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Image: SkysMallqueen.jpg   768x1024 278510 bytes 2012.06.18

Queen of the mall

Generations of finely tuned predatory instinct help Tyra Reckks track down her prey through coordination with her packmates. The hunt is coming to a close, those shoes shall be hers...\r\n \r\nA belated birthday gift for the ever so awesome Fossil that took one day from start to finish. Hope you had a good one, man!

Image: SkysThere.jpg   768x1024 205752 bytes 2012.06.18


Birthday picture for Necrodrone13 I know we don't talk a whole lot anymore these days, but I'm always there for you. :D\r\n \r\nTried a whole lot of new things with this picture. Some of which are definately going to be put to use in my commissions.\r\n \r\nYou can really tell I was running out of steam on the background. >.>

Image: SkyAlienloaquaroe.jpg   1024x768 175719 bytes 2012.06.18

Aliens: Loaquaroe

Another redo of an older species. I had a hell of a time trying to figure out what they would wear. still not entirely happy with that part....

Image: SkysDistorted.jpg   768x1024 197067 bytes 2012.06.18


A picture for Distortedgirl66 that I picked at over the course of a week, between getting my ass kicked by this flu.\r\n \r\nCrappy background, but meh. Anywho, I hope you like it, Dis!

Image: SkyAlienareasi.jpg   1024x768 149858 bytes 2012.06.18

Aliens: Areasi

Exploring some of my old alien designs in search of an alternate character. I figure an alien is perfect, since I started drawing by doodling all manners of science fictiony things. :)\r\n To that end, I'm redoing my old species to see if anything clicks.\r\n \r\nReally liking his coloration, though he still needs a name.....

Image: SkysBanishdark.jpg   768x1024 146797 bytes 2012.02.28

Banishing the darkness

A quick birthday picture for Ultraviolet\r\n\r\nHappy birthday, UV. :D

Image: SkysMusicsoul.jpg   768x1024 188816 bytes 2011.12.09

Something quick for Neogeen for her birthday! :D\r\n\r\nI hope it's alright. Have a good one, Neo!

Image: SkySwimcoach.jpg   768x1024 204446 bytes 2011.08.16

Putzing around with anthro-barracuda designs and colors. Done in four hours, probably should have done more, but Imma tired. :P

Image: SkySisters.jpg   768x1024 170029 bytes 2011.08.08

Annalyn and Jackie have been friends for longer than they can remember. Annalyn (the falcon/leopard gryphon) has a taste for good books, fine wines and art while Jackie (the magpie/panther gryphon) enjoys collecting sparkling trinkets and coffee shops and its seldom you see one without the other.\r\n\r\nA pair of characters from my 'Bridge City' locale half of my characters inhabit. I think I might do more of these setting specific parings... Done in 4 hours, start to finish.

Image: SkysBirthdaywish.jpg   1024x768 166067 bytes 2011.08.08

Kures wish for cakes is, tangently related, exactly what I'd like for my birthday. :9\r\n\r\nI know its a day early, but I thought I'd post it up before I forgot! Have a good one, Kure! :D

Image: SkysAnnuHuman.jpg   1024x768 206272 bytes 2011.08.08

Something I wipped up quickly in two days. Both for Annubrius 's contest, and as an experiment posting from my phone.\r\n\r\nGod, I suck so hard drawing people. I'll need to fix that. Hope you like it, Annu!

Image: SkysUltraviolet.jpg   768x1024 142368 bytes 2011.08.08

Something I smudged together while gone for the weekend, trying to emulate my 'Swaye' picture with the style. Definately got easier this time around and only took 2 nights of work to complete.\r\n\r\nAnywho, Happy belated birthday, Ultraviolet!\r\n\r\nLots of little errors in this picture, but I could spend weeks fixing them and still find more, so I called it quits after 2 nights.

Image: SkySimplertimes.jpg   768x1024 220015 bytes 2011.02.11

Simpler times

Skeet, imagining what life must've been like for his forbearers, way back when dinosaurs ruled the Earth.\r\n\r\nWorking on and off this picture for the better part of a month. Why can't my commissions come this easily to me?

Image: Skyshyinq.jpg   768x1024 179008 bytes 2011.02.11

Stupid sexy Inq...

Well, I woke up one day, and have the overwhelming urge to draw Inq in a sexifying post. Dammit. What's the point in having non-sexy characters when all you want to do is draw them in sexy poses?! D:\r\n\r\nInq, using his natural invisibility selectively, makes sure even though his pants are off, his modesty is still intact.\r\n\r\nFail on my part on the shirt, which is supposed to be behind him, but that really doesn't look that way. :(\r\n\r\n

Image: SkyAransheet.jpg   768x1024 137258 bytes 2011.02.11

Aran redesign

There. Finished off another character redesign before I start on commission work.\r\n\r\nQuite a few changes for this character! First, by going from generic 'Plesiosaur' and giving him an actual species 'Leptocleidus' and his colors getting a massive overhaul. Still working on perfecting the 'swimmers build though'\r\n\r\nAran works at the same pool Kamea does, but also at a coffee shop across the street during the winter months. He is a flirt, and a bit of a show-off, but he's also very laid back and relaxed and has a very 'go-with-the-flow' attitude. He loves being outdoors and loves outdoors activities like sports and fairs and the like. :)

Image: SkyInqsheet.jpg   768x1024 92813 bytes 2011.02.11

Inq redesign

First in a series of pictures for characters updates and redesigns into something easier and more in line with my style. \r\n\r\nSimplified his "wings" since they were always the biggest pain on him to draw. Also no claws anymore.\r\nAlso, Inq has gotten much more shy to the point where its difficult to deal with people face to face. Needless to say, he spends a lot of time over the internet, and ordering out for food (though the exchange of money can be tricky!) but he is trying to get better. \r\nAlso, it should be noted that while Inq refers to himself in the masculine, he actually doesn't have a gender. Since his body was made to interact with the world, it's lacking things natural biologicals have, like sex organs or even gender identities.\r\n

Image: SkySwaye.jpg   768x1024 178023 bytes 2010.05.29


Took an entire week of somewhat dedicated working, but overall, I'm very happy with the results of this little experiment I was trying.\r\n\r\nAfter my last commission picture, where I smudged together a background with SAI's waterbrush tool and used it fairly extensively with the shading and hilighting of the picture, I wanted to play around with it a bit more on my own.\r\n\r\nThis experiment was to try to depart my typical style. Zero line-work outside the initial sketch and try to create borders, boundries and depth using what I learned with the waterbrush tool.\r\n\r\nAfter one week and 64 layers. I'm happy to call this experiment done. There are always bits and peices more that I could definately work on and improve, but I think I'm starting to drift into the area of work outweighing effect.

Image: SkyColorblind.jpg   768x1024 230818 bytes 2010.05.18

Color blind

A bit of a fun picture, showing off how my monstery character Inq sees the world around him. With the light reflected back at him with his own eyespots. But he can also pick up other bright or neon lights, adding a bit of color to his monochromatic world. I find the pose very 'blah' and I could definately have spent more time on the hilights and shading, I think.

Image: SkyMoonlitwaltz.jpg   768x1024 237855 bytes 2009.08.13

moonlit waltz

As the partygoers laughed and reveled in the yard below, they were unaware that a few of their lights were missing, or rather, appropriated, by the insects that gathered on the awning to celebrate themselves.\r\nAbove the people, the myriad of tiny species cavorted to the music drifting up from below, enjoying the cool night and bright lights and the company of others of their kind. In this instance, the dragonfly Cordi pairs off with a female worker from a nearby colony for a few dances.\r\n\r\nFeels nice to draw again. Only real complaint is the purple "clothing" on the lady ant looks a little to much like the blue highlights on her carapace. Ah well, note for next time.

Image: SkyKalukaislands.jpg   1024x768 310696 bytes 2009.08.13

Fun & sun on Kaluka islands

A postcard from tropical Kaluka islands! Advertising just why furs like taking exotic vacations. Drinks, beach, and surfing!\r\n\r\nYe gods this took me a while. Drew three individual pictures and them slapped them together on a cheesy background. More beaches! (I sense a trend...).\r\n\r\nThis was an experiment that sorta worked. I wish I wasn't dumb and paid some attention to the shading levels on each individual picture. Mandarin dude on the right looks so incredibly out of place. ;_;\r\n\r\nAh well, hope you all enjoy your postcard and plan a future visit to Kaluka Islands yourself. ;)

Image: SkysLonelybeach.jpg   1024x768 285421 bytes 2009.08.13

Lonely beach

Poor Margolo-blu! She was lucky enough to find a part of the beach that was uncrowded and quiet, but she didn't have anybody to apply sun lotion to those hard to reach spots!\r\n\r\nThankfully, she was able to attract the attention of a passing Pteradactyl to aid her in her predicament! \r\n\r\nNew things in the picture. Trying line weights for the first time, which came out rather heavy handed, I think. Still need lots of work on anatomy (especially hands! Gah!) But I'm getting there, I think.

Image: SkysPoetrymotion2.jpg   768x1024 222300 bytes 2008.12.31

Poetry in motion 2

A peice of gift art of the Jurrasic beauty Staci for Fossil and I hope this one is much better than the last!\r\n\r\nThere's a lot about this picture that annoys me, and a lot that I like, so I'll call it even.

Image: SkySpored.jpg   1024x768 211646 bytes 2008.09.14


They should have servers dedicated to getting achivements, Rax. Look for those. ;)

Image: SkysGlaiveHunter.jpg   1024x768 235361 bytes 2008.08.08

Glaive hunters

A birthday picture for Bakel of him and his girl Onisyra as Glaive wyverns!

Image: SkyBrightly.jpg   768x1024 159513 bytes 2008.08.08

Stars shine brightly

Ever have one of those things where it's stuck in your head until you can knock it out onto some paper?\r\nThis is one of those things.\r\n\r\nI'm fairly proud of this one, though it is technically a "gussied up" sketch, really. And I went back to my old style of shading. The gradient ones look nice, but the process takes forever for me and I still like the look of my previous style. Though perhaps I could benefit from mixing the two? ;)\r\nOrange is totally an under-rated color for dragons.\r\n\r\nPicture drawn to Tokyo by Smile d.k.

Image: Skybot.jpg   768x1024 198377 bytes 2008.08.08


Drawn last weekend during a binge of old Sonic cartoons on Youtube. I figure due to the high concentrations of metals in their body already, Glaives would make prime robotization subjects for that dastardly Dr. Robotnik! Eeeeeek!\r\n\r\nAlso, this picture gave me an excuse to try a few new things with my pens, and with photoshop, specifically texturing.

Image: SkysSkiltwork.jpg   1024x768 167598 bytes 2008.08.08

Skilt at work

I've been planning on doing some Skilt fan-art for a while now, and finally got around to do this over the course of a day for Ahkahna\r\nI recall the Skilt could be a grey-green color, so I gave that a shot...\r\n\r\nI think it turned out alright, though I really lost my inspiration for the picture at the background stages. I know I could've made it look a lot better, but I just didn't have it in me. u.u\r\n\r\nAnywho, I hope you like it, Ahk!\r\n

Image: SkyTF2sniper.jpg   768x1024 129508 bytes 2008.05.07

TF2 Sky

Yeah, just a quick something to act as a base for my new TF2 spray. Sniper Sky!\r\n\r\nYou best watch yourself, or I'll pepper the walls beside your head like no tomorrow!

Image: SkysBedtime.jpg   1024x768 132142 bytes 2008.05.07


Kure gets ready for bed, with her favorite sweater, of course. ;)\r\n\r\nA gift picture for Kure, for quite a bit of friendly gifts she did for me a while back. I've been meaning to do this picture, and I figured I ought to while waiting for commission information. n.n\r\n\r\nHope you like it, Kure!

Image: SkysToughsell.jpg   1024x768 262571 bytes 2008.05.07

A tough sell.

Working his beachside curiosity shop, Paccu is hungry for business and attempts to sell a "lucky" sharks tooth necklace to a pair of passer-bys.\r\nUnfortunately, this is like selling snow to an eskimo.....\r\n\r\nGift picture for Todd Dharken for some art he's done, and just being a great guy.\r\n\r\nI hope the colors are right on them. :p\r\nAlso, I'm leaning more towards this tag for my art. It's not as personalized, though it's less invasive and easier to read.

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