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Image: sketchGreekWere.jpg   270x720 90754 bytes 2004.03.31

A classical Greek statuary style anthro wolf, cause that's the style I was looking at and I thought it'd be amusing. Greek sculpture is synonymous in my mind with "well-muscled guys looking pouty and unintentionally graceful". Hee!

Image: whiterabbit.gif   494x595 26815 bytes 2004.02.06

Bunnies can be cute. Bunnies can be scary. I like bunnies.

Image: doomboobies.jpg   645x796 129586 bytes 2004.02.06

DOOMBOOBIES!!!\r\n\r\n...sketch from FutherConfusion. :)

Image: lone2.jpg   690x880 224093 bytes 2004.02.05

Sketch from another one of those Interesting points in one's life. My first year of college, to be precise (three and a half years ago, now). I was trying to capture the magic, yet essential melancholy of being a monster (or a certain type of monster, anyway). I tried to shade this piece nicely, but also was not angsting or nit picking about it in the slightest, hence the horrible lack of straight lines and prespective on the building. Later sold it :)

Image: mirror.jpg   580x797 145362 bytes 2004.02.05

Bathrooms are scary places, neh? Well I think so. This is a sketched scene from one of my webcomics, colored in photoshop. I actually made it all sketchy on purpose, so in my head this is a "finished" piece, but I realize it looks sketchy (hee!) so into the sketch directory it goes!\r\n... perhaps I will do another picture or two along this theme sometime. I like this theme. Yay.

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