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Image: 1_garold2.jpg   369x450 76248 bytes 2005.02.10

Second upload! This time is turn for my hippocampus character, Garold. I luv hippocampus, they´re so cool!!\r\nHe´s a character I designed a looooooong time ago! His look has changed very much since I created him. Some day I´ll upload some old pic of him ^^\r\nHe is also my peophin at Neopets. In fact, I began playing neopets almost a year ago and my peohin, Garold_Red, took not even the name, also the personality of my character. I think it´s funnier that way ^__^

Image: 2_calley.jpg   377x464 95729 bytes 2005.02.13

Oh! Look! This is Calleydar, Calley for short, my female hippocampus character!! I used the same "Spirit: the stallion of the Cimarron" style I used in Garold´s pic, and also the same pose, a way to show their connection, I think.\r\nI used no more references, just that pic of Garold and obviously the movie. \r\nShe´s cute, isn´t she? ^^

Image: happy_garold.jpg   461x614 87042 bytes 2005.03.04

Ok! Ok! I know my gallery if full of Garold pics but I just can´t stop drawing him! He´s sweet!! ^^ I´ve changed a bit his aspect, just the marks, hope you like it!\r\nJust a random pic, I used no references for it.\r\nGarold(c)SkyBlueWolf

Image: Jaguargodess.jpg   768x576 93147 bytes 2005.03.08

This is what happens when you´re completely obssesed with The Lion King xDDD\r\nThis is actually an old character desing for a story I was writting some years ago. The pic itself (just the lineart) is one or two years old and I decided to colour it some days ago. I think it came out pretty cute ^^\r\nNo references, just inspired by The Lion King and my story.

Image: setra2004.jpg   384x512 64810 bytes 2005.03.08

A peophin desing requested by a friend. I used the same pose than Garold´s pic. I´m lazy xDDD\r\nImage(c)SkyBlueWolf\r\nSetra_2004(c)Sheree

Image: Swimming-among-the-stars.jpg   444x552 60707 bytes 2005.02.13

Another pic of my lil Garold. I just love drawing him. I get the inspiration for this picture from the photos I took the last time I went to the Pyrenees. What a wonderful sky!! I´ve never seen so many stars in my life ^^

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