes, and one would classify him as stupid, even tho they aren't aware he has a mental condition. Because of the condition he'll zone out, completely, for long or short periods of time, it's pretty frightening for anyone around him, sometimes it'll get so bad he passes out or has seizures. Anyway, he's a foreign exchange student from Germany (lemme lone >P) staying with J-Chan's chara Erzulie, and eventually he falls for Triad. Moo.

Image: ixsw.jpg   449x622 153851 bytes 2001.11.21

I'm sorry about what happened to your ex-girlfriend Lurid.. I just.. wanted to let you know I'm thinking about you, and hope you're alright. *hugs*

Image: kaysw.jpg   696x414 143018 bytes 2001.11.20

For Kayla. Just cuz I love her. ^_^ *clingsto* :D

Image: lacitortwitch.jpg   335x604 31514 bytes 2001.11.04

Mr. Lacitor has a spazem. Look at him spaz. Spaz Lacitor! SPAZ! I drew this with some Portfolio pencils in art class when I finished part of my project and had left my prismas at home. I had to color the jacket, shirt and pants in about.. 5 minutes, that's why they suck so. Bell was about to ring.

Image: judreflection.jpg   541x690 89641 bytes 2001.10.30

Drawn today, while I was (and still am) in a rather morose mood. I was listening to my Lateralus CD, since we were sitting around a park for 2 hours. (Took a field trip to the Waste Treatment Center, where they purify your poo poo water... it was... interesting. O_o) It was fer Environmental Science.. anyway, while other groups (since there were about 120 of us) went the others sat in the park right near the plant. And I of course shyed away from everyone and was by herself Jolyn that hates being by herself yet wants to be. I don't know. I'm a walking oxymoron.

Image: siloboi.jpg   443x660 301836 bytes 2001.10.25

Silhouette! He's in the new RP thingy I'm making up.. and he's going to be so. very. fun. *spazes* He's overly flirty, and... obviously very gay... o.o He's a sweety poo tho, and hyper. But not as hyper as Slip. lol. He likes pink. (obviously) I can make crappy bgs for myself. Hahaaa!

Image: lacitorshadow.jpg   450x656 69881 bytes 2001.10.25

Yet more new characters. This new RP thing in my head is going to be so much fun... anyhoo, it's Shadow (I've always wanted a chara named that) the black caiman squaring off with her teacher Mr. Lacitor the doberman. I didn't know what color to make Shadow's hair, so I asked Mom. (It was either green, blue or perple) and she said green, and it goes good with the yellow... so hah. She buttons up her vest occasionally to not get suspended from school, she goes so she can see her friends and shit and to get away from home. I don't know much about her otherwise yet.\r\n\r\nMr. Percival (HI MATRICES! >D) Lacitor is a young teacher that's really strict and seems mean, but only wants the best for his students. He's gunna teach some science class that people HAVE to take, so he gets lots of those people who don't want to be there. Eventually... one student of his (Sugar, probably, cuz she's so nice and sweet and naive-ish) stays after to get help a lot and they develop a relationship. Oooooooo. Haw. \r\n\r\nSilhouette is going to be really fun, I must color piccy I drew of him... and I'm going to shut up.

Image: evasays.jpg   474x406 43170 bytes 2001.10.23

It's Eva! Courtney drew it and SENT IT TO ME!!! :D :D :D She said it sucked, and I disagree. SO, I prove it by inking it and coloring it. SEE?! Does Courtney (Otome)'s art suck?! NO! THAT'S WUT I THOUGHT. *glare*

Image: neema.jpg   344x708 99866 bytes 2001.10.22

Neema, my latest character for the RP that will be in my head. She's a white lion, they do exist. So hah on you. She goes to a Catholic school, and goes to the borederline of breaking every rule she can, and has such a fun time doing it. ^_^ She has a major attitude... she's either going to know no one there and her only friend is Triad, or... she's going to have another friend there and they cause mischeif and are in with my black caiman's crowd thing. Yeah, I'm getting there.

Image: triadcolor.jpg   274x400 23026 bytes 2001.10.21

Triad, in color. I wanted to get a feel of his markings, he's a tri basenji. I love basenjis, and I haven't seen any of them. Hah, bow before the mighty Triad. I'm developing his character. I'm leaning to the shy, quiet, abused type... copletely done in Painter Classic. Feh.

Image: sugar.jpg   339x696 36607 bytes 2001.09.23

Sugar, who is based off of my new pet mousey. ^_^ She's so sweet. You can tell I'm getting lazy can't you? I didn't shade this, but honestly, I think plain prisma-color markers look really pretty. And I don't care if you don't think so. So, hah.

Image: animadoessomething.jpg   490x642 40039 bytes 2001.09.09

I wanted to put this here because I kind of like it. It's Anima. Woohoo.

Image: donsmirk.jpg   320x671 23870 bytes 2001.09.05

I finally drew Donny! :D I drew this during art, since I left my art stuff at home. :/ Arg. I MISSED KAN'S BIRTHDAY. *has seizures* SHE'S 3! ...well, really 27. But. yknow. SORRY KAN-CHAN! *grovels at her feet* Kan> I'm one of her fucking main egos and she forgets me! She thought she had missed Anima's birthday. Did she think of me?! NO! BITCH. *SW whimpers* Kan> .... At least the bitch is going to do everything I want fer a day! Wahaha! *SW glares at Kan* *Kan smirks* SW> ...she loves me. *Kan nods* Of course I do, you need all the love you can get to protect you from Anima. *Anima smirks* ...I'm done now.

Image: swandmikedothings.jpg   531x743 141902 bytes 2001.09.04

They do things. Yep. *nodnod* Mike pets SW's muzzle and sorta hugs her while SW touches Mike's ear and to be stabbed thru the thumb by his safety pin and sorta hugs him. Aw. Mike's reluctantly touching her yew know, except for the muzzle pets. Those don't count. I feel like poo. I watched 8 and a half hours of Emergency Vets today. Weeweeweewee.

Image: mallard.jpg   415x635 25276 bytes 2001.08.31

Cuz Lee Lee drew a Dani Filth anthro I was inpsired to draw one of muh favoritest singer. Weegle. I uh... messed up. I made him a coyote, just cuz... that's whut I see him as. It was either that or wolf or jackal. Worship Toooool...I MISS MY LEE LEE TREE!! ;__; \r\n

Image: reality.jpg   367x640 28904 bytes 2001.08.24

Anima lubbs his Luccy. Yes, Anima hassa hooman form cuz I say so and it uh... makes... things, easier for Luccy an' him... aheheee... ^^;; Um, he's doing better. He's not gunna kill himself yet, nopes, cuz Luccy does still lubb him. But he's still having a mental breakdown. *Eva gives Anima some happy pills* *Anima eats Eva's hand* *Eva cries and runs away* Little lyric frum NIN's "Dead Souls" that I wuz listening ta when I was drawin this at a point...

Image: swmike.jpg   444x697 138490 bytes 2001.08.19

SilverWing likes Mike because she's taller than he is. Well, of course that's not the only reason why, but it's one of them. ^_~ I had fun on this one... yep I did. MIKE! SilverWing sacraficed wearing black for you! I was worried that if they both had all black on it mighta gotten confusling. x.@ Sooo... I wish I had pants and a shirt like that. Blah. Yay for simple photoshop bgs.

Image: thegrudge.jpg   400x500 118801 bytes 2001.08.14

...I just started drawing on my tablet while listening to "The Grudge" by Tool over and over.. I luv that song.. I'm gunna die.. Mhm.

Image: anima.jpg   532x694 35986 bytes 2001.07.26

"Anima Stormblade" - without the clothes. He has more scars on the othersides of his arms, neck, legs, tail and wings... and some I just didn't draw. He may only have a few on his neck but they were by far the most severe that he inflicted. He still hurts himself, a lot. He doesn't try to cover up his scars, he doesn't care. He's sure of himself in a certain sense, that he's who he is and can't change it. He usually just happens to wear things that cover his body.

Image: judiorizkissy.jpg   469x707 36587 bytes 2001.07.14

DaaaaaaawWWwWwwwww! They kisssiiiiiiiing! SMEE! Everyone go see the CUTE CUTE CUUUUUUUUUTE piccy Grimmy drewed of Rizzy and Judio!! SMEE!! ^________^ *randomly gnaws on Mike's tail*

Image: theydance.jpg   549x661 62543 bytes 2001.07.14

They daaaaaance... weeee! Ravers are fuuuun.. It's Mayka, Sheba and Ginger! I forgot a lot about Sheba, so I tried to get her right as I remembered.. I messed up some.. but I hope this iz ok. ;.; I hope to color a lot of tha stoof I've uploaded soon... weeeeeef!

Image: wee!.jpg   408x427 22903 bytes 2001.07.14

I wanted ta draw somefin' different frum muh usual stoofz... itz Burll! He jumps! WEEEEEeeeeee!

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